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Wowsers, what a week it has been. More specifically with Google and their crazy glitch in the Matrix which freaked out every SEO expert on planet earth. See whats cooking in this weeks issue below:

📺 TV Guide for this weeks issue.
- Learn about the crazy Google glitch
- Top Youtube searches during the pandemic 
- A massive post removal by Facebook 
- A cool new GMB update
+ all the other goodness I provide you each week!

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-- Jamie Williamson // Head of Sauce


Google screwed up reaaaaal bad...


And I mean so bad that a bunch of 'SEOers' I know were running around frantically like hot cakes thinking the world was going to end (LOL)

According to John Muller, The Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google. His twitter account stated that they (Google) didn't have the answer just yet.

"I don't have all the details yet, but it seems like this was a glitch on our side and has been fixed in the meantime. If someone could fix the other 2020-issues, that would be great." --  John Muller

This followed a massive thread of people either freaking out or LOL'ing at the situation.

The official explanation came out the next day. Turns out it was a simple indexing issue that affected the search results which was 'promptly fixed' by Google's Site Reliability Engineers. 

An easy shrug off on Google's side, and a massive sigh of relief from every digital marketing agency around the world. You can stop sculling your bottles of Jack now... (if you want 😉)

Check out the full article here.


The 'interesting' search trends during the pandemic

Being in 'iso' has really sparked our creativity. Its quite interesting seeing this report that has recently been released showing the top trending searches worldwide during the COVID-19 panic. Prepare to be amazed on the stats below: 

YouTube saw increases to terms like: yoga, guided meditation, nature sounds.

Self care and mental health has been a very big issue while being locked up but also a very 'little' spoken about problem across Australia...

One of the funnier searches is that had a massive spike was 'how to cut hair'... the weird thing was I didn't see any horrific bowl cuts emerging across my FB news feed which was disappointing.

Other top searches include:
- DIY Face masks (over 400mil view increase)
- #withme up 600%
- Home workouts (4X in daily views)

View the full report here.


The water bubble 'self adhering' N95 Facemask

You can view the Kickstarter here


Facebook removed a massive 9mil "misinformed" posts over the last 3 months.

Oh, what a year 2020 has been for us Aussies. First the fires, then the floods and now this COVID-19 craziness. When people are in desperate need they create their own desperate measures, in this case misinformation about COVID-19. Does it ever end? 

According to Facebook they removed over 7mil posts and deemed another 98million posts false. These included the likes of fake preventative measures or exaggerated cures that health organisations deem to be dangerous. Have a read, its pretty interesting.


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3️⃣   Google is making it easier to leave reviews for businesses

4️⃣   What is an email funnel? 

5️⃣   Instagram is potentially testing a 'pro camera mode


Updating your GMB listing straight from Google Search


You can now make changes to your Google My Business (GMB) listing directly from Google Search. 

This includes creating posts, replying to reviews, adding photos etc. You get the point. Another step in the right direction (yay for Google).
See the new update here.


The stuff you really need to know

1️⃣   The 2020 guide to social media image sizes

2️⃣   6 ways to highly engage website traffic

3️⃣   How-to create engaging 'silent videos'

4️⃣   Master writing the perfect page title & headline

5️⃣   20 epic places to share your content


6️⃣   5 tips to level-up your local marketing 

7️⃣   Destroy SEO with these 14 Google Sheet Forumla's

8️⃣   Using FB messenger to boost your business


Two cowboys are lost in the desert.

One cowboy sees a tree that’s draped in bacon. “A bacon tree! We’re saved!” He says.

He runs to the tree and is shot up with bullets.

It wasn’t a bacon tree, it was a ham bush.


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