Quick Update from Robin Speziale, author of Market Masters (2016) and Capital Compounders (2017).
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Return on Life; What's Next For Me

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In August of this year I turned 30, entering the fourth decade of my life. But a couple of months before, in February, I suffered an Internal Carotid Artery Dissection (ICAD - 99% Stenosis). I don't tell many people this story but it certainly changed my outlook on life. I'm no different than others, who asked themselves, "Why me?", when diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Life can be like a casino. You play the odds, and apply yourself as much as possible, never really knowing what's going to ultimately happen. I consider myself lucky. I'm still here. My artery healed, with no major residual effects - just minor nerve damage that puts pressure on my face when I'm stressed, tired, or more recently, down with a bout of the common cold.

So, after being told, "You could've died", I decided to front-load my life goals. Because life's short. One of those goals: Start an Investment Club. And it's in partnership with an unlikely friend from Quebec, who runs the Don't F*ck with Donville Blog. We're hoping that this truly is our Buffett/Munger moment. Here's how it all started...

While writing Market Masters in 2015, I conducted extensive research online to supplement the 28 interviews in the book. When researching Hedge Fund Manager, Jason Donville (Donville Kent Asset Management), the Don't F*ck with Donville blog was in the top 5 search results on Google. I was intrigued. The owner of the blog had been following Donville's High-ROE investing strategy and stock picks for years, riding Donville's coattails, and selecting his own high-return-on-equity 'compounding machine' stocks based on the methodology. As you know, this is also my approach to investing; finding, and investing in those "Capital Compounders" - companies that create vast amounts of shareholder wealth over time.

I emailed the owner of Don't F*ck with Donville in 2015 and we've been in touch since. He featured my book, Market Masters, when it was released in February, 2016, and then I went to visit him in Montreal to "talk stocks" in December of that year. During our meeting, we had a weird, magical Buffett/Munger moment, clearly realizing that our investment philosophies were very much aligned, with some unique 'mental models' that could benefit our growth together as investors.

Obviously, we didn't want this interaction to be our last...

I'd always wanted to start my own investment club, and so we both decided to start one together, right then and there, in that bar in Downtown Montreal. It's been a lot of work to structure our investment club, but it's totally worth it. I'm happy achieving this goal in my life, and look forward to what's to come. This is my passion in life: investing. And has been for as long as I can remember. Plus, I have a lot of role models for this new endeavor, giving me confidence. For example, Francois Rochon, who I've talked about in this newsletter, started an investment club, running it from 1993 - 1999, which then blossomed into the Rochon Portfolio Fund (Giverny Capital).

Thank you for being a subscriber to my newsletter. This is what makes life great, and interesting - meeting people like you who share the same passion in life :)


Happy Investing, Regards,
– Robin Speziale

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