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Pick-Up in a Nutshell

When:  Wednesdays, noon to 7pm
Where:  Kingsbury Farm, Route 100, Warren VT
What to Bring:  A bag or box for your produce
How long will it take:  5 to 10 minutes

Be sure to bring a bag or box for your produce.  We don't have extra's if you forget yours, but you can always purchase a Muddy Boots tote bag for just $10.  In the hot summer or cooler days in the fall, you may want to bring a cooler for the more perishable produce if you are not going right home.  Salad greens in a hot car that is closed up, can wilt in a matter of minutes.
When you arrive at the farm, drive all the way into the main parking area.  Be careful - because cars will be coming and going all day during pick-ups.  
The washhouse is transformed into the CSA pick-up area on Wednesdays.  
Come on in!
The first thing you come to when you walk into the pick-up area is the sign-in station.  Please find your name and check off your share for the week.  The list will indicate if you have a large or small share so if you send a friend to pick-up your share, they will know which size to take.  
The share for the week will be listed on the blackboard on the back wall of the wash house.  If it is hard for you to read, don't worry, because each veggie station will tell you what to pick.
The pick-up area is set up in a semi-circle that you will walk through station-by-station.  If you follow the sequence as it is set-up, the denser, heavier items will be at the bottom of your bag and lighter, easily bruised items will be on top.

If there is something that you don't like, you don't have to take it.  However, please do NOT take more of something else to make up for the item you haven't taken.  If you do, you are taking another member's vegetables.  

If you take something you don't like, you can TRADE it in at the TRADE BOX which will be in the center of the semi-circle.  The farmers send along some extras of all of the items each week to "seed" the trade box.  Then, throughout the day, members can trade-in items they don't want for items they find in the box.  

Consider each item listed in the share as one unit so be sure to swap one unit for one unit.  Sometimes you come out ahead and sometimes a little behind in terms of value, but the idea is to get more of what you like.  The trade box is not ideal.  Sometimes at the end of the day it is filled with many of the same type of veggie, but other times you may get lucky and find a pint of cherry tomatoes or a melon in the box. 
Be sure to read the chalkboards for each item.  Sometimes you will take a "bunch," sometimes, a bag, sometimes one item, and other times you will need to weigh out your produce.
Also be careful to take the items and quantities for your share size.  Sometimes there will be items that only large shares get.  Please do not take these items unless you have a large share.  If you have a small share and take an item or quantity for a large share, you are taking another person's food.
Against the front wall are extra items for sale.  What we have will depend on the time of year.  We try to always have a local fruit (or Amish peaches from Pennsylvania in August) and you will also find tomatoes, Green Rabbit bread and salad dressing.  If you want extra salad greens, ask Bess to get them for you - we don't put them out because they are so tender.
Cash is preferred when paying for items from the sales table, but checks made out to Aaron Locker are accepted.  

The sales table is a great way to supplement your share and the prices are quite reasonable.  

Coming up tomorrow...How Pick-Up Works:  Part 2

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