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By the end of each year, we look to the coming year, to see which supporters will commit to another year of supporting and which ones choose not to or are not able to commit to another year.
As we get to the end of this year I've been in touch with some of our supporters, although not all as of yet, to see where we're at, and prayerfully consider how we can meet the need of the coming year.
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Special Events

This month the special events were hosted not by our church but by other Christians in Iceland, last Sunday I got to speak to the Gideons in Iceland with a little 20 minute "sermonette" that were meeting in the same church building we meet in.
If you're unfamiliar with the Gideons they are an organization started in 1899 for the purpose of distributing free Bibles, so far they have distributed 2 Billion (yes, with a b) copies of the Bible in all over the world, they are also a very strong organization here in Iceland, still dedicated to that mission.
The other special event was a meeting organized by a Christian brother with a heart and a passion to use multi-media and social media to further the message of Jesus in Iceland.
Around 20-30 people showed up from different churches to present what they do, what has worked, what hasn't and what we can focus on in the future.
I spoke on some of the ways Loftstofan has used social media, some testimony around that and the people have committed to meet bi-monthly to talk through these issues.

Not much new going on here except for Salómon going for another brain scan and is still clear of any epilepsy (the only one of the three people with his condition).
Other than that Sigurros is losing her mind that Christmas is coming, Mikael is doing well in school, Svava is being an amazing wife, mom and ministry partner, and I, of course, am being the perfect husband and father but other than sickness going around in the schools and preschools of Iceland nothing abnormal has been happening.
Regular Ministry
This month has been filled with various kinds of challenges that Logan and I have had to deal with that vary widely from each other, please join us in praying for godly wisdom in handling them all well.
On Sunday services we've been walking our way through the gospel of Matthew chapter 25, but this upcoming Sunday we take a break from that to go to our Christmas series "The Greatest Gift", where we deal with the topics of Hope, Joy, Love and Peace for the next 4 Sundays leading to Christmas.

Outside of that we've seen 6 Discipleship Groups started since introducing the concept last month, these are groups of 2-4 people meeting weekly or bi-weekly designed to foster accountability, application and spiritual growth, asking deep and personal questions, deciding what to read together and talking about the application of it.

Currently we also have a lady in our church who's expressed a desire to lead and start a mom's group who may be more available before noons and is prayerfully seeking to start that small group (of 6-12 people) in the beginning of the new year.

As it is approaching the end of the year there was also some work involving putting together a budget to propose to our members at a members meeting held a few days ago, where we talked about a range of issues including what the new year would look like with Logan and Carla leaving to start Redeemer Church, and proposing Elliot as an elder candidate to our church which is currently being voted on online.

Outside of that there has been the regular meetings with members, attenders and non-believers, premarital counselling sessions, meeting with the board that runs the building we meet in and other such things. 

Not much has been happening with regards to media except for the upload of sermons from services and the regular monthly radio session at FM102,9 where I bring the devotion of the day, this month I talked from Matthew 20 on humble nature of Jesus and the call to service for the Christian.
Exciting Opportunity

As December approaches I've been thinking of ways our church can play a role in reclaiming the Christmas holiday to revolve around Jesus Christ.
If you're familiar with Icelandic Christmas traditions (called Jól in Icelandic), it has very little to do with Jesus, we have 12 jule lads that live in the mountains and come from the mountains 1 by 1 each day leading to Christmas, their mother Gríla boils the bad kids alive in a kid soup of sorts, children put their shoes in the window to either receive gifts into them from the jule lads or potatoes if they are bad, if you don't get new clothes for Christmas the jule cat will come and eat you and on and on it goes.

So in thinking, how can we make this time of year about Jesus in Iceland, we've been thinking of a opportunities to do something for our neighbourhood, as we don't have an office now I've been spending a lot of time at a café shop in the neighbourhood next to us run by a Christian sister, running into some great conversations, and although we started planning a bit late this year and need to do better next year we may be having a Christmas song event there in mid December, Christmas songs revolving around Christ, and inviting the people to come to services and worship with us.

Out of that conversation came an even more exciting possibility, of possibly doing events throughout the year of 2020 over there after closing hours at the café, my mind runs wild with ideas of what we could do, but one thing we want to make sure to do is to make sure that we do what God wants us to do, so be praying for us as we pray for direction on this.
How you can pray:
  • Pray for Discipleship Groups to be effective in raising disciples and multiplying to make more.
  • Keep praying for our government as it debates a constitutional change around it's relationship with the church.
  • Pray for a new home fitting the needs of our family and ministry.
  • Pray for leaders and laborers in the harvest here in Iceland.
  • Pray for wisdom in fostering the faith and sharing the faith with the new attendees.
  • Pray for those who have come to faith to make a commitment to obey Christ in baptism and become members of our church where they may grow and be cared for well.
  • Pray for our church members, for divine strength, wisdom, endurance, and joy as they serve in the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for future marriages and premarital counseling to prepare them to glorify God in and through their marriages in 2020.
  • Pray for wisdom for Logan and I as we deal with various challenges.
  • Pray for Elliot as he may soon be voted in as an elder candidate.
  • Pray for Max, one of our members who moved to Ecuador and has been sharing his faith with his family, friends and anyone that will listen, that he would be strengthened in his faith and find a good church community to commit to.
  • Pray for the new attendees that they might come to faith, grow in faith and commit to being a part of our church community and become labourers in the harvest.

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