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'The Hoof & Paw Academy' with Caroline Thomas
I promise to teach my classes with integrity and honesty, and I hope that you will enjoy taking part as much as I will enjoy teaching.

What I have been up to since March 17?

I have been on a roller coaster of emotions as having so many exciting projects and new experiences over the last few months. It started in May with the launch of my book ' The Power of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Essences for animals, which I launched at the Animal Energy World Conference. I was a guest speaker and spoke on the subject of Flower Essences and mental health issues within our animals. It was a truly amazing Conference and I met so many amazing people who truly inspired my soul.

My book has been a labour of love and has taken over 5 years to write. As I have recently been revisiting each flower and sharing on my FB page, I remember the love and attention of transcribing each Bailey flower essence into animal terms, I feel that Arthur Bailey would be equally proud of my efforts. The Scintilla range of flower essences that I created was also birthed at the Animal Energy World Conference. The Yorkshire Essences did a brilliant job of packaging it and bottling each combination essence in to a beautiful coloured bottle. The essences have already proven effective for so many beautiful animals as I have already received some wonderful feedback. The Scintilla range proved beyond doubt that animals can self select what they need, even in essence all of the bottles contain brandy and and the energies of flowers. Animals can still select the essence that they need. With Aromatherapy animal select essential oils via the aroma. With flower essence they select via the energy of the flowers.

In June I was asked to be a guest speaker at the Holistic Dog World Conference If you would like to learn more from myself and other gifted speakers then please click on this link  Full access to these courses are at a cost of £47 less  10% Discount when you type in the code PawandHoof10 I have been asked to speak again at the Conference in 2018 and I also write for their Healthful Dog Magazine. You can also get the Healthful Dog Back Catalogue for £4.95 per month if you follow this link

I was also asked to do a radio interview for an Irish Radio Show about flower essences and how they help animals to grow in confidence and to let go of any stress or anxieties that they may have. 2017 has been a really  wonderful year for me and I feel truly blessed to have had so many exciting things happen.

I have published an other new book about how to use crystals to help heal your cat. It is a book that I wrote many years ago and what I love about it is that it is in full colour. It takes you step by step, with easy to understand instructions as to how you can use crystals to heal your cat. It is animal specific, as this is often the easiest way to learn. Cats are extremely sensitive to crystal energy and the book teaches the reader how to let the cat choose and take control of their own healing.

I teach Crystal Healing for animals to Practitioner Level at my Hoof and Paw Academy, which is a fully insurable course. I am delighted to be able to off a 25% discount to any of my amazing subscribers. Type in HAPPY at the cart and let the magic begin.

With Love,

Caroline xXx

As a thank you for the month of September there is a 25% discount on my Crystal Healing 4 Cats book. Here is the link
Crystal of the Month
Blue Sodalite
This is a very calming stone and is good for nervousness, settling your animal down during travel, especially good for travel sickness. It is good for phobias and is especially useful if your animal should get panicky. It will boost your animal’s immune system. Indirect method 


Fresh Home-made meals for your cat



Chewy Cat Treats for Cats

1 large egg1 4-oz jar chicken and brown rice baby food (or something meaty which may include canned wet cat food)1/4 cup parsley, coarsely chopped2 teaspoons olive oil2 tablespoons water1 cup brown rice flour1/2 cup cooked white (or brown) rice other things you might add other treats like : 1 tablespoon of catnip or a hearty tablespoon of extra wet cat food. Place a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat oven to 325 degrees F.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. In a medium bowl, whisk together egg, baby food (or wet cat food), parsley, olive oil,  and water.  Add brown rice flour and cooked rice.  Stir to incorporate.  The mixture will be thick but spreadable. Spread mixture onto prepared baking sheet creating a rectangle that is about 1/3 of an inch thick.  Bake for 12 to 15 minutes. Remove from the oven.  Let rest until cool enough to handle, then slice soft dough into bite-sized pieces.  Return pieces to the oven to bake for another 8 minutes.  Remove from the oven.  Allow to cool completely.  Store in an airtight container in the fridge.  I store my treats in the fridge just to be safe. (makes around 50 treats)




Flower Essences

Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the flowering part of the plant, which uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness. We are more than a physical body, and must recognise our life energy, sensitivity, feelings, and our spiritual essence or Self. Flower essences are energetic imprints of the life force of plants which interact and evoke specific qualities within us.  flower essences work through the medium of water.

The fresh dew filled blossoms are gathered in the early morning of a clear, sunny day. Floating on the surface of a bowl of water they are irradiated by the warmth and light of the sun for several hours.  On cloudy days it takes a little longer for them to be ready.This process creates an energetic imprint of the etheric energy pattern of the flower in the water embodyment the archetypal healing properties of that plant. This "mother essence is preserved with brandy and then further diluted and potenized to form the "stock". You can choose a single essence or a composite essence which combines more than one essence.

The most amazing thing about flower essences is that they are 100% safe as they only contain the energy of the flower. 


The Scintilla Range
Created by me in the summer of 2016, inspired by Arthur Bailey and his work and beautifully bottled and sold by the Yorkshire Essences.
  1. Space/Fear Aggression
The Space/ Fear Aggression Essence has been created for animals that like to protect their own space. This could be due to your animal feeling unsettled when another animal enters their aura, forcing them to lash out aggressively. The aggression can equally be caused by fear as your animal learns that by lashing out first, they will then keep the other animal at bay. If the aggression is not addressed it can escalate and become out of control; I strongly suggest that they wear a muzzle. This is to protect the other dog/s and your dog from being hurt. The definition of aggression is the threat of harm from another individual involving snarling, growling, snapping, biting, barking, and/or lunging. A side effect of this essence is that it supports dogs who bark excessively. The Space/Fear Essence is made from a blend of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It contains flower essences such as Cherry Plum and Vine and others to support the change desperately needed to restore balance.
  1. The Socialisation Essence
This essence has been created to affectionately support animals who have not been socialised to the world they live in. This is often the case when animals have been taken away from their mothers and siblings too early. It is a modern misconception that eight weeks is the optimal time for a kitten or puppy to leave their home. This is a crucial socialisation period when animals learn from their mother and family about how to be a cat or a dog. If this window of learning is disrupted and your animal has not experienced the right experiences, what you will have is an animal that may exhibit certain fearful behaviours such as fear, aggression, uncertainty, lack of confidence, and they may lack communication skills when conversing with other animals. A side effect of this essence is that it can help to shift a memory developed out of a trauma that is still present in the psyche many years later. The Socialisation Essence is made from a blend of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It contains flower essences such as Rock Rose and Lily of the Valley and others to support the change needed to become confident and certain of their environment.
  1. The Liberation Essence
The Liberation Essence has been created to support your animal as he/she moves from the Rescue Centre into their new home. This is a critical time for animals as they settle into their ‘forever’ home. If you have an animal that has been abused, it will often mean that they will certainly come with a lot of baggage. This will often affect how long it takes for them to settle into their new home. They will frequently suffer from trust issues, fear issues, anxiety issues and toilet problems, and will often form an unhealthy bond with their liberator which can lead to separation anxiety. Your animal can be supported emotionally by taking this combination essence, as it will allow them to accept the past by healing their psychological wounds. When your animal accepts the past, they will certainly be able to embrace the future and their new life. The Liberation Essence combination is made from a balance of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It contains flower essences such as Leopardsbane, Soft Rush and others to support change for a better future.
  1. The Separation Anxiety Essence
The reason the Separation Anxiety Essence has been created is because this is now such a growing problem and if not treated it can result in the deterioration of your dog’s mental and physical health. Dogs have evolved from wolves where pack mentality is instinctive. The most natural thing for them is to hang out with you all day. Unfortunately, with bills to pay this is not always possible. If your dog has not learnt the coping skills of how to be alone, they can become very distressed and exhibit behaviours such as barking, whining, howling and even destroying furniture. This Combination essence has been designed to support change while a behavioural plan is put in place. (This must be from a reputable behaviourist or if you are to do this yourself, you must make sure that you understand the whole process completely.) The Separation Anxiety Essence combination is made from a blend of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It contains flower essences such as Sea Campion and Honeysuckle along with others. These will support your dog as he/she learns that being ‘home alone’ is not so bad.
  1. The Grief Essence
The grief essence has been created to support animals who have experienced loss. This could be the loss of their owner, their animal companion or even the loss of something physical like their favourite toy. This combination essence is made from a synergy of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. Grief can be defined as a very deep sadness and it is a normal reaction to loss or change. Animals, just like their human owners, will grieve and will often exhibit behaviours to show that they too feel loss. They sometimes go off their food, look depressed and can become withdrawn. They may pine, circle and even show OCD behaviours such as excessive licking. This combination essence contains flowers such as Star of Bethlehem and Trailing St John’s Wort. These essences with others, too, make sure that the grief is being freely expressed by your animal so that it does not get locked inside of them. Just remember that grief is a natural process and will eventually pass in time. This Combination essence will beautifully support that journey and it is recommended that if you too are grieving, you should take the essence along with your animal.

6.       The Fear Essence

This Fear Essence has been lovingly created to support animals who are in a state of fear when faced with a situation that they are terrified of. This could be the vet, fireworks, postman, groomer, the car, plastic bag, farrier and anything else that instils fear within your animal. The reasons might be unknown to even the animal but the behaviours exhibited are usually the same: shaking, panting and hiding. The definition of ‘fear’ is that of an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. Whether the threat is real or imagined, the feeling or condition of feeling fear will still be the same. Fear will often trigger the flight and fight response and if your animal is not able to act this out, as nature has intended, there will be a continual release of hormones which will have nowhere to go. This will then have a knock-on effect on your animal’s health in other ways. The Fear Essence is made from a blend of Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It contains flower essences such as Aspen and Bracken and others to support the change needed so that courage can blossom, just as any beautiful flower would.
7.       The Transition Essence

Transition is a combination of essences made from the Bailey, Bach and Verbeia Flower Essences. It is made with the intention of helping your animal move though any type of transition. It has been created to help animals who are terminal or at end of life. It has not been created to speed up the end of life process, but to address any fears that they may have. It has been created so it can offer peace when ‘fear’ is abounding. It contains flower essences to support change such as Bistort and Walnut; but also, flowers to support fears caused by the unknown, such as Aspen. It will help your animal to come to terms with their illness so they can deal with it daily. This essence will help your animal cope with the stages before death. It offers tranquility and serenity, but most of all dignity. It is recommended that the owner also take the essence at the same time as the animal. The word transition means ‘change’ therefore the ‘Transition essence’ can be used to help any animal through any key changes in their life.

Chinese Elements

All the Astrology signs pass through five Elements. These Elements are Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal. Everyone and everything must interact with these Elements. Each element is associated with one of the planets in our solar system. Fire is paired with Mars; Wood is paired with Jupiter; Water is paired with Mercury; Earth is paired with Saturn and Metal is paired with Venus.There are relationships between each of these Chinese Elements. They each have a beneficial relationship, a destructive relationship and a hostile relationship to the other Elements. The beneficial relationships are as follows: Water generates Wood; Wood generates Fire; Fire generates Earth; Earth generates Metal; Metal generates Water. The destructive relationships are Water puts out Fire; Fire melts Metal; Metal cuts Wood; Wood breaks Earth and Earth swallows Water. The hostile relationships are  Water hates Fire; Fire hates Metal; Metal hates Wood; Wood hates Earth and Earth hates Water.Each of these Elements has their own set of characteristics that affect the animal signs. The concept of Yin and Yang also affect the Five Chinese Elements.
Those born in the Earth Element are patient and reliable. 

The Element of Earth may be considered stubborn or rigid.  Earth's colour is yellow, and it is associated with the digestive system, especially the stomach and spleen. 

Those born with the Fire Element love adventure and excitement; The Fire Element is the South and represents the season of summer. Fire's o colour is red. It is associated with the circulatory system and the heart. 

Those born with the Metal Element are tenacious and self-reliant.  Metal is the West. It is associated with the season of autumn. Metal's colour is white. In the body, Metal is associated with the respiratory system and the lungs in particular.

Those born with the Wood Element are generous.   The Element of Wood is the East. It is associated with the season of spring.  it is the colour green, and it is associated with the liver and gall bladder.

Those born with the Element of Water can be charming and sensitive and compassionate.  Water Element is the North. It is associated with the season of winter. Water's colour is black and it is associated with the lungs, skeleton and excretory system.


Crystal Healing For Dog's and Cat's

Crystals are a non-invasive, gentle holistic way to heal animals by shifting their energy, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually

Historically, crystals have been used in healing as far back as 25,000 BC. and In the last quarter century, there has been a resurging interest in crystal healing. 

How it works

“The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. How does crystal heal both us and our animals? All living beings are made up of energy and possess electromagnetic fields.

Each crystal, gemstone and mineral resonates at a specific vibrational frequency and amplitude that in turn attracts the energies of particular qualities and traits and as I am talking about using crystals to heal animals those energies mix with the animal's own energy field.

Crystal healing is non-evasive and one which our animal companions resonate well with since they could be said to be closer to nature than we are. 

There are a number of different ways of using crystals to help heal animals. One of the best is to place them somewhere within the animals 

 energy field. Be careful and make sure that they cannot eat them.

You can attach them to collars,  I have a vast array of crystal collars on my website. You can also sew them into their bedding, but if you think they will chew through the bedding to get to the crystal you could make a crystal grid around their crate or around a stationary animal  or simply massage with them.

Crystals can be programmed for specific uses; for example a healing intention. Know the crystals that you are using as some crystals, including malachite, cinnabar and peacock ore, are toxic. Prevent your dog or cat from licking or mouthing the stones. 




Meridians influence every organ and physiological system in the body. Meridians carry energy, this energy is often referred to as chi, qi or prana.

Meridians are responsible for all the body’s major organ systems: endocrine, nervous, circulatory, immune, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, digestive and the lymphatic system.


Through the flow of energy, meridians bring balance to the body. They remove energetic blocks, excesses and imbalances, regulate metabolism and support cellular health.

Their flow is as important as the flow of blood; your life and health rely on both.

There are 12 major meridians in the body:- Lung meridian, large intestine, spleen meridian, stomach meridian, heart meridian, small intestine meridian,Large Intestine meridian, Bladder meridian, Kidney meridian, Pericardium meridian, Triple warmer meridian,Liver meridian Gall bladder meridian.

Energetic imbalances on either side, whether meridians are energy deficient or energy excessive causes problems for the organ systems they regulate.


I will describe in detail each of the meridians in each Newsletter. These meridians  are in control of not only their corresponding organ, but also additional organs around them. They play a specific and crucial role in the health of the entire system.

Balance is key in the body and the energy in the meridians is no different. When the Meridians are able to flow and there are no blockages, then every part of the body will be perfect energetically.

EFT For Animals

EFT sends energy pulses from the fingers and hands to the body's energy system and by using intention and focus to direct healing energy to the problem being worked on. Animals have a meridian system and proxy tapping is excellent for them as many of the points are located in spots where animals do not like to be touched. You do not have to be in the same room. 
When you perform EFT to help a pet, focus attention on them. Your energy system connects with your pet's energy system. The focus should be on a specific problem for example an emotional, behavioural or physical problem. With the connection of the two energy systems established, when you tap on yourself and change your system, you simultaneously change your pets system through that connection.
  • The EFT Process
  • Tuning in-Specific issue
  • Setting up - Phrase that describes what you want to work on
  • Tapping - With set up statement
Tuning  in involves thinking about your pet and the specific problem you want to affect, you use yourself as a surrogate which basically means that you become them (If that makes sense). Once you have tuned in and have your set up phrase you can begin tapping. Place both hands at the centre of your chest in the Heart Healing Position. Take three deep breaths, say your set up statement and tap in the following sequence:
  • Top of the Head
  • Beginning of the Eyebrow
  • Side of the Eye
  • Under the Eye
  • Under the Nose
  • Chin Point
  • Beginning of Collarbone
  • Under the Arm
Keep tapping until you feel happy and joy and when the energy flow starts to improve with the pain or problem gone, think of positive energy that you want to send to your pet and tap on those.

The thing about EFT is that after each tapping round it tends to bring up the next layer of issues and so on, until eventually you get to the root of the problem. Some people like to tap on the animal which I personally see as an invasion of the animal's space. Are they really giving you permission or is it your 'ego' that is stating that you know better? It is important to be very respectful of the animals wishes we may think that we know better but in honesty it is always the animal who knows best. Learn to be 'being' to the animal and not 'doing' to the animal.

EFT can be used with veterinary treatment and behaviour therapy but it should never be considered a replacement for conventional medicine. Always consult your vet.
Spice of the Month

Ginger is derived from the root of the Ginger plant, providing many health benefits. Ginger can help to soothe an upset stomach in your dog as well as providing anticancer benefits. Always consult your veterinarian as to the safety, and dosage of herbs for your dog.

Caroline is a SARA teacher and has written many articles for SARA Reiki promotes your pets own healing it can reduce stress and promotes relaxion and works from any distance in the comfort of your own home. Reiki heals illnesses, ailments, allergies, eases emotional issues and pre and post surgical pets heal faster. Reiki is an excellent way to facilitate the transition to the other side and helps your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge..

Animals are very tuned in to energy and emotion. When we emit calm energy we also create a healing and calming vibration which is very attractive to our furry friends. When you meditate sit close to your pet and as you meditate, the energy created will provide a very soothing vibration for them. Touch your pet during meditation to include them.
Aromatherapy For Animals
Essential oils are potent extracts of aromatic plants and animals naturally know exactly what they need from theses Aroma's. Aromatherapy and animals must be treated with a deep amount of respect. Always let your animal self select and never force you animal to sniff the aroma.
Choose Flower

Your pet can choose flower essences. Show a few bottles to your pet. They will let you know what they want. Usually they will turn away from what they do not want, and turn towards, sniff or otherwise touch the bottle containing the essence they want. I have tried this with Lenny on numerous occasions and it really does work.


We are drawing close to the end of the Season of Earth, moving to Metal as this month passes by. The main aspect of Earth is to help us to get centered and balanced in late summer, as we prepare ourselves for winter, the season of rest.
Friends Corner

Gayle Ritson Harvey

I am an international intuitive spiritual counsellor based in Norwich, Norfolk

I offer Equine Intuitive Readings and Equine Reiki “ Spiritual Horse Whisperer”

I can also read for horses and their owners over the phone all I need is a photo and name

I qualified in SARA Animal REIKI at REMUS Horse Sanctuary in 2011 with Caroline Thomas

My website is :

Facebook Page : Equine Intuitive Readings

Mind Body Spirit Events coming up :

September 23rd and 24th 10.00 – 5.00pm

 ‘The Corn Exchange’ Tuesday Market Place, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 JW                                               

October 8th  10.00am – 4.00pm Poringland Community Centre Norwich NR14 7WB

 October 28th  10.00 am – 4.00pm  Brentwood Centre Doddinghurst Rd CM15 9NN

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