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We're short about 1700$ per month in pledged giving for 2019 to meet our overall goal! We are so thankful for your generosity and your support, for your prayers and encouragement, so please continue praying with us that we'd meet the goal we set for 2019.

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This e-mail may be a bit different from all others as I hope to give you an overview of what has happened so far this year, so let's just jump into this.
Iceland Project
As for the Iceland Project we set an ambitious goal for 2019, to add an extra person on the ground by March of 2019, and as of right now we are only 1700$ pledged giving per month short of making that happen! There's more that happened this year:

  • Logan and Carla committed to move to Iceland, Logan quit his military job and his pastoral position in Mississippi and they moved to Virginia to work at Pillar Church of Dumfries to be trained for the mission ahead and set out to fundraise for them being here.
  • The immigration work has already begun for them and is in process so be in prayer for that.
  • Logan also started the process of registering the Iceland Project as a 501(c)3 in the US (many of you have asked, this is not yet finalised).
  • They move here to work with Loftstofan for a few months before planting another church in Reykjavík called "Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík".
  • This year we have 21 churches pledging to support us monthly and so far 35 individuals and families doing the same thing.
  • Logan and Carla have focused on raising support, meeting with various individuals and pastors, and going around to preach at different churches and share with them our hopes and prayers for Iceland.
    This year Logan has preached at Redemption Church (Arnold, MD), Mosaic City Church (Fairfax, VA), North Oxford Baptist Church (Oxford, MS), Calvery Baptist Church (Batesville, MS), North Stafford Baptist Church (Stafford, VA), and more churches are coming up! If you'd want Logan and Carla to come visit your church before their move over, send me an e-mail and I'll get you in touch with them.
Loftstofan Baptistakirkja
At the end of 2017 we moved to a new meeting location in Kópavogur which caused a dip in attendance mainly from tourists coming to church which lasted to the summer of 2018, but since August of this our church has grown in attendance, giving, volunteers, baptisms and better yet, the people who are a part of us have grown in their faith compared to last year.
There are quite a few things that stand up this year, so let me give you some bullet points as to some special things we managed to do this year with regards to the ministry on the ground.
  • We hosted a worldview discussion at a bar downtown titled: "Atheist and a baptist walk into a bar" with the president of the Atheist Association and around 100 in attandance.
  • Started "Ex Deus" our University Ministry dedicated to reaching students at the University of Iceland.
  • Through the generosity of our people managed to support a church planting effort in Europe for around 2500$ this year.
  • Used the funds given by the Icelandic Government to all religious organizations for each registered member to start a benevolence ministry, giving out grocery cards to people in financial need for about 3000$ this year.
  • Added 7 new members to the church which now stands at 24 members total.
  • Produced Apologia - Online videos and podcasts dealing with topics of Christianity in Icelandic watched by around 1500 people so far.
  • Hosted what I hope to be our annual "couch potato" event in August for people not leaving town for "Verslunarmannahelgi".
  • Through a generous church were allowed to buy Loftstofan bags and cups to give to any new comers, that may be a small gesture that I suspect may mean a lot.
  • Fundraise for the cost of translating, editing, reviewing and printing of the "Jesus Storybook Bible" into Icelandic.
  • Hosted what I hope to be an annual Thanksgiving dinner at our church.
  • Had different church groups come in to do surveys on the worldview of Icelanders and use that as an opportunity to not only gather data but also share the gospel.
Outside of Apologia, The Stranded Baptist and the sermons being uploaded to video and podcast form online we've had some opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and info about our work on other platforms.
  • Christianity Today did an article on our efforts with the Jesus Storybook Bible, this is very helpful as it raises awareness of the need in Iceland as well.
  • Got to go on one of the most popular atheist shows in the country called Harmageddon to discuss the morality of the flood of Noah story, and share the gospel.
  • Got to do a monthly "Word of the Day" for a local Christian radio station Lindin FM 102,9.
  • Shared some about the need in Iceland with a radio station from Texas with a show called "Lolo on the Gogo"
  • Svava also did a 24 minute interview with the Church planting Ninja Clint Clifton talking about suffering joyfully.
Outside of being visited by plenty of groups and couples interested in ministry in Iceland from various places in Canada, US and Europe we got to host a couple of pastor's vision trips for pastors in various churches interested to learn more about Iceland and how they could get involved.
As chemo was done I also got to re-start my travel a bit this year going to:
  • Together for the Gospel conference where I found it interesting how many people were now thinking about Iceland in spiritual terms.
  • Got to preach in Pillar Church of Dumfries near D.C., LifeHouse Church in Delaware and talk to Sevier Heights Baptist Church in TN.
  • During our sabbatical I didn't preach but got to share about Iceland at Foundation Church of Fredericksburg, Occoquan Bible Church, Hope Chapel in Colorado Springs and McLean Bible Church where Svava also got to be a part of the worship.
Gunnarsson's Family Updates
Lastly this was a big year for us, we had a couple of big medical scares with Salómon Leví at the hospital, but he's doing good now, the 7th of December Mikael wrapped up his 30 month cancer therapy, in removing his g-tube from his stomach there was an infection, but that will hopefully be done by January 12th or so.
Thank you so much for your prayers and love!

Lastly, from the Iceland Project I would like to say thank you for your prayers, generosity, love and hospitality, thank you for the partnership in the gospel here in Iceland, and may you have a blessed new year!

The Partnership

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