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Getting Out of Your Way and 

Being In the Flow of Life

Being In the Flow of Life

Excuses Block the Flow

Have you ever had a job promotion or a raise increase or a long-awaited client or a book deal or had an idea for a new venture? You are beside yourself with joy; you can’t believe it; it is almost too good to be true.  But slowly you find yourself afraid and fearful that things are almost too good to be true – and you get nervous suddenly afraid that you will mess things up. You find yourself coming up with reasons as to why the good news or opportunity may not be so good after-all.

Have you ever wanted to start a project or change the course or direction of your life?  Perhaps you want to start a new business, change your line of work, look for a better paying and more fulfilling job, start an exercise program, go back to school, or travel?  

However, while naming those goals are appealing to you, the logistics of getting from point A to point B seem so daunting and insurmountable.  Perhaps you have made some attempts to reach your goals before and had not been able to achieve them.  Perhaps you just doubt that you can achieve them.  You find yourself making excuses as to why you cannot work towards and achieve what you want. And then you find yourself finding reasons why it would be easier for everyone else other than you to work towards what they want, finding reasons based on the fact that their life circumstances are different than yours: they are married, or they are single; they have children, or they do not have children;  they are younger than you or they are older than you; they have an educational degree, or they are still in school working towards their degree; they are employed, or they are unemployed....

 The Flow Cannot Happen If You Are in Your Way
Life Involves Evolving and Flowing

Planning and creating things that are meaningful to us and that we want to do puts us in the flow of life. Think back to a time when you were in the flow of your life…did you ever have a moment in your life like this?  Perhaps it was a project you were working on in school or the first day of school, or getting into the school that you wanted; doing research on a project or subject that was important to you..  Perhaps it was buying your first home, having a baby, planning a trip. Do you remember how you felt? Perhaps you may have been stressed, but did you also feel good, perhaps renewed and hopeful? Things that entail being creative or creating something new put us in flow of life.
Life is not a journey anymore if you become still and cease to move on and learn.
Have you ever completed a project, reached a goal, and then you felt like, “Is this all to life?” This is because after the project or goal was completed, the flow stopped, Would you believe me if I told you that we as human beings are meant to keep growing, to keep evolving and to keep learning. That’s what life is, a journey; life is not a journey anymore if you become still and cease to move on and learn; that is why we feel that something is missing, because we are not honoring ourselves, and we are not doing what we are meant to do as humans which is to keep evolving and to be in the flow.  

Instead of creating, we become just consumers and take whatever is left or is thrown our way; that is simply not what is meant to happen in life. Rather, we are supposed to keep going, to create and to learn. The Universe will remind us that we need to keep evolving.  We all would experience hearing those messages from the Universe differently. Perhaps we would feel it.  Perhaps a friend or loved one would say something to us. Perhaps we would read an article, newsletter or book that we resonate with.

We can express ourselves with our minds and our bodies and it is important for our minds and our bodies to have an outlet to be able to express ourselves.

Our own unique divine selves as human beings living here on planet Earth are meant to keep moving, keep creating and expressing ourselves.   The creating can take many forms –singing, acting, dancing, playing instruments, painting, drawing, writing, arts and crafts, sewing, quilting, racing, building, cooking, baking, photography, videography, flying, gardening, sports, raising or training animals,…as we all have so many talents, the creativity and expression can take shape in so many ways. 

Whatever course of action you choose to take, the fact is that life is going to continue, and time will pass and flow right on by. Therefore, why not do what you love or work towards what you want to do? 
The Universe Will Help You If You Keep Moving Forward
Stepping Into the Flow of Your Life is Self-Care

Stepping into the flow of your life is actually a way of taking care of yourself. When we take time for ourselves, we feel better, more capable, more in control, and as a result feel more empowered. So, consider, to take care of yourself, what are you going to do today to step into the flow of your life? And if you are in the flow, what are you going to do to stay in the flow?  What is stopping you? What is blocking you? 

Saying we simply just cannot, is simply just not true.

Sometimes people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and feel it is just easier to “stay over there.”  They make excuses for how it is simply easier for “other people” to step into or be in the flow for a, b, and c reasons…As mentioned earlier, people find reasons why it is easier for others to accomplish their goals solely because they have different life circumstances which miraculously make their existence and work on earth easier: they are married, they are single, or they are divorced; they have children, or they do not have children; or they are young, or they are old. The fact is that everyone has their own life challenges.

It is important to not allow the excuses we say to ourselves justify and pacify our inaction. Even if everyone else concedes and succumbs to the excuses as truth, the fact remains that if you are truly honest with yourself, that you, yourself, your soul and your Higher Self are going to know the truth is, that you in fact can. And the Universe will remind you that you in fact can.

We should not let our own perceived struggles and challenges in life keep us from stepping into the flow and working towards what we want.  Everyone has their own life challenges; it is part of the human condition and life journey.
If You Allow It
The Universe Will Make the Way.
By Getting Out of Your Way You Can Help Make It Happen Today

The Universe will help you if you keep moving forward. If you put your heart and intention to it, the Universe will make the way. 

I wish you love, trust, peace, faith, and flow,
Blessings and Light,

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