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"The truth—less amenable to a voice-over by Richard Dreyfuss—is that the “crazy ones” change the world only in partnership with deeply lucid sanity."
- Joshua Wolf Shenk

Hey Starter Fam,

Funny thing happened last month. I had a bit of a crisis moment that I shared when I had a house full of sick ones. I was feeling the challenge of how to juggle the world of entrepreneurship and parenthood when your dependent little one takes priority numero uno. Honestly, my brain was thinking: how are you going to do this?

That moment made me really take a look at my values and turned into an unexpected breakthrough
a co-founder. 

Solo founders have far less success than those with 2-4 co-founders. I personally love the magic of a creative duo, and it’s way more fun than going alone. Ya know, the Bradley Cooper meets Lady Gaga kinda duo. ;) There are three creative duo archetypes that recur most often—the star and the director; the liquid and the container; the dreamer and the doer—and each speaks to a significant dialectic in the creative life. Something you’ll learn more about if you dig into this month’s Starter Book Club: Powers of Two: How Relationships Drive Creativity.

But HOW do you find that someone. 

I had planted the seed back in November, seeking a co-founder. For those of you I’m meeting for the first time through Starter, a quick backstory. My husband Rob and I co-founded two companies together, each with a third co-founder. For this business, it was different because we both were being pulled towards different ideas. While we thrived as co-founders, without a mutual passion for the same idea, it wasn’t a match this time.

This new co-founder dating has led me to an interesting experience that both feels new in how to find that person, yet backed with time-tested knowledge of what a thriving partnership looks and feels like. I found that as soon as I honed in on my values, the right person surfaced so clearly. Everyone has a different way of meeting a co-founder and different perspectives on what makes one thrive, something you’ll learn in the founder stories shared in this issue.

We are doing our diligence to vet each other as co-founders (I’ll announce next month if it’s a go!), and just wrapped the 34 Questions to Ask a Potential Co-founder. Things get personal, in a GOOD way.

So basically, this month I am dating. ;) Since I pretty much haven’t done that since my first day of college when I met my husband… (yes we have been together 17 years!). Wish me luck. 

Sending you all good vibes for wherever you are on your business journey. 

In Good Food We Trust,

*one more thing* - I want to help you with your business (or maybe someone you know!). I have had some great discussions with you all via email over that last few months. It's been an absolute joy to coach entrepreneurs to take the leap or to narrow in on the right idea that's true to their purpose. I'm exploring the idea of a model that's affordable for bootstrapped entrepreneurs who are usually pouring every dime into their business and wouldn't consider hiring a coach. But from my experience working with one, it's truly a game changer for you and your co-founders. This would be a side hustle to help me self-finance the ice cream business, so I’m only taking on a few clients. If you are interested or know someone, just hit reply to this email. Thx!

1.  Oatly - Oat Milk - Yep, on the fanbandwagon.
2. Flora Ex Machinea, Royal Ghee Gold - Loving it on toast, scheming on how to work it into soft-serve or maybe a bulletproof tea situation (could be brilliant or horrible). 
3. Granola Lab, Mediterranean - The right crunch + sesame & cardamom + minimal sugar making it more healthy breakfast, less cookie crumbles.
4. Harmonious Roots - Hummus-eh sabzi - Smeared in a wrap, as a dip with veggies - Persian hummus with turmeric, greens, lime and a zipppppppp!
5. HRBLS -  Like a strong cup of tea or tincture, in gummy form. Dreamy!
Werk it: 34 Questions to Ask a Potential Co-founder
I feel like the co-founder decision is largely a gut feeling. It gets you 80% of the way there with finding a match. This list gets you (most of) the rest of the way. A list of 34 Questions  to Ask a Potential Co-founder created by Jessica Alter who created Founder Dating and distilled the co-founder interview down to these key questions. 
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Alana: It was a bit by accident!" Read more.
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“There is no clear way to measure a person’s potential to be a good founder, but I can tell you anecdotally what you’re looking for: You want someone who exhibits intense focus in chaotic situations, keen decision-making skills when faced with little data, relentlessness, agility, and curiosity.” Read more.
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Starter Book Club: March

Powers of Two
How Relationships Drive Creativity

By Joshua Wolf Shenk

This book is filled with stories of creative partnerships across the spectrum of work dispelling that notion that great work comes from lone genius. Shenk shares stories from Picasso and Braque, to Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, to Martin Luther King Jr. and Ralph David Abernathy. The book elucidates why the dyad is the most fluid and flexible of relationships.
Get your copy and follow along at @thestartermag where I'll share my aha moments and highlighted passages.
Teamwork makes the dream work. 
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