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About Our FREE Bulk Upload Service

If you have 20 or more courses to assign to learners, our bulk upload service could save you lots of time!  Whether the learners are already in the system because they have taken other courses, or you need to add new learners, you simply fill out our special bulk upload spreadsheet and we take care of the rest. 
Download the Bulk Upload Spreadsheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I assign more than one course to the learners?  Yes!  You can assign as many courses as you wish.

Can different learners be assigned different courses?  Yes!  For example, you may have some learners who need the Overview course and others who need the master version of the course.  Or, some learners who need just one course and others who need to take two or three courses.

Can I assign the learners to different Training Groups?  Yes!  If your Subscription supports multiple Training Groups, you just need to let us know the Training Group each learner needs to be assigned to.

Can supervisors be assigned to the learners?  Yes!  If the supervisors do not already exist in the system, we will need to add them first before they can be assigned to learners.

Is there a required minimum number of learners or courses?  Yes.  We can only do the FREE bulk upload when you add 20 or more courses.  So, you could add 10 learners each with 2 courses each or 20 learners with one course each or whatever combination it takes to reach the 20 course minimum.  If you are adding less than 20 courses, we can still do the bulk upload, but there is a $50 charge.

Is there a maximum number of learners or courses?  No, there is no limitation to the number of learners or courses we can handle with the bulk upload service.

What does the service cost?  The service is FREE when you add a minimum of 20 courses.  If you add less than 20 courses, there is a $50 charge per bulk upload.

How long does it take from the time I submit the list of learners?  Typically we can turn around your requests in less than 24 hours, but we ask that you give us at least 2 to 3 days advance notice.  It is important that we have all of the information requested on the bulk upload spreadsheet.  Otherwise, time to get that information from you may delay the uploads.

Will learners receive registration emails?  Yes!

How do I get started with Bulk Uploads?  It's easy!  Download the Bulk Upload Spreadsheet, fill out the requested information and send it back to us.  We will take care of the rest and let you know when it is done.
Download the Bulk Upload Spreadsheet
In case you missed this last month...

SYSTEM EMAILS:  Easily send training reminders right through QualityTrainingPortal

Did you know that you can send emails to your learners through QualityTrainingPortal?  With System Emails, you can remind a group of learners to complete their training or congratulate those who have finished courses. 

You can have a number of customized email templates* that are easily sent out to 10 or 100 of your learners all at once with just a few clicks.  With system emails, you determine the message and specify who receives it.  

Customers who have used system emails during beta testing report improved course completion rates with a lot less follow-up effort on their part.

To learn more about System Emails, check out our How-To Guide or contact Robin McDermott, Director of Training to get started.
Learn More About System Emails
* The number of FREE customized system email templates you can have is a function of the subscription you have.
Additional customized email templates can be set-up for $50 each.
Forward to a Colleague
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