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August and September have been bitter and sweet, bitter as we buried my grandmother who had been a faithful saint longing to go home to Jesus for some years now.
The day before her death we had the privilige to go to her to say goodbye, read the Scriptures that she loved and sing a couple of songs of praise that she loved, and even listen to some songs of praise that she wrote.
She never craved the spotlight, but was a faithful servant of Jesus Christ and a prayer warrior, her name was Johanna Karlsdottir.
In the home we've been taking turns getting sick in September, hoping that the sickness stops, especially keeping in mind that a normal sickness can be a great health risk to Salomon's fragile body.

We've also put our apartment on the market for sale, hoping to sell it and move into a home better suited for the special needs of Salómon, and a better home to do ministry in, show hospitality and reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

During August & September we've had 5 various sized teams come visit us for various lengths.
Providence Church from Jefferson City, TN is here with a team of people interested in moving to Iceland long term, meeting with me & Logan, walking the streets in prayer and doing surveys.
Last week Franklin Heights Church from Virginia came along to get to know ministry on the ground, Kenneth Jones and his wife Melissa from Redeemer City Church in Washington D.C. came over to talk about small groups and encourage, Andy & Becky also came over doing their thing, encouraging the believers, sharing the gospel with non-believers and building relationships with the locals, praying about what their ministry might look like when they move here after they retire.
Lastly, Laura & Mark Holifield came over from Texas on a Cruise ship wanting to bless the believers in Iceland, bringing over 6 bags of solid books for us to have as resources in our church book corner.
Special Events

In the beginning of August, there's a holiday in Iceland where a large portion of the population goes camping out of town, it is the equivalent of labor day weekend where the holiday lands on a Monday, so it's a long weekend.
Some years back as we got the diagnosis of Autism in our oldest son, Mikael, and realized large crowds of people in a new space may be difficult, then added on top of that Mikael's cancer diagnosis & Salómon's birth and special needs around him we realized there probably wouldn't be much of traveling going on for us during this weekend.

I asked myself if we could be used for ministry during this time for other people who did not have the opportunity to travel due to any reason at all, and out of that was the annual event of the "couch potato" born.

The idea was, that if these families couldn't go out of town where the fun was, we'd bring the fun to them, and so we had help from Pillar Church of D.C. that sent an awesome team to help us grill hot dogs, cook burgers, keep an eye on the bounce house, operate face painting stations, a cotton candy station, a popcorn station, a station for spiritual talk and have good music playing.

Around 200-250 people from the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods came, sparking some awesome conversations about why we're doing this, about faith and our church.
One of my favorite surprises was to see another Mikael present there who was diagnosed with cancer around the same time as our own son, the two Mikael's who couldn't walk for a period of time during chemo were at the church building jumping on the bounce house fueled by cotton candy.
Other than that, the only other special event I am excited about is the 1981 Bible translation being made available through the Youversion Bible app.
This is not thanks to our work in any way, but I am excited about it as I think it is the better translation of the Bible, plus it does not contain the apocryphal books of the Bible, and I hope God uses this mightily to get people in Iceland reading the Word of God.
Regular Ministry
Church services have been going great, a few new faces have appeared in the crowd and stayed, and even some old faces have reappeared.
Daniel Hitchon joined the church as a member and got baptized, and Kalmar, who had moved to the US for a period came back and was reinstated as a member of the church.

In preparing to cancel the office space that the church currently has I've started working a lot from a café shop developing relationships, getting into conversations with believers, and sharing the gospel with non-believers among other members of our church.
This past Sunday one of the baristas came to service which filled our hearts with joy.
These few weeks have been filled with conversations with non-believers, young Christians, mature Christians and foreigners wanting to talk about moving to Iceland to serve in the kingdom.

Outside of that we have two couples in our church who are engaged to be married in 2020 resulting in premarital counselling sessions.

In these two months, I made two trips outside of town, one to Eastern Europe, to Minsk, Belarus, to meet with Taras Telkvosky, the pastor of Trinty Church that was planted two years ago and that Loftstofan Baptistakirkja has had the privilege of financially supporting and praying for during that time.
It was unlike anything you experience in Western Europe, the communist-style architecture with blocky buildings and neutral colors were a stark contrast to the beaming joy in the church members of Trinity Church who had grown into a family of about 40-50 people in only two years!

During my time there I also met with printers in the city with hopes of developing partnerships for future printing projects which are significantly cheaper in Minsk, compared to Reykjavík.
Another trip was not as far, it was around 3 hour drive away from Reykjavík city up north to a small low (very low) security prison, to meet with a prisoner who I had been in touch with after hearing his testimony of coming to faith, and sharing his faith with the prisoners and prison guards, even baptising them in the freezing sea around 50 meters away from the prison.
At first I walked in there thinking of a ministry we could start to reach out to the prisoners, but after a two hour conversation with Hrafnkell, I realized that the best man for the job was Hrafnkell himself, who had started a prison ministry already, from the inside.

So the questions changed from "How can we start a ministry here?" to "How can we support the ministry that is already going on here?"

For my first visit I brought some books for those who are Christians wanting to grow in their faith, and also for those who may have a lot of questions but are not Christians, thanks to Laura & Mark Holifield we had a lot of good resources to give.

During these two months there wasn't a lot of media work done, other than the regular preachings uploaded to Loftstofan's youtube and facebook page which always reach a surprising number of people, and the sermon I delivered in at Trinity Church which can be found on youtube.
Other than that there were two broadcasts for Lindin FM 102,9 delivering the "message of the day" at 10am in the mornings.
How you can pray:
  • As our small groups grow pray for multiplication of small groups.
  • Pray for Discipleship Groups (of 2-4 people) to be formed.
  • Pray for my upcoming trip to Oregon where I'll speak at SouthWest Church near Portland and University Fellowship Church in Eugene, meet with other churches to talk about Iceland and talk to Matt who wants to move here as a missionary.
  • Pray for leaders and laborers in the harvest here in Iceland.
  • Pray for wisdom in fostering the faith and sharing the faith with the new attendees.
  • Pray for our church members, for divine strength, wisdom, endurance, and joy as they serve in the kingdom of God.
  • Pray for the future marriages and premarital counseling to prepare them to glorify God in and through their marriages in 2020.
  • Pray for Hrafnkell as he continues to share the good news of Jesus with prisoners and prison guards at Kvíabryggja Prison.
  • Pray for the sale of our apartment so that we can find a more suitable home for our family's needs and gospel ministry.
  • Lastly pray for us, and the church as we go into winter, when the days get shorter you can really feel its effects.
  • Pray for the church retreat happening between the 25-27th of October, that it would be uplifting, edifying and equipping for our church family.

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