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I love, believe in, and support science. But sometimes, and I don’t want to sound like you-know-who, science can be slow. Last week, many of you sent links to a study on vitamin D and COVID-19. The study, led by researchers at Northwestern University, compared data from 10 countries and found a strong correlation between low vitamin D and reduced COVID-mortality. There seems to be a relationship between vitamin D and the cytokine storm, that causes the lung damage and respiratory distress, in COVID-19 patients.

I don’t know about you but the more I read about the cytokine storm, the more fearful I become. So, it really pissed me off (can I say that?) when all articles about this study said, “this doesn’t mean people should hoard vitamin D supplements.” OK let’s not hoard but why not take it?

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • COVID aside, vitamin D has proven significant anti-cancer benefits.
  • Low vitamin D makes you more susceptible to diabetes.
  • Low vitamin D is associated with a higher incidence of respiratory illnesses.
  • Low vitamin D is associated with a higher incidence of depression.
  • Vitamin D is integral to prevent bone loss.
  • When your vitamin D is low, your appetite is higher

SO, are you with me? Let’s supplement vitamin D

How Much? What type? What Time of Day?

We suggest 5,000 IUs of vitamin D3 per day. We have our Foodtrainers' Double D supplement but we’re not yet back to shipping (email us and we’ll link you to our favorite brands you can order).

It’s better to take D daily versus the giant ,once per month doses some doctors recommend.

You want to take vitamin D in the morning, as it’s inversely related to melatonin. Some reports indicate it can adversely affect sleep, if you take it in the evening. And vitamin D needs fat (avocado, eggs, olive oil, nuts, seeds) to be absorbed. Take it with breakfast or at least a spoonful of MCT oil or nut butter.

Vitamin D can be difficult to get via diet alone. Possibly the best source of vitamin D is sunlight, so getting outside for at least 15 mins a day can be super beneficial to your vitamin D levels. But we know outside time, for many of you, is curtailed due to quarantine.



So, we’ll agree that the Northwestern research is preliminary. But what’s the harm?

Please keep sending us links and articles. We read all of them. And while we’re always concerned with safety, the great thing about nutrition and basic vitamins is that usually (I said usually not always) the downside is minimal.

Be well and have a d-licious week!

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