It is full-on Summer with CORN!!
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This Week's Share*

  • Basil (BRF)
  • Walla Walla Sweet Onions (BRF)
  • Cauliflower (BRF)
  • Herbs (KbMG)
  • Mesclun Greens (KbMG)
  • Kingsbury Tomatoes (KbMG)
  • Cucumbers (WMG)
  • Green Beans (WMG)
  • Corn (WMG)
  • Cucumbers (WMG)

Large Shares also get:

  • Zucchini or Summer Squash (WMG)

What's Happening at Woods Market Garden

by Jon Satz

Summer is in full swing right now, and it shows in my family’s plates every evening. Tomatoes and cucumbers abound, and over this last week the long awaited sweet corn has made its gallant return to the menu.

Looking ahead I see one of our strongest corn crops in recent years, with beautiful tasty ears filling many acres of our land. Of all of our crops, I think sweet corn is one of the most fun to pick. The sound of a twisting snapping ear coming off the stalk is unmistakable, and bushels fill real quickly when the yields are strong.
This year we have about 12 varieties with different maturity dates (anywhere from 69 to 83 days), and we did a total of 8 plantings between mid April and late June. Each variety has several days of peak flavor, and by making so many plantings and using several varieties each time, we are ensured of having the best corn on every day we harvest (which literally IS every day from early last week thru mid September).  

The arrival of sweet corn brings out the masses to our farmstand, which had a bit of a lull after the main strawberry season came to a slow close last week. Likewise, appetites for tomatoes goes thru the roof, and we can barely keep them stocked fast enough.
Our first field crops of spring are mostly done as the big summer plantings come on, and the fall acreage is just getting going. Right about the time we till in our early broccoli, our October harvested ones are just going in the ground.

I love this little dance of everything coming and going. Looking forward there are some exciting shapes starting to emerge in the melon plantings. And our brussels sprouts plants are finally starting to look like they want to grow up and be brussels sprouts. That’s a good thing. 
This year we took on an additional 20 acre field at our neighbors farm where we already rent a large proportion of our land for growing. It can’t be certified until next year, so we took the opportunity to grow abundant cover crops. This spring we planted half to oats and peas, and half to oats and crimson clover.  Both mixes did wonderful and were recently tilled under to feed the soil. Additionally the legumes in those mixes will provide some free nitrogen to feed our sorghum crop being planted next week.

Sorghum is a heavy feeder, and will grow tremendously quick if given enough food. We will harvest some of it for straw mulch, and turn some of it right back in the ground for more soil improvement.

As a grower we are excited to have a larger land base to take some of the pressure off of our existing acreage. This will allow us to make better long term rotation plans, and implement a strong cover cropping regimen to help further replenish our soils.

Sweet Corn!

No recipe needed!  Remove the husk and silk.  Steam, boil or microwave.  Slather with butter and enjoy!

CORN from seed to plate

Before you enjoy that corn, here is a little background on how it landed on your plate so early in the season! 


  1. Seeding template that disperses exactly 2 seeds per cell
  2. Seeds being run over the template - this is in mid-April.
  3. There they are - 2 seeds per cell.  Water and wait.  
  4. Corn grows fast - especially in the greenhouse!  After all, it is a form of grass!
  5. The planting crew...
  6. ...takes each seedling and puts it  into the transplanter...
  7. ...that plants the seedlings into the ground...
  8. ...perfectly spaced...
  9. ...everyone is tucked in....
  10. ...and a warm remay blanket protects them over the cold nights of late April and May.

Next step:  Your plate.

This year, because of the dry conditions in June and July, Jon needed to water the corn regularly.  

Stuffed Onions

A memorable dish that I had on a culinary tour of Tuscany a few years back was baked onions.  They were stuffed with cheese and it helped me think of onions in a whole new light!  Onions as a dish and not just an ingredient!  

Those onions were stuffed with a young pecorino romano as I recall - it was rich and cheesy.  

Here is a recipe from Martha Stewart that uses gruyere cheese and adds some bacon into the mix.  The Walla Walls Sweet onions that we get this week will be prefect for this recipe.

Inspired by Basil

Perfect Pesto Every Time

Justin says that his basil this week is just too good to not include in our shares even though we are also getting herbs from Aaron.  So, let's move basil to the center of our plate this week with a classic basil pesto.

This recipe from, not only debunks the myth of blanching basil laves first before making pesto, but it gives you a formula for making pesto with ANY green leafy vegetable or herb.

Basil Butter and Grilled Corn

But, maybe you are thinking that basil would be a perfect match for the first corn of the season.  Here is a recipe from Food52 that is, "A fast and simple way to make corn truly sing. The basil adds a delightful brightness to the sweet corn, and it plays perfectly with the traditional butter and salt additions. Grilling the corn takes the most time, which was only about 6 minutes. The basil butter is a keeper -- and it's a good thing, because there is a lot of it left over." 

Storing Basil

If you are not going to use the basil immediately, check out this blog post that will give you tips on how to store your basil and why you shouldn't refrigerate tomatoes.

Chineasy Cucumber Salad

I recently got a new cookbook, Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes, that guarantees 100% Inauthentic Asian Recipes.  I am really enjoying the book!  I always like using the Amazon, "Look Inside" feature and sometimes will even cook from some of the recipes before deciding to buy the book.

What the recipes in this book lack in authenticity, they make up for in simplicity and taste.  Some hard to find ingredients are still included in the recipes, but if you can't find them at Mehuron's, Google around for acceptable substitutes.  

For example, this sweet little recipe of a quick cucumber salad calls for Chinkiang vinegar, but according to Eating Well, balsamic vinegar is a perfectly acceptable substitute.  

Be sure to grab some cilantro this week if you plan to make this Chineasy Cucumber Salad.

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Week 4 and 5 Contest Winners

OK we have two members of the CSA who are running neck in neck with each other in terms of their contributions to the Member Forum.  Thank you Carole Parker and Nancy Henry!  For me, it is great ot have some other angles on recipes.  Of course I love the recipes I share with everyone, but it doesn't mean that everyone does.  So, it is REALLY helpful to have some input from others.

Both Nancy and Carole are being rewarded this week with $5 in Muddy Boots Bucks!  Thanks to both of you.

White Beans and Cabbage

Nancy has provided us with a recipe from Heidi Swanson from her Super Natural Every Day book.  This is a fabulous book with beautiful and inspiring photography.  Nancy gave us a recipe for White Beans and Cabbage.  Nancy does a great job substituting and making due with what is available (I know this from conversations I have with her during CSA pick-up).  She admits the dandelion greens were not one of her favorite items in the CSA and describes how she added them to this dish of cabbage, white beans and potatoes.

Marinated Fennel and Chickpea Salad Tartines with Whipped Feta

Carole gave us a recipe for Marinated Fennel, and Chickpea Salad with whipped feta.  So, for those of you who stuffed that fennel into your veggie drawer last week and forgot about it, this is what you need to make!

Week 6 Contest:  Green Bean Recipes

Deadline:  Sunday night, July 24.

As we are getting into Green Bean season, tell us how you like to prepare green beans!  Share your recipe on the Muddy Boots CSA Member Forum.

If you have any problems, notify Robin immediately.  You could win something for that too :-)

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