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How do you compare to the rest of the world? Today we take a look into The Global State of Digital where we break down some of the top statistics around the digital space. 

📺 TV Guide for this weeks issue.
- Paying a premium for GMB
- Marketing + TikTok = $$$
- How to write better content
- Why site speed is so important
- How to A/B test the right way
- 10 more tools to grow your business

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-- Jamie Williamson // Head of Sauce


The global state of digital, how do you compare?

Recently Hootsuite dropped its latest Global State Of Digital where it takes a deep dive into the state of the internet, mobile, social media and eCom. Its never anything short of amazing some of the data that has been pulled. However lucky you have me to pull the best data-sets from the report.

- Aussies spend an average of 2hrs 19mins on mobile internet per day!

- However, we also spend over 3hrs 19mins on a desktop / tablet computer per day.

- Our wired internet download speeds are pretty sub-par sitting on an average of 41mbs per second. However, Singapore clearly has some out of this world "NBN" sitting on an average of 200mbs per second...

- The top 3 websites worldwide are Google, YouTube & Facebook. Where we spend an average of 10-20mins a day on them. 

- 64% of Aussies are worried about how other companies share their data.

- 71% of us actively use social media, we also spend an average of 1hr 44mins using social media daily.

- The top 5 mobile apps worldwide include: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok & Instagram.

- Based on consumer spend the ever so popular swipe right app "Tinder" takes the throne with the highest consumer spend for an app, with Netflix in a close second.

Want to read more of this cracking report click here. 

The stats above are literally the tip of the iceberg. There is 100's of pages of crazy data to view.


Would you pay for Google My Business?

If you have your own business that has a physically location you'll know the importance of having a well optimised business profile. Doing so allows you to be seen easier when someone searches for your services in your area.

However, Google seems to have bigger plans to start charging a premium to get extra features which are aimed at benefiting small businesses.

I get it Google...your not making enough money still so you need to find other ways of bringing it in.

Have a read and judge for yourself if its a worthy addition to your ad-spend.


2 websites you should be using to write better content

Okay, I'm going to be straight up with you when it comes to grammar and punctuation I'm a bloody shocker at getting any of it correct.

So to counteract my uselessness I've created a '2-APP-STACK' that I use daily to make my writing sound a lot better.

Watch it here.


Hard-core gamers, this one is for you.

Have you ever considering marketing on Twitch? A platform filled with millions of gamers who stream their gaming content daily. You might be thinking why though?

Because gamers are exactly just like you and I - and not a separate race of people who sit on their sweaty uncleaned chairs yelling 'NOOB' at random people.


Over the past months Twitch has began filling out into other categories like fitness, general chatting and discussions which has really broadened the scope of people using the platform.

If you want to take your businesses marketing outside the box just a little more this platform is well worth a look. 


1️⃣   Google Ads more than triples the conversion categories

2️⃣   Google is testing removal of text ads (BIG)

3️⃣   Why site-speed is so important

4️⃣   How-to drive performance with video creatives

5️⃣   How-to do A/B testing the right way


Is it time to start using TikTok to market your business? 

I know what your thinking right now... TikTok really, its just full of annoying little teens that learn a 15-second dance in order to boost their 'clout' and become TikTok famous.

Well your partly right, however it turns out both you and I aren't seeing the bigger picture.

Here are some stats to help you reconsider:

-   TikTokers spend an average 52mins a day watching videos as a comparison Instagram users spend an average 53mins a day scrolling content and about 58mins on Facebook - so TikTok is not far off considering how fresh and new it is to the space.

-   9/10 people will use TikTok more than once a day

- TikTok's adult audience is sky-rocketing in growth seeing over a 300% increase Year-on-Year. Obviously, still mainly teens. But the fact that adults are now getting on board the train is a great sign for advertisers.

- The TikTok ad platform is actually getting better. At first, it was pretty dodgy, but they have been hammering down on updating it.

Should you be using TikTok for your business? I say EFF YEAH! Read more about it here.


The stuff you really need to know

1️⃣   Building 600+ links in one month! (SEO)

2️⃣   10 awesome tools to grow help your business

3️⃣   How to create SEO content to rank higher, easier.

4️⃣  119 examples of EPIC content pieces you should learn from.

5️⃣  10 tips to writing more engaging social media posts


6️⃣   Creating an info-graphic that are worth sharing

7️⃣   How-to communicate better using visuals

8️⃣   Using featured snippets to give you an unfair advantage (SEO)


My wife found out I was cheating on her after she found all the letters I was hiding...

She got so mad and said she's never playing scrabble with me again



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