Important Announcment
Before jumping into the updates from October let me thank you guys so much for your prayers and financial support!

Right now it looks like we've reached 78% of our overall pledged giving for 2019, that is including not only finances for the work of Loftstofan but also for Logan and Carla coming over to work with us and plant out from us Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík.

With that said, if you are planning on supporting the gospel efforts in Iceland in the coming year it would help us to know where exactly we are in the fundraising process if you would take 60-90 seconds to fill out a very short survey on your planned giving for the coming year, both if you are just now deciding to join or even if you have been giving, the data would be helpful to us.

If you are interested, fill out the short survey here.

Loftstofan Baptistakirkja
Gunnar & Svava

This month we wrapped up our sermon series on frequently asked questions about our church, and head back on over to the book of Daniel to go through it verse by verse from chapter 6.
There are a few abnormal things that stick out from this month, ultimately I am thankful for time I got to spend in prayer and study besides the regular ministry of the church, and looking forward to go back into verse by verse expository preaching.
This month we were approached by two seperate organizations for interview about gospel work in Iceland, first one being Lolo on the Gogo, from a radio station in Texas (KCBI FM 90.9), you can see the video here.
The latter was an interview with Christianity Today about the culture of publishing and reading in Iceland and our efforts to publish solid Christian materials for Icelanders which will most likely be published in December.
The Jesus Storybook Bible
Outside of that we are nearing the end of our translating journey of the Jesus Storybook Bible with final touches underway! 
Right I'm contacting printers and publishing companies in Belarus and Ukraine to get the best possible cost for printing these works and am expecting prices to be sent our way this upcoming way for both printing and shipping 3000 copies of the Jesus Storybook Bible in Icelandic!
All the funds are in place, now it's just to wait and see if it gets here in time for the Christmas book flood.
It's been a while since we did an episode of Apologia, this month we started it back up! The goal of it being to have responses to critical questions against the faith in Icelandic readily available for Icelanders both now and in the future.
I've streamlined the process to try and make it easy to make, even if no one can help with media, and have managed to get it to a point were it looks decent even though it's entirely done via my iPhone 7+.
In October we released two episodes, one dealing with the text of bears killing 42 children that mocked Elisha in 2. Kings 2 that can be viewed here, and the 2nd one dealing with the now popular belief that Emperor Constantine and the council of Nicea created the Bible and the Christian religion as we know it today and made Jesus Christ into a God 325AD, plus diving a little bit into how the canon of Scripture was formed and how we can know that the text we have today is really the Word of God, and not some of the gnostic writings such as the gospel of Thomas, Judas or any other, that can be viewed here.
Reformation Hangout
To top the month off we had a reformation get together on the 31st of October known to some as Halloween (But to the more nerdy as Reformation day), celebrating the fact that God has used ordinary people throughout history with their flaws and failures to do amazing things, not because of their ability but rather thanks to the big God we serve.
Other Stuff
Outside of that the band had it's first ever band practice outside of just before services, we had a good membership class with a couple of new members coming up, the currency rate has dramatically worked in our favour causing the worth of the US dollar (which is how we get most of our support) to 
rise rapidly in value meaning that your support when transferred to our currency is worth more, meaning that it is cheaper for us to fundraise for and get others on the ground.

Besides that the transition to two services has been interesting and tough, especially being in two languages but doable, your prayers are appreciated.
Epic Visit
Logan, Carla, Devynn and Jessica are here for a few days and we are blessed to have them here.
This trip was made to show a couple of other pastors the country, sit and plan for the Iceland Project, and make some videos with Devynn so that we can both use them to get the word out about the Iceland Project, fundraise and tell people about the vision that Logan and Carla have for Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík!

Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík
Logan & Carla

It has been a busy and blessed month for Carla and I. I have had the opportunity to preach at 3 new churches, North Oxford Baptist Church & Calvary Baptist Church (both in Mississippi) and Pillar DC. At the two churches in Mississippi I had the opportunity to share about the mission work in Iceland! We were so encouraged by these two congregations in my home state and we are thankful for their hospitality and generosity towards us!
I was able to be a part of a great meeting with leaders from Veritas City Church in Georgetown & Redemption Church in Maryland. Both of these churches have partnered with us and are strategically thinking about how to engage with church planting in Akureyri. Will you join us in praying for this work?
Our prospectuses are in! Which means fundraising is about to officially begin. Carla and I will be praying and fasting as we prepare to contact churches and individuals who we hope will partner with us in prayer and financial support as we seek to move to Iceland and plant Redeemer City Church Reykjavik! Will you join us in praying for future partnerships?
Small Group
Carla and I have the privilege to lead a Life Group in our host home here in Dumfries. This group has become so dear to us and we love gathering each Thursday and discussing the previous Sunday’s sermon.
Carla and I were blessed to have dinner with one of our former Sunday School teachers, and one of my mentors, David Maron. David and Doug Gunn, another one of our Sunday School teachers and one of my mentors, were in DC to attend a 9Marks/NAMB conference on church revitalization and church planting. It was such a treat to get to fellowship with these two brothers and worship alongside them. They both have played such an instrumental role in our lives and our ministry journey, and we are joining them in prayer for First Baptist Church of Jackson, MS as they are searching for their next Senior Pastor.

The Partnership

Join Us As A Partner
Do you want to partner with us in the spread of the gospel in Iceland? You may not have been here yet, but you can partner with us by praying over the updates we just sent and by financially giving either with a one time gift or by setting up a monthly support to take part in gospel efforts in Iceland, your finances will go towards everything that the Iceland Project is doing on the ground.

How To Give
Pillar Church of Dumfries has made it easy for you to give to the work in Iceland and serves us in such incredible ways to get the funding from our donors to us every month, here's how you can give:

For processing payments:
PO BOX: Pillar Church, PO Box 622, Dumfries, VA 22026
Put “Loftstofan” in the memo.

We also have an online option for our supporters to use what's called STRIPE ACH and give online towards the gospel work in Iceland.
If you click on the button below you can give a one time gift or set up recurring payments through your bank account. This is the cheapest ONLINE option on our end as the fees for processing are $0.25 (compared to if you choose to use your debit cards or pay through PayPal which is 2.3% + $0.25 per transaction).

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