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This Week's Share*

  • Baby Spinach (BRF)
  • Sweet Onion (BRF)
  • Herbs (KbMG)
  • Broccoli (WMG)
  • Tomatoes (WMG)
  • Zucchini (WMG)
  • Cucumbers (WMG)

Large shares also get:

  • Scallions (KbMG)
  • Chard OR Radishes (WMG)
BRF-Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington • KbMG Kingsbury Market Garden, Warren • WMG Wood's Market Garden, Brandon
*The shares are tentative and subject to change depending on how the harvest goes, weather conditions, etc.

* A note on this weekly list

As a reminder, the shares in the Tuesday newsletters are always tentative and can change by Wednesday at pick-up depending on how the harvest goes.  If there are changes, we will try to post them before noon on Wednesday on our Muddy Boots Members Only Facebook Group.  All members are invited to join the group.

What if there is something in the share you don't like?

There are three options:
1.  Check to see if there is something you can swap for in the trade box.  We realize the trade box is imperfect.  Each week we seed it with a variety of items at the beginning of the day and sometimes by the end of the day it is full of all the same thing.  We make note of this since it is a clear sign that people weren't loving that item.
2.  See if you can swap with others at the pick-up when you are there.  I have often seen pretty complicated two and three person swaps going on with everyone leaving pick-up smiling because they got more of what they really wanted.
3.  If you really don't like the item and options 1 and 2 don't work, you can leave the item and we will donate it to Community Harvest of Central Vermont  They provide food gleaned from CSAs and farmer's markets to area food shelves, schools and senior food programs.

Please DO NOT take more of an items to make up for something you may not want. We have enough items for everyone with a little extra to seed the trade box.  If someone takes something extra, we can run out and another member may end up shortchanged.  

What's Happening at Wood's Market Garden

by Jon Satz

Waking up this Sunday to what really feels like a Vermont summer morning…haven’t had a whole lot of these this year.

Another few inches of rain this past week has left us drenched again.  However, the main summer crops, although a bit tardy according to a calendar written this past winter, are chugging along and about to share their bounty. Looking forward, I’d say your plates will be looking full in the coming weeks and months.
As for last week, a very rare mixup in our communication left some folks without a few things that were intended to be in their share. All of us associated with Muddy Boots wish we could have avoided the skips, but are hoping things balance out in the very near future.

I honestly am surprised that it has not happened more often. There is a fair amount of chatter between all of us over the days before you get the share.  And above all else, it centers around the premise that everyone gets a full value in their week’s veggies and fruits. It is the advantage and beauty of 3 growers working together…..we can pretty much always find enough quality and volume between us to satisfy your palates and financial commitments. 
So this past week we did a multiple substitution in the bottom of the ninth inning, but the info didn’t make it all of the way to get the full intended results. Ever order a pizza and get one with someone else’s topping? Well we added a couple extra checks and balances in our process to ensure you get the right pizza every week.
As of this morning I am not positive whether corn will make it into the share this week. It’s that close. But if not this Wednesday, definitely the next and many future weeks. Same with green beans. And our melon crop is looking plentiful.

All we need to do is come up with a barrier to the very hungry %#%*& turkeys who are feeling like melons will help their skin tone. Yes you’ve heard it right, we are going to build a wall.
On the soil side of things we have beautiful cover crops growing that are enriching our land that is being given a rest this season. It’s a fun mix of plants that even includes sunflowers. The mix will support a healthy diversity of microbes, a fascinating (or boring, depending on your scientific yearning) reality of life in the soil profile.

Good eating!  Farmer Jon

...and a nice thick slice of onion

from Serious Eats

The sweet onion we are getting in this week's share is exactly that you want to slice thickly and put on your burger.  It adds a sweet crunch without the strong onion flavor your get from a yellow onion.  It would be equally delicious on a liverwurst on rye sandwich. (OK, that is a taste memory from my childhood that probably doesn't resonate with many people, but if it did with you, you are welcome! :-)
And, burgers are so easy...or are they? I fell into a weird burger slump a few years ago.  No matter what I did to the ground beef before forming the patty, they ended up mushy and unappealing.  

It turns out the problem was that I was doing too much!  This article on Serious Eats helped me diagnose the problem and get back on track.  

I use only local ground beef and typically get it at Kenyon's because who can resist a hardware/farm store where you can also get a wide variety of beef that you can see being raised right on the property.  Mehuron's and the East Warren Community Market also have lots of local ground beef options.

Beautiful Burger Buns


If you want to go the extra step with your burgers, you can make your own burger buns!  While this recipe has nothing to do with any of the produce in this week's share, it makes a great canvas for many different veggie or veggie bejeweled carnivore sandwiches. Even if you are a newbie to yeasted breads, baking a batch of these will give you confidence and impress your friends and family.

Smashed Cucumber Salad


Here's a refreshing, Asian style cucumber salad.  The recipe calls for English cucumbers which have fewer seeds and thinner skin than the cukes we will get this week.  If you want you can peel these cukes and then slice them in half lengthwise and scoop out the seeds before proceeding with the recipe.

Cranberry Almond Broccoli Salad


Here is one that even the kids will love!

Provencal Tomatoes

from Ina Garten on
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Member Feedback

Anonymous or not...your choice.  Or, if you prefer, call Robin at 496-3567 or email me.  If you got shorted on your share for whatever reason and you are not happy with the substitution, please leave your name on the feedback sheet at pick-up OR call or email Robin.  We will try our best to make things right.
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Pick-Up Information

When, Where and How

  • Pick-up is at the Kingsbury Farm just north of the iron bridge on Route 100 in Warren.  When you pull into the driveway, go past the barn and the house.  The pick-up area is in the wash house which is on the right-hand side of the building that is perpendicular to the house. 
  • You may pick-up your share on Wednesdays between noon and 6:30pm. 
  • Bring a bag or box - you will need it to put all of your goodies in. If you aren't heading right home after pick-up, bring a cooler to make sure that everything stays fresh - especially when it is really hot or really cold.
  • Check your name off of the list so we know that you have picked up your share.
  • Look on the large chalk board to see which items you should be taking for your share. Be sure you are looking at your share size and then methodically work your way around the semi-circle.  If you do this, the lightest, most crushable items should be at the top of your bag.
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Share Holding Service

If you are unable to pick-up your share during regular hours

We can pack and Hold Your Share  If you are not able to pick-up your share between 12 noon and 6:30 pm on Wednesday, we can pack and hold it for you to be picked up on Thursday morning BEFORE NOON.  We need to receive your request before 5:30 pm on pick-up day.  Here is the Hold Request Form.
Early Pick-Up  The morning of pick-up day is a busy one.  Trucks from the other farms along with bread deliveries are all going on while we are setting up the washhouse for pick-up day.  Please don't stop by the farm early to try and pick-up your share.  If you need to pick-up your share early, submit a Hold Request Form by Tuesday afternoon requesting early pick-up.  Your share will be ready for pick-up at 11am.  Sorry, we cannot provide shares earlier than 11am and we cannot provide your share early if you do not complete a Share Hold Request form.
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