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Covid-19 - The destroyer of regular life.
Obviously, most of you are aware of the situation as it's no longer a new reality just in Iceland but apparently things like lockdown is a reality for 40% of the world's population.
In my last e-mail, I mentioned that inflation had gone up and we had 34 diagnosed cases of the virus since then the number has risen to 1.086 case numbers or almost .3% of the population.

Outside of that we have just over 9.000 people in quarantine and 927 in isolation, that is roughly 3% of the population of Iceland, we have 30 people at the hospital, 10 in intensive care, 7 of whom are on a ventilators, and we've had 2 deaths in the country.
The government has issued a ban on all gatherings of more than 10 people and encouraged everyone to not gather if it can be avoided, tourism has come to an extremely quick halt in the weeks that have passed and a lot of people are losing their jobs.

Due to this new reality and the ban on gatherings we've shut down our Sunday services and small group gatherings and are in the midst of moving everything online with Sunday sermons being done online, daily devotionals to prayer meetings via Zoom, Logan has been doing an incredible job at also sending information and resources to the members ranging from family worship to Bible studies, articles, flyers to hand out and so on.
The Family
Unfortunately, this month has mainly revolved around dealing with sickness in our own home, It was the perfect storm, a Covid case came up in Mikael's school that was shut down, Salómons preschool was shut down and Sigurrós was asked to stay at home, while we were all there the Influenza started having a field day at our house making 4 out of 5 of us sick, in what seemed like a planned and slow succession ensuring that it would take us a whole month to just contain and deal with it.
First it was Mikael who got sick, when he recovered Svava got sick, when she recovered I got sick, and when I was recovering Salómon got sick, so sick that he got pneumonia, thankfully by the grace of God he's feeling much better now and Sigurrós has not caught the flu.
Right now we're focusing on praying for Iceland and reaching people where they're at, as of this moment that place is the internet.
Pray for wisdom as we move forward with using that platform to reach the locals, serve them and love on them.
I pray for a spiritual revival through this ordeal, for the hearts and minds of Icelanders to be affected by how little it takes to watch everything you put your faith in and derived your security from to fail.

Some of the idols in Iceland is to find hope in your financial success, sense of security, sense of being untouchable, sense of the government catching you if you fall, the social services to be your safety net and the healthcare system to prevent you from death.
I think a lot of these idols are showing some cracks at the moment and I am praying this would cause Icelanders to realize that they need something, or better yet, someone better to build their hope on, to have hope that doesn't ebb and flow with the current social situation, much of what Icelanders build their hopes on is showing to be weaker than originally thought, with a tiny virus, an unseen enemy threatening to expose what Icelanders put their trust in as not being as strong or as full of hope as they previously thought.

I'm reminded of this quote from Charles H. Spurgeon during the Cholera outbreak in 1854: "If there ever be a time when the mind is sensitive, it is when death is abroad. I recollect, when first I came to London, how anxiously people listened to the gospel, for the cholera was raging terribly. There was little scoffing then."

Pray with me that this would cause people in Iceland to be more open to the Gospel and God to glorify himself in showing grace to repenting sinners.

The only thing out of the ordinary we've done this month is an interview with LifeHouse Church, one of our supporting churches that can be viewed here.
If you want to follow more videos we have done and will start doing you can move on over to the Loftstofan Facebook and youtube page.
Regular Ministry
The regular ministry has been interrupted as you can imagine, a lot of keeping up with the members of the church via phone, skype, zoom and facebook, the amounts of calls, texts and messages has risen by an incredible amount, so pray that as we move forward we'd be able to take care of our people in a good way even though we have social distancing in effect.
Also specifically pray for some of our attendees who are working as nurses at the hospital close to Covid patients, to be protected and have strength for the workload.
In many ways this has also given a greater focus to just the aspect of praying and focusing on preaching the Word. So pray that I might be found faithful in that and able to do that well in a very strange time.
The financial situation for a lot of people and churches has changed drastically over the past few days and weeks.
This has had me thinking and praying about our financial supporters and where we'll stand some weeks or months from now.
I wanted to ask all of our individual supporters and pastors of churches that support us financially if you would inform us if the new financial situation has you at a place where you can't support anymore so that we can have an idea as to where we stand.

I suspect we will loose some support due to this situation, but luckily most of our support comes in USD which has risen (as seen on the graph above) about 10% in value compared to the Icelandic kronar, so it may be that even if we lose support in USD, the amount may stay close to the same in Icelandic kronars.

Lastly, I wanted to ask those who may be in a rather stable financial situation and have been praying about or thinking about supporting the work in Iceland to pray specifically now as we don't really know the full extent of what this new situation is going to bring.

In the end it is all in God's hands, we will continue the work and continue to pray that we'd be found faithful in our ministry on the ground and for God to provide for us our daily bread to His glory.
How you can pray:
  • Pray for Salómons health as he gets over the influenza and Covid-19 raises some concerns about his underlying health issues.
  • Pray for wisdom for our church to serve our community well and reach people through the internet.
  • Pray for our church to be salt and light in a world that is seeming to many to be bitter and dark.
  • Pray for the spread of this virus to stop so that we can get back to the rhythms of our church life.
  • Pray for our government and the people working on the front lines of this epidemic.
  • Pray for our support and for God to be glorified in providing for continued full time ministry in Iceland.
  • Pray for Icelanders that may be shaken by this situation to be shaken in such a way that they'd turn to God, and for the church to be faithful in preaching and proclaiming the gospel.
  • Ultimately pray for God to be glorified in and through his church in Iceland, for people to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, and for those in the faith to grow in their love, worship and adoration of God, and for us to be conformed into His image.

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