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This Week's Share*

  • Baby Spinach (BRF)
  • Scallions (BRF)
  • Garlic Scapes (BRF)
  • Salad Greens (KbMG)
  • Tomatoes (WMG)
  • Euro Cukes (WMG)
  • Strawberries (WMG)

Large shares also get:

  • Radishes (KbMG)
BRF-Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington • KbMG Kingsbury Market Garden, Warren • WMG Wood's Market Garden, Brandon
*The shares are tentative and subject to change depending on how the harvest goes, weather conditions, etc.

Your share size is:

Available for sale this week:

  • Tomatoes
  • A LIMITED supply of Strawberries
  • Pork: Sausage, chops, ground and roasts
Cash only please.

What's Happening at Burnt Rock Farm

by Justin Rich

I have a friend who claims that talking about the weather is the lowest form of human communication; appropriate only when there is nothing else to talk about.  Given that he's a philosophy professor I suppose it might be an appropriate judgment for his world.  I, however, love talking about the weather.  Nothing effects my mood, schedule, time with my family, and my checkbook quite like weather.
Eggplant enjoying the daytime breezes, but at night the sides of the tunnel roll down to keep them warm.
The yo-yo weather we've had this year is doing strange things to crops.  It's kind of ironic that following a long wet spell like we had up until 10 days ago, we could be seeing water stress in field corn up the road.  The corn got lazy when there was all the water it needed right there at the surface, and the roots can't grow down fast enough to catch up with the soil drying that accompanies 90 degree sunny days after the cold front exits. 
Garlic that was planted last fall is just now producing scapes (the flowers) which are in this week's share.  The bulbs will be harvested later in July.  By removing the scapes, all of the energy goes toward making the bulbs bigger.
Our veggies have mostly fared better on that specific climatic front, but all the heat-loving crops (eggplant, cucumbers, sweetpotatoes, winter squash) are definitely a few days to a week+ behind.  On the other hand, the cool weather crops like spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, garlic, and potatoes all have enjoyed this spring so far.  
I was able to catch up with field work pretty well this past week, so the family all went swimming in the river (earliest ever for me!) before heading up the hill for supper.  Our neighbors just up the road at Huntington River Vineyard have semi-monthly outdoor picnic-style suppers, with food prepared on-site by The Hindquarter.  We went up there this Sunday for a pig roast, where Mae (15 months old) got her first taste of chorizo.  
In other news, Elias (age 4.5) has a small pumpkin patch this year, tucked in with the winter squash.  We planted that last weekend and the plants have taken off in the heat. 
We hope you enjoy this week's share.  Nothing wrong with strawberries!  
​justin​ (for Nicole, Megan, Savanah, and Hannah)

UPDATE:  Strawberry Flats Annual Sale

On Saturday night I got word from Jon that it is strawberry flat time. Members received emails on Sunday morning and by Monday morning the flats (over 50) were gone.  If you weren't able to get a flat, but still want one, please email me using our comment form and I will add your name to a list.  There is a chance we will have more than we initially planned for next week or perhaps, on July 5th.  

This is an imperfect system and I am open to suggestions to improve it.  I always feel bad when people who want strawberries are not able to get them.

Don't throw away those strawberry tops!

Check out how you can make a refreshing infused water with strawberry tops.

What in the heck are Garlic Scapes?

from Serious Eats

Not sure of what to do with those scapes in this weeks share? Here are seven great ideas.

The Crunchiest Vegetable Salad


In addition to a great recipe, you will find a trick to making an uber-crunchy salad.  Use scallions and cukes from this week's share as the base and riff on it from there.  

Miso Roasted Onions

from Saveur

Roasting scallions brings out their sweetness; finished with a tangy miso dressing, they make a great appetizer or side.

Chicken Milanesa with Maggi Ranch Sauce


A classic Chicken Milanese is a crisp fried chicken breast topped with a green salad, but this one has a couple of interesting twists:  A creamy ranch sauce and crisp cucumber and radish slices. 

Spinach, Chive and Yogurt Soup

from Saveur

This tangy, chilled soup is perfect for lunch on a hot day.

Storing Cucumbers So the Stay Extra Crunchy

Here are four simple steps to take when you get your cukes home to assure they are crunchy when you go to eat them.

Do have have questions about the veggies you are getting?

Liz, our pick-up day coordinator, is not only there to refill the veggie bins. She is there to help you learn about the weekly produce and to give you ideas for how to prepare them. 

If you are curious about whether you would enjoy eating raw kale, ask Liz for her kale secret!

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  • Pick-up is at the Kingsbury Farm just north of the iron bridge on Route 100 in Warren.  When you pull into the driveway, go past the barn and the house.  The pick-up area is in the wash house which is on the right-hand side of the building that is perpendicular to the house. 
  • You may pick-up your share on Wednesdays between noon and 6:30pm. 
  • Bring a bag or box - you will need it to put all of your goodies in. If you aren't heading right home after pick-up, bring a cooler to make sure that everything stays fresh - especially when it is really hot or really cold.
  • Check your name off of the list so we know that you have picked up your share.
  • Look on the large chalk board to see which items you should be taking for your share. Be sure you are looking at your share size and then methodically work your way around the semi-circle.  If you do this, the lightest, most crushable items should be at the top of your bag.
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We can pack and Hold Your Share  If you are not able to pick-up your share between 12 noon and 6:30 pm on Wednesday, we can pack and hold it for you to be picked up on Thursday morning BEFORE NOON.  We need to receive your request before 5:30 pm on pick-up day.  Here is the Hold Request Form.
Early Pick-Up  The morning of pick-up day is a busy one.  Trucks from the other farms along with bread deliveries are all going on while we are setting up the washhouse for pick-up day.  Please don't stop by the farm early to try and pick-up your share.  If you need to pick-up your share early, submit a Hold Request Form by Tuesday afternoon requesting early pick-up.  Your share will be ready for pick-up at 11am.  Sorry, we cannot provide shares earlier than 11am and we cannot provide your share early if you do not complete a Share Hold Request form.
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