Fundraising Update

Logan and Carla have landed and are getting settled in, thank you for your love, prayers, encouragements and generosity!

Last month we were short 600$ in monthly pledged giving from our fundraising goal before getting them here to the country, currently we're only 250$ short of reaching our pledged monthly giving goal!
A big thank you to our 21 churches and 61 individuals/families who are generously giving towards this gospel mission, thank you for your love, generosity and prayers!

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Loftstofan Baptistakirkja
Gunnar & Svava

A few things that stick out this month to do with media, first one being that our episodes called Apologia where I've answered questions directed at the Christian faith in Icelandic which up until this point has only been uploaded to the Loftstofan Youtube and Facebook page are now being played on Lindin FM 102,9 and will be a weekly show released on air and on their app.
  • Another thing that has continually surprised me is the impact of releasing media online over the years with people asking a lot of good questions, getting in contact with the church, people from different faiths, skeptics, atheists and so on.
  • Also what has been surprising is the amount of people listening to the sermons and episodes from our church, when you add up the numbers on our podcast, youtube page and facebook page it is anywhere between 500-1000 people listening at any given week, a lot of whom are in Iceland, so that's been amazing to see.
  • Lastly, due to a generous donation we've just ordered some new equipment that might help us make more and better videos and get back to live streaming our services.
  • Please be praying for the continued impact of our media endeavours.
At the end of March we had people come from two different places, first Mark Larson came here from Winnipeg, Canada, him and his wife have been praying about moving to Iceland in the coming year.
Secondly we had a group of 5 guys from Oregon join with Ex Deus (Uni Ministry),
to help out with outreach and get into conversations on the campus and get the word out about doubt night, which is an event we do at a Café or bar downtown for the last Friday of every month to allow curious Christians, skeptics, atheists and people of other faiths to ask questions and get Biblical answers to those questions.
This month we dealt with the common objection that: "Jesus never claimed to be God".

It seemed that they got into about 3 conversations about faith with different individuals where they professed faith, please pray for the seed that was sown into the lives of the people they had conversations with to grow and flourish.
Other things that stand out this month (good, bad and neutral) are:
  • Svava turning 29 years old!
  • The yearly paperwork needed to be done for the government done.
  • Lots of good meetings with people at various stages in their walk with God and non-believers.
  • Logan and Carla moving to the country.
  • Wrapping up our sermon series going through the book of Daniel and picking back up from Matthew 14.
  • Salómon getting sick for almost three weeks with a Virus, closely related to the RS virus which is very serious for his condition as he has week lungs.
    We ended up spending a little over a week at the hospital as he was dropping in oxygen levels, but he came out on the other side which we are so extremely thankful for.
    To give you the serious nature of this, the doctors have told us that he's not given a long life expectancy as most people who have week lungs as he has usually succumb to illnesses that others would have no problem dealing with.
    This is his 3rd virus in less than 2 years of life after birth, we are thankful for God's grace in him pulling through.

Redeemer City Church of Reykjavík
Logan & Carla

Family time before leaving.
The month of March was full of times with family! Here we are at Niagara Falls with Kara, Carla’s oldest sister, and her husband and their 3 daughters.
Meeting up w/ Myriam

Myriam, who is praying about joining our core group at RCCR, drove down from Canada to visit us! She is like a daughter to us, and served as an intern for the Young Adult ministry at First Ridgeland while Logan was the Young Adult Pastor.
Bethel Baptist Church, Columbiana, AL

Logan was able to share about the gospel work in Iceland with Bethel Baptist Church in Columbiana, AL. Dr. Hal Warren, pastor at Bethel BC, was one of Logan’s first ministry mentors, and enabled Logan to go on his first 3 overseas mission trips.
Cornerstone Christian School

Carla and Logan had a chance to share their testimonies with the 11th & 12th grade classes at Cornerstone Christian School, located at Bethel Baptist Church, and also tell them about how God has called them to Iceland.
Family time in Alabama

We were able to spend time with Carla’s brother and his family in Alabama, watching our nieces while their parents ran a Spartan Race!
Leaving the life group

We said goodbye to our LifeGroup, which we have had the pleasure of leading since last summer.
Sent out by Pillar Church, Dumfries, VA

Pillar Elders laid hands on us and prayed over us, after Pastor Jamie Caldwell charged us to go and make disciples in Iceland, and Pastor Colby charged Pillar Church with continuing to support missionaries, not just in Iceland!
Prayers with New City Network

Pastor David Platt, his family, Pastor Clint, Pastor Colby, and the New City Network church planters all pray for us as we prepare to move to Iceland.

And here we are! At the airport, ready to fly to our new home. This is the answer to so many prayers, prayed by many people over many years. God is faithful and we are excited about joining the work that God is doing in Iceland!

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