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Well, well, well... look who decided to join the darkside! Only pulling your leg. Welcome to The Snag, the frostiest no bullsh!t articles sourced by yours truely weekly. I was over all the boring marketing and business emails filling my inbox so I wanted to shake things up a little and create my own email filled with articles that are worth reading and other cute stuff. 

-- Jamie Williamson // Head of Sauce


Google has the power 

These next few lines a no surprise but...according to a recent study, when searching on Google 41% of the first page is taken up by Google related links. Most times this included 4 'paid' ads among many of their other Google products like Google’s dictionary definition and “people also ask” box.

Furthermore, this tells us a few things
1. SEO is becoming less important as a user now needs to scroll even further to see organic results.
2. To show anywhere up the top of Google search you'll need to invest into Google Ads.
3. Google can do whatever they bloody want.

Read more about it here.


Are you eligible to cash in?

COVID19 has got everyone going crazy including the NSW Government. With $3k business grants being given eligible businesses. Great to see another cash injection being initiated - about time the NSW Gov woke up and smelt the coffee. Check if your business is eligible here. Applications close August 16th.


COVID creating even more drama's in VICTORIA

Seems like a never ending loop of nightmares in VIC with COVID19 cases fluctuating like crazy. Its like one big roller coaster (LOL) The big question is 'how can I keep my business visible in this time?'

No matter if you're still operating or have temporarily shut there are ways to still show your business is around.

Here are my top 5 tips to stay visible even when everyone is locked up.

1️⃣   Give Facebook / Instagram advertising a go and target your local area (or area of service) for local brand awareness
2️⃣   Think outside the box. Don't be afraid to pivot or try something new.
3️⃣   If you have videos for your business, consider using Youtube ads - with people in lock down there will be more people *cough* watching youtube *cough* I mean use this to your advantage. 
4️⃣   Have a think where your ideal buyer is? Where are they congregating? (obviously not in public now..) but online. What websites do they visit daily? Do they visit gumtree? Are they constantly scrolling through Facebook Marketplace? What pages would they follow on Facebook? I assume you get the point, however once you have an idea the next goal is trying to find ways of getting your business in-front of them on these platforms / websites. Whether its free or paid means.
5️⃣   Do you have an email list? Don't forget you can always email them your new special offer or news about whats going with your business. Being on top of your existing / previous customers mind is better then not being on their mind at all.


10 ways to come up with a million dollar idea

And no.. sitting on your ass swiping through tik tok isn't one of them... Watch here


The $50k Tik Tok vs Facebook Experiment

Okay somebody had to do it and I'm glad it wasn't me. Here is the chopped up summary of the 'TikTok Ads Vs. Facebook Ads – $50,000 Experiment'
  • Tik Tok is bloody cheap to advertise on.
  • There are still more options to advertise on Facebook.
  • Lack of tracking on Tik Tok which makes it harder to track performance metrics.
  • Tik Tok is great for targeting Gen-Z
  • Tik Tok is still pretty new to the ad space but surely has Facebook shivering in their money-hungry pants.


The stuff you really need to know

1️⃣   MUST KNOW: The 9 major updates made to Google My Business.
2️⃣   TOP 15: Ways to optimise your Google Ads campaigns.
3️⃣   46 tips to help random unknowns reply to your annoying cold emails 
4️⃣   Facebook is a little worried about iOS 14 affecting Facebook Ads
5️⃣   Google is testing new headline sizes on their Search Ads



Why couldn't the bicycle stand up by itself?

Because its two tired.


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The person behind it all
Based out in the Hills District, NSW. I have a marketing background and have helped many of Australia's largest businesses along with many small start-ups smash their KPI's with digital marketing. I also like a good beer and a chicken schnitty.
Jamie Williamson - Head Of Sauce @ The Snag


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