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GUESS WHAT: We might be seeing a new major competitor jumping in to the search engine space to take on head honcho Google.. and lets say their name is based off a fruit. I think you'll enjoy this nice little find. Anyways...

📺 TV Guide for this weeks issue.
- Mistakes to avoid in your Google Ads campaigns
- Why your website is loosing rankings
- Is content really king? What about the queen?
- A wallet full of ways to make money online
- Why you should build a community around your blog

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-- Jamie Williamson // Head of Sauce


Apple 'might' be creating their own search engine...

Are you laughing or really worried right now? As you know you Google is the king of anything search engine related for as long as we can remember. However, Apple seems like its showing signs it is in the process of creating its own kind of search engine.

To keep it short, Apple recently updated the Applebot web crawler page with additions that are very, very similar to what Google provides webmasters and SEO's. These include features like verifying traffic, robot.txt rules and how search rankings affect web search results (sneaky right!?)

So the big question is why?

Bet you didn't know Google pays Apple billions a year to be the default search engine on Apple software.

But does Apple really need the money? Probably not... considering they're now worth well over $2 billion smack-a-roonies.

Let's also not forget about all the data Google collects from user search habits.

Orrrrrr how about the fact Apple is throwing buckets of money towards hiring 'Search Engineers' 

Coincidence? I think not.

Read the full article here.


You can now group tabs in Google Chrome

You don't need to tell me how your organised mess of 'chrome tabs' helps your efficiently daily, because we all know that is a bullsh*t lie. 😉

However, Google knows that and decided to help folks like you and I.

In the latest update for Google Chome Browser you can now group tabs into categories you set ie: news or work. Nifty right?

Other cool features from the latest update include:
- Touch friendly tabs for tablet mode
- Switching to an already open tab
- Tab previews to find the right tab faster
- Fill out and save PDFs in chrome 
+ a heap others.

Check the full update here.


SETH GODIN: How-to find your viable audience

Personally, in my books Seth is a legend within the marketing field. Releasing best-selling books like Purple Cow, Tribes and This is Marketing to name a few. 

In this interview Seth talks about how to find your most viable audiences along with winning trust through your ideal buyer persona's.

If you haven't read any of his books check them out here. I recently read 'This Is Marketing' and I'm not lying when I say its a cracker of a book. 

View the interview. Its well worth a watch.


Pleaseeee avoid these mistakes when using Google Ads

- Using too many keywords, this just makes everything messy.

- Not picking the right match type for your keyword targeting. You have a couple of choices: broad match, phrase match and exact match. Each do their down thing so do your research on them. 

- Using only ONE ad per ad-group. Doing this won't allow the A.I to test and learn. At absolute minimum do 2 extended text ads + 1 responsive ad.

- Not having a CTA (call-to-action) without one of these how will the user know what you would like them to do?

- Not using ad extensions. By adding as many relevant ad extension to your account as possible it will definitely increase your CTRs (click-through-rates)

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3️⃣   Is content really king?

4️⃣   How-to set up shop with Facebook Shops

5️⃣   How to choose the right SEO agency that you won't regret.


What happens to your domain names when you 'cark' it...

Simple, they get sold off to the highest bidder. 

There's a story behind all of this as well. Meet Mrs Jello (aka Igal Lichtman) an avid domain name investor. With a career spanning decades claiming a vast portfolio of domain names, in 2013 he unfortunately passed away.

Mrs Jello didn't create a clear path with what would happen to these domain names once he passed away....

So his registrar took it under their belt to sell it off for him.

That same month he passed away sold for $20k, 🍆 sold for $5,015 and sold for a whooping $48k. **mic-drop**

Moral of the story, always have something in place for your digital assets for when you pass away.

ps. if your thinking I messed up the his & her's because of Mrs Jello, well hate to break it to you but Igal is a man.


The stuff you really need to know

1️⃣   10 insane web design tips

2️⃣   73 non-dodgy ways to make money online

3️⃣   9 reasons you should build a community around your blog

4️⃣  Top 12 ways to get backlinks without breaking a sweat

5️⃣   How to make sure your content is consistent across platforms


6️⃣   55 ways to craft the perfect 'cold email'

7️⃣   Google SEO 101: Site Migrations


I’ve decided to give up drinking and replace booze with mashed potato...

I guess you could say I’ll just be getting sMASHED from now on.



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