The Month

Yet again, the update e-mail comes at you late, hey, maybe that's not such a bad thing, especially if you're the type of person who has signed up for a lot of update e-mails that overflow your inbox on the first.

Outside of the regular ministry of the Word, meeting with our people, preaching, regular gathering for services and small groups there are some highlights I'd like to share with you, some exciting goals reached, some travel done and upcoming trips to inform you about, so let's just jump into it.

The Ministry

USA Trip
From the 11th to the 26th of February there was a trip made to the U.S. the main point of the trip was to visit one of our supporting churches, Seveir Heights Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN where I got to know the pastors and members, share our testimony and work with the people and give a little sermonette, you can listen to that here if you'd like.
To use the trip fully I may have over extended myself, I did not keep count of meetings but imagine that I met with around 25-30 pastors from various churches, driving around 2500 miles to Kentucky, North-Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and various cities around the US.

Of course the guys I met with will have to talk about it in those churches but my hope was to raise support for Logan and Carla to come over, help with the work and eventually plant out from us, and each month we are getting closer to that goal.
The Stranded Baptist
I've continued my experiment with the Stranded Baptist, this is a youtube channel where I will eventually post all of English related material to our family and the ministry in Iceland including sermons done in English and more.
This will be done as a test, to see if our supporters like the video format or e-mail updates better, frankly the video format will be much more fun to do but it is all up to you, so if you are interested in following work there you can check out our youtube channel here, subscribe and ask to be notified when new videos are uploaded by pressing the bell symbol.
Upcoming Trips
1/4 trips for this year is over with, here in a few days I get ready to pack again for a trip to the US between the 7th-17th of April to go to the Together for the Gospel conference to be edified and network with other pastors and ministry leaders about getting involved in the ministry in Iceland.
Another trip that is exciting and a bit nerve wrecking is our family sabbatical happening this summer, we have booked tickets to stay in the USA from May 1st to July 28th.
It is exciting as we have needed a bit of time off and with the state parental leave thing still in place we will be able to take that money, go somewhere else and try and recover from the turmoil over the past two years of medical stuff.
It is nerve wrecking taking an autistic child on a plane for the first time, through security, making sure we're close to hospitals at all times, figuring out details such as where and how to get a car and so on, please be praying for us.
Jesus Storybook Bible Translation - FUNDED!
One of the amazing things that happened this last trip is that Seveir Heights Baptist Church decided to take up an offering to put a dent into the finances needed to get our translation done and got us to a point where now we have enough money to get it translated, reviewed, edited and 3000 copies printed!
I want to take the time to thank ALL OF YOU who have given to make this a reality, and to know that this amazing book will be available in Icelandic by the end of this year!
Visiting Groups
In February we also had a group of senior year high school students come by from TX on a yearly trip that their school does, and another couple from Waco, TX who have been praying for Iceland for some time now coming to seek and pray as to what God would have them do.
Theological Training Class
Besides that we also just had a Theological Training Class this past weekend where Luke Lorence came over to teach on Biblical Counselling, an exciting subject to learn about especially since it seems that God has blessed us with some people who are very, very keen on learning more about that subject and are seeking that God use them in that way.

The Family

Mikael & Salómon
Since coming back home chaos struck and our home has basically has had at least one person sick in it for the past three weeks, luckily it's nothing major.
The day I got home we had to take Salómon to the hospital over night to get some fluid as he was getting dehydrated from throwing up everything we put into his stomach, and Mikael's had to spend a couple of nights at the hospital to get some blood cells, but both times went great and were short.
Sigurrós Myrra Gunnarsdóttir
Sigurrós is still struggling with the fact that Christmas is over and regularly mentions her Christmas hat, she kept me up last night, poor thing when we finally thought that this may be the time where everyone is healthy at the same time at home she got high fevers last night, and well, as I type this i'm fairly sure I have something now.
The Marriage
In March we celebrated the 28th birthday of Svava, the queen of the house.
These past days have been bitter sweet, through the amazing work of God, who has worked in incredible ways we can finally say that we are debt free from everything except our home, which is an amazing place to be, especially as we can now look to the future, with Salómon growing and in the future his equipment requiring more space to see if we can get a better place more accessible for handicap people, more space to host people as we will not be as free in the future to make visits and so on. 
But as that blessing came we've also been faced with some difficulty, so it as if God was saying in that difficulty, "Hey, I'm here."
I am blessed with an incredible wife, on her birthday seeing what God has done to bring her to me, a child that was born almost 8000km away, and probably even around as I was growing up at family dinner parties and such, to be able to look at her now and thank God for this beautiful, talented, loving wife and amazing mother and say that she is my wife, man, I cannot thank God enough.

The Prayer Requests

-Pray for the fundraising for Logan & Carla.
-Pray for our marriage, strength and endurance.
-Pray for Salómons future, and things that we need to get done to prepare for his continued growth.
-Pray for wisdom with regards to Mikael's schooling.
-Pray that people to come to know Christ, that our church would grow in the health of our people and numbers.
-Pray for a guy who showed interest in the faith but is facing some harsh opposition from family right now, that he would see that the worth of Christ always exceeds any cost of following him.
-Pray for renewed strength and endurance for our family to continue to work well, and for the people of our church God has called to step up into leadership roles.
-Pray for Kalmar who just recently got baptised and became a member of the church.
-Pray for the upcoming trips would be fruitful and rejuvenating. 
-Ultimately pray that the gospel would be preached, disciples would be made, labourers would rise up for the harvest, churches would be planted so that ultimately God would be glorified in and through our work here.

The Partnership

Join Us As A Partner
Do you want to partner with us in the spread of the gospel in Iceland? You may not have been here yet, but you can partner with us by praying over the updates we just sent and by financially giving either with a one time gift or by setting up a monthly support to take part in gospel efforts in Iceland.

How To Give
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