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General Information
I love February, when you start to notice the sunsets getting later and later each day, it's almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
This month we continued the regular ministry involving Sunday gatherings, small groups, discipleship groups, premarital counseling, paperwork related things for the church and our elder candidacy.

Outside of that there are some new updates and out of the ordinary things I'd like to catch you up on so that you can be in the know and be praying.
Ex Deus
Ex Deus continues on, relationships with students at the University continue to grow, now on Tuesdays, we have our Club meetings with free pizza following an Alpha Course hosted by multiple Christian groups on campus, attendance has been growing but one of our prayer requests is for more Christians to invest in these relationships and seek to share with them the love of Jesus Christ.
Luton, UK
There were a couple of trips this month, one of which was to Luton, UK to meet with the board of the Northern European Board for the Radstock Network which is a Network of churches around the world including countries such as USA, UK, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Albania, Iceland, Mongolia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Kosova, Myanmar, South Africa and other nations that will not be named.
For the first time to make the Network more efficient in connecting together for the work of the ministry it's being split down into multiple boards according to not only geography but also cultures, this was the first meeting of the Northern European Board where we went over where we're at, where we want to go from here and how to make it happen, to spur on some interesting conversations in the coming months and years.

The other trip was to California where I got to meet up with some pastors from supporting churches, but more importantly, the trip was made to marry Nonni & Ellen, Nonni is a member of our church and Ellen following the wedding has moved to Iceland.
Pray for them as they start their lives together and settle in, that their marriage and lives would glorify God.
United Reykjavik
Another preaching opportunity presented itself this month outside of the regular preaching at Loftstofan, this time with a ministry that's around 7 years old started to reach out to those coming out of alcohol and substance abuse.
This may turn into a more regular opportunity to preach to around 100 or so people trying to get back on their feet after years and sometimes decades of alcohol and substance abuse.

Not only is this a great opportunity to preach the gospel, but also doing our best to get those interested and those who've come to faith to become a part of our church to get plugged into discipleship relationships.

Lastly what has dominated the news in Iceland the last 6 days since the first case of of the CoVid-19 virus was detected is it's spread, so far we have jumped from 1 case 6 days ago to 34, entirely people infected from trips made to Italy or Austria.
I'm following the news closely praying for a few things:
  1. How I can take care of Salómon well who has underlying physical problems that might make this virus very dangerous for him if he catches it.
  2. Wisdom on how our church can be a light in our community if this virus continues to spread as exponentially as it has thus far.
  3. Praying for our government and health services as our hospitals are small and resources very finite compared to other larger countries.
  4. Praying for our nation as we look to a possible large economic backlash from distribution being affected, inflation rising 0,7% in less than a week and so on.
So far the health services have been doing a great job in keeping the public informed and testing for cases, but it will be interesting to see how the future unfolds with the limited capacity that we have.

Lastly the big news is that Svava just turned 30 years old on March the 2nd! I am so thankful for this amazing woman, this amazing blessing of God in my life!
Unfortunately the birthday week was mostly both of us being sick the entire time and trying to do ministry together, but I was able to put together a surprise on Sunday the 1st of March where we had around 50 of her closest family members and friends join the church in lunch following the church service where we had lamb, cakes, and cookies to celebrate this woman, and the blessing she is in all of our lives!
How you can pray:
  • Pray for Ex Deus the University Ministry to continue growing, not only in the number of non-believers showing up but also believers willing to love on them, talk to them and share the love of Jesus Christ with them.
  • There have been some issues with people sending over donations, pray for that to be fixed as quickly as possible, and let us know if you experience this.
  • Pray for our church to grow - For our members to grow in faith and in their ability to make disciples, and for our church to grow as we see more souls confess Jesus Christ as Lord.
  • Pray for opportunities for me and the members of the church to share the gospel, pray for the spirit of God to work in those that have confessed faith but not yet come to be regular attenders or members of the church.
  • Praise God with us for Salómon responding very well to his new nutrition and throwing up much less, but also that we'd be able to give it to him faster.
  • Continue to pray with us for his healing, and also for his protection during the Covid-19 outbreak, and wisdom for us as parents on how to take care of him well.
  • Pray for the preaching of God's word to be effective in educating, admonishing and rebuking us when need be.
  • Pray for Discipleship groups to multiply.
  • Pray for our apartment to be sold and a new home that is more fitting for the special needs around Salómon and for doing ministry in.
  • Pray for the Radstock Northern European Board to be effective in fostering a community of churches in Europe seeking to see more churches planted for the glory of God.
  • Pray for those who've been attending United Reykjavik, and possible future of our church helping people there grow in faith, knowledge, love and worship of Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for those who are considering moving to Iceland to live here and help with the ministry.
  • Pray for us this year financially that we'd fundraise enough and have enough to focus fully on the ministry.
  • Pray for Nonni and Ellen, for their future, marriage and lives together, that they may glorify God.

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