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Hey Starter fam,

How's your January so far? I hope you’ve had a superb first week to this brand new year. I am currently hanging in a retirement community with my in-laws in Florida for the month. WHY ON EARTH, do you ask? ;) Not only does family matter, BUT part of my vision for 2019 is building a profitable business that I bootstrap myself. My husband Rob and I rented our portion of our home in Kauai on AirBnB, so I could stash some cash and invest in equipment and ingredients for the ice cream biz.

The future is now. Whatever future you envision with your business, you have to start with some small part of that NOW. A Yale study found that countries like Japan, China, and Norway don't distinguish between the future and present tense in their language and it turns out they have a significantly higher savings rate. They don’t wait for some future time to save, it’s built into every decision. The linguistics of these cultures clearly drive the psychology and behavior of its people, something to keep in mind as you consider how you think about building your vision.

Speaking of shaping the way we think... My book selection this month: Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Do the Uncommon has been a complete paradigm shifter for me in understanding how the mind-body connection works to manifest your dreams. 

While I kick back in Central Florida with the 55+ crowd ;), hustling while my daughter sleeps, I am taking the time to ink my vision on paper for the ice cream biz. In this issue you'll find a few visionary founders that inspire me, a reminder to focus on WHY, and tactical to-dos to get your vision down. Sending all the good vibes your way as you kick off 2019. 

In good food we trust,

*one more thing* - Just for fun (because that's what this is all about, right?), I added a new section this month to include some of the food products I am loving.

*ok, two things* - As I continue to create Starter, I want to make this a place that helps you start YOUR business. Anything you want more or less of? Hit reply and let me know, it would make my inbox waaaay more thrilling to find a note from you. :)

1.  Honeymamas CocoNoNut 2. Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Minis 3. Organic Freeze-dried Strawberries 4. Lavva Plant Yogurt 5. Chile Crunch 6. The Coconut Cult 7. Jacobsen Pocket Sea Salt

*If you can't read all my tiny hand-writing on a small device while scanning this section quickly while waiting in line for groceries, my bad!! The gist is they are delicious and if you eat them you will be happy.
Werk it: Workshop Your Vision
This month, I'm nailing down the foundation of my vision with these four exercises: 1) Start with Why 2) Draw the Feeling 3) Write the Headline 4) Vision for Now. I'll be sharing each exercise in more depth on the 'gram this month at @thestartermag. If you are starting your idea, jump in and jam along with me.
Watch: Chef Dan Barber on Row 7 Seeds and Changing Food Culture
- World's Best Restaurants Talks

“In the end, Barber’s team hopes to popularize produce that chefs had a hand in creating, and give farmers a way of eventually scaling them for national supermarket chains." Watch now.
STARTER SAYS: Dan Barber is one of the most visionary people in the food world. Every time I think he's ahead of the game ( whether it was farm-to-table, composting, the third plate & waste), he then shows us again he's 10 steps ahead. Now it's seeds. - ELO
Read: Ron Finley, The Gangsta Gardener
- The Great Discontent

“I get to actually see what I’m doing in real time…I’m not doing this shit for 2050. I’m doing this shit for right now. I want to live in a healthy, nutritious, creative, inspiring environment myself. If we don’t do it now, there is no fucking 2050.” Read More.
STARTER SAYS: Not only do I love what he's doing to transform urban spaces into gardens but I especially appreciate his approach to living his vision right NOW. - ELO
Read: Why Food, How a Clothing Company is Aiming to Fix Our Broken Food System 
- Patagonia Provisions, Food Essay

"With Patagonia Provisions, our goals are the same as with everything we do: We aim to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most important, inspire solutions to the environmental crisis." Read more.
STARTER SAYS: If you start with why, you'll never know where your company will take you. Patagonia started with humble beginnings creating reusable pitons for rock climbing, and now they are in the food business. This is a great example of a Why Essay to write for your own business (I'll be using it as a model for my own). - ELO
Read: Overcoming the Impossibility of Amazing
- Seth Godin's Blog

"Of course, the only path to amazing runs directly through not-yet-amazing. But not-yet-amazing is a great place to start, because that's where you are. For now." Read more.
STARTER SAYS: You might have heard this lesson, but it really is important to hear over and over. Don't let perfection kill your vision from getting started. - ELO
Starter Book Club: January

Becoming Supernatural
How Common People Are
Doing the Uncommon

By Joe Dispenza

My close friends and family know, I can't stop pushing, ahem... recommending this book to everyone. For me, it's one of the most important books I have read, shifting the models in my mind for how the mind-body connection works and how to manifest a vision or a new reality for ourselves.
Get your copy and follow along at @thestartermag where I'll share my aha moments and highlighted passages.
With a Rec from a Chef: Matthew Jennings 
Post holiday vibes in the food business, see ya in Feb. ✌️
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