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Gunnar & Svava

New Members
In September we celebrate three new members, Elliot who just moved here from Portland and is studying at the University of Iceland (By the way, super cheap education for any and all interested).
Hildur came to faith over the summer, and Evelin who came to faith about three years ago with one of our members sharing the gospel with her.
For those of you praying for us, I'd like to put in a special prayer request for Hildur (the one on the right in the picture above), who has just recently come to faith during this summer and just got baptised 10 days earlier from me writing this, just a few days before her baptism she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and the following monday after her baptism she went on a severe drug treatment for it, the drugs did not go well with her, so they are trying a last resort of drugs now for her to take, if they will not work an operation will have to be done followed with a life long drug treatment for her body to maintain balance. Please keep her in your prayers, for God to supernaturally heal her and give her comfort.
Icelandic Bible on Audio
Due to a lot of complaining over the years about us not having the Icelandic Bible on audio form I decided to stop whining and start doing something about it and started reading Scripture for audio format, one chapter being released every day through the Loftstofan podcast, in just over three years we will have the entire Bible on audio format, God willing.
Radio Gigs
I also got the chance to do a couple of radio gigs this month, one leading a devotional at FM102,9 talking about the tension of having an eternal perspective yet having open eyes in the now for God's work prepared for us to do (Heb. 12:1-3, Eph. 2:8-10).
I also go to go to go to the popular atheist radio show Harmageddon on FM97,7 to talk about the morality of the narrative of the flood of Noah and talk about the Biblical foundations that need to be in place for atheists to have a foot to stand on.
Big Month for Salómon
Salómon is getting off his formula that he's been on since birth and moving to nutrition, so far it's going really good! He's also getting a specialised wheelchair made for him and a "standup board" for a lack of a better word for it, it's a board for his back with molds for his feet to go into that can be raised so it looks and feels like he's standing by himself.
We've also advertised help for him on Sundays for someone qualified to feed him and take care of him with us on Sundays from 9am-6pm, we put out a facebook ad that got shared a lot and have some promising applicants!
The Church
Finally got a huge weight off my shoulders by getting to wrap up an extensive paperwork required from the state that I was super late on doing but now that it is finally done I can focus on more of the work of the ministry on the ground.
We also had our first membership meeting since coming back from the states, nailed down some issues with concerns to church planting support for a church we partner with and other things.
Other Stuff
For the first time in five years we had our first ever worship team meeting, making Svava the worship team director working with the others of the band to make it more organised and intentional.
Our worship team is also growing, and just getting to look on stage on Sundays is a really great picture as to what God has done in our church, up there you'll see people from
America, Ireland, Ghana, South Africa, Iceland and possibly here in the near future a person from Poland. We are grateful for the family bond we have through the blood of Jesus Christ.
School of Theology
We also had Dr. David Schrock come for our Theology Weekend and teach for 10 hours on the Drama of Scripture, going over the Old Testament which is a part of our effort to provide theological teaching for people on the ground, but more importantly to build a database of videos we hope to subtitle in the
future and offer as a resource to any and all churches who want to have teaching materials for their future elders and church planters.
English Service & Resources
Lastly I want to thank our generous brothers and sisters who continue bringing over Bibles and awesome resources to distribute among our people!
But beyond that we have a big announcement, due to the fact that our translator who has been translating for the past 3 years is frankly exhausted we now find ourselves in the situation to break into two smaller church gatherings at 10:45 in English and 1pm in Icelandic starting October 7th.

Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík
Logan & Carla

We finally have our prospectus! Thanks to Devynn Hageman, who has done a lot of work with the Iceland Project, we are about to start contacting churches and individuals and ask them to partner with us as we seek to move to Iceland and join Loftstofan. You can see the prospectus at our new website: Please join us in praying for the future partnership and generosity from other brothers and sisters in Christ.
9Marks Weekender
I, Logan, had the amazing opportunity to attend the 9Marks Weekend in September. This event allows ministry leaders from around the world to come and see how Capitol Hill Baptist Church, pastored by Mark Dever, leads their church to faithfully worship, love and serve God and their members. It was such a great time of encouragement and also equipping. I was
able to meet brothers from Korea, South Africa, Canada and all across the US. One particular treat was meeting James McNair, who has lived in Iceland and considers it home. I was introduced to James through Daniel Henderson, a Christian translator and publisher, who is working on publishing The Jesus Storybook Bible into Icelandic, it was great to spend time with these brothers.
Meeting the Lomax's
Carla and I were able to spend time with the Lomax's from Redemption Church. Andy and Becky are such amazing people who have a heart for Iceland. They have been a blessing to us and who knows, maybe we will see them in Iceland one day... On a permanent basis! Andy and Becky had just returned from a trip to Iceland where they did some data survey evangelism and also had a chance to encourage our brothers and sisters at Loftstofan and also Akureyri.
New Partners
We are excited that Grace Hill Church and Redemption Church have become partner churches with us and the Iceland Project. Their support is so incredibly generous and we look forward to partnering with them as we seek to proclaim the gospel in Iceland.
Church Planter Assessment
Lastly, Carla and I attended a Church Planter Assessment and were thrilled by the results. this assessment lasted two days and covered a large variety of areas, aimed at assessing our readiness to be sent as church planters. Carla and I recieved a READY, which is the best result one could have. Their rating has given us even more confidence in God's calling and His equippping us for the work that lies ahead.
Fundraising Goal
As of right now we've raised 50% of the support needed for when we come to Iceland in March 2019, would you pray with us in reaching our full goal and consider if you too can become a partner of the Iceland Project?

The Iceland Project

We are approaching that time of year when the window of fundraising is becoming important and quickly closing as most churches lock down their budgets for their upcoming fiscal year, If you would pray for us as we seek to raise more fund for the Iceland Project to have funds for continued ministry on the ground and bringing over Logan and Carla.
If you are able and willing to give, information as to how is at the bottom of this e-mail, feel free to send any questions my way.

A couple of more announcements with regards to the Iceland Project:
  • The process of setting up a separate 501(c)3 in the USA has begun and will hopefully be done later in 2019.
  • The Iceland Project will become more centralised the more missionaries and church planters we get.
    • This mean that emails will become shorter and to the point while filling you in on everybody on the ground.
    • This also mean that for any future churches supporting the Iceland Project will not be only supporting one church on the ground but all gospel ministry done through the Iceland Project.
    • If you want more detailed you can listen to the last Stranded Baptist episode here or find it on any platform you get your podcasts from.

Now that’s out of the way, lets get to the updates!

The Partnership

Join Us As A Partner
Do you want to partner with us in the spread of the gospel in Iceland? You may not have been here yet, but you can partner with us by praying over the updates we just sent and by financially giving either with a one time gift or by setting up a monthly support to take part in gospel efforts in Iceland, your finances will go towards everything that the Iceland Project is doing on the ground.

How To Give
Pillar Church of Dumfries has made it easy for you to give to the work in Iceland and serves us in such incredible ways to get the funding from our donors to us every month, here's how you can give:

For processing payments:
PO BOX: Pillar Church, PO Box 622, Dumfries, VA 22026
Put “Loftstofan” in the memo.

We also have an online option for our supporters to use what's called STRIPE ACH and give online towards the gospel work in Iceland.
If you click on the button below you can give a one time gift or set up recurring payments through your bank account. This is the cheapest ONLINE option on our end as the fees for processing are $0.25 (compared to if you choose to use your debit cards or pay through PayPal which is 2.3% + $0.25 per transaction).

Give Now Online
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