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Summer Break
Summers are weird in Iceland, some churches choose to go on a summer break and not have services for 1, 2 or 3 months, but summers in Iceland for our church are not that way just very different.
A few small groups took the summer off to have more informal gatherings instead.

And as most churches see a decline in attendance during the summer months due to Icelanders using their 4 week paid vacation to travel and such we tend to stay the same, even though we have some locals missing as we also have a lot of foreigners who come to worship with us during the summer.
As Svava and I took the kids up to the west fjords for two weeks Logan and Carla took care of ministry on the ground, and with so many groups coming this summer, we've not only seen a lot of increased foreigners coming to our church, but an all-time high in first time visitors by locals living in Iceland.
These two months have been pretty packed with vision trips and groups coming over to help with ministry, so let me try to mention these awesome groups in bulletpoints so not to make this e-mail endless:
  • We were blessed with two vision trips, one from the New City Network church planters, 7 of them and their wives who are planting in the D.C. Area, and also the guys from the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia to see how we can grow the relationship between baptist churches in VA and The Iceland Project.
  • Kevin Lawson, a professor at BIOLA University came to teach on his specialty for one evening, small group ministries in the local church.
  • We were blessed with the presence of a Korean Presbyterian church from California who did street service projects and evangelism, and cooked some AWESOME food for our people.
  • Wellspring Church from Missouri came over to help out and get to know more about Ex Deus, our University Ministry.
  • We had Becky lead a group from Redemption Church in Maryland that helped spread the word about ESL camp and upkeep of the church building including mowing, painting the parking lot and helping getting rid of weeds.
  • Aimee Stauf came over for around 2 weeks to be in Iceland to do research on a book she is writing about Iceland and faith, specifically for the Iceland Project.
  • Pillar Church of Dumfries and Seveir Heights Baptist Church from Knoxville, TN joined together with a big group coming over to serve in our ESL camp for 60 registered children between 6-12 years old.
  • This morning we just had a group land from Pillar Church D.C. who's here for the next week to help with preparing for and working our annual Couch Potato event (I'll explain that in the next update).
ESL camp
ESL camp went great, around 60 kids ages 6-12 registered, great conversations happening between the teachers and the kids and teachers and church members with the parents.
Throughout the week long camp we tought them a song of praise, and invited them to come to Sunday service to sing it for us before we started the service, and 3 families came.
We ended the camp with a Friday cookout at 4 pm when the parents picked up their kids, and if nothing else left an impression that our church cares for them, and is wanting to be a blessing to our community... My prayer is that if they ever find themselves at a place where they are asking questions about life, faith and purpose they may remember us.
Book corner
We finally got a place where we can set up books in our church and the Loftstofan Merchandise many have asked for, we have suggested donations for people who can afford to give for us to make it more robust, add more books and such but also give those who can't afford it, and also give to new visitors to our church.

In June Daniel and I went to a Celebrate Recovery Conference in Derby, UK, driving on the wrong side of the road improved our prayer life and we're prayerfully considering if this ministry is possible to set up here in Iceland to reach out to those with various addictions and sin habbits after hearing about it's impact on UK churches.
Regular Ministry

Outside of that there's been the regular ministry of the church gathering together in worship, meetings throughout the week with members, non-believers, new born believers and people asking questions.
This summer has been different, no Doubt Nights for two months, no videos released and some small groups taking a break, but over all it's been an amazing summer, with lots of things happening, new people coming to our church, others wanting to become members of the church and even some professions of faith.

Please pray for those new in their faith, for the two couples that are now planning on getting married next year, for those who are desiring to become members of the church and for hearts and minds of people living in Iceland to be awakened to the beautiful gospel of Jesus Christ.

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