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Being True to Yourself:  
Your Body and Soul Will Let You Know

Being True to Yourself

Everyday we are presented with choices in our lives. Some choices resonate with doing things that we truly believe in and feel good about. But some choices go against the very things we do not believe in, and do not feel good about.
What if that job, business deal or person had great qualities except that one quality that was just simply a deal-breaker for you....

Have you ever had one of these scenarios happen to you?  You have an opportunity to work for a corporation whose business practices you do not agree with.  But you take the job anyway because it means it will bring in income for your family.  You have a business partner or client that asks you to engage in a business transaction that somehow does not sit quite right with you.  Rest assured, the deal appears totally legal within the constraints of the law, but somehow it just does not feel right to you.  Perhaps while it is perfectly legal, it is a deal that is ultimately not in integrity: while benefitting you and your business partners, it would negatively impact numerous people, hurting them financially, leaving them in compromised or unsafe conditions.  Perhaps the deal would create harmful environments work conditions; or it would harm the environment or animals.  
Or, you meet the man or woman of your dreams who appears very promising and good, and you think wow, this is it: he or she is the one! You proceed to engage with them in the relationship; in fact, you may even marry them, or at this point have already been married to them for many years. 
However, whichever stage the relationship is in, you found out early on that your prospective partner, lifelong partner, or spouse engaged in things or activities that in your lifestyle you simply do not do.  These could have included many different types of things:  use or abuse of alcohol or drugs.  Smoking cigars or cigarettes, vapor or other substances.  Supporting or working for enterprises or business that go against the very thread of your being. Perhaps your spouse or partner hits you on occasion, or make demeaning and disrespectful comments to you.  Perhaps they cheated on you with one of your closest friends, or with one of your family members. Perhaps they are cheating on someone, or perhaps you are cheating on your significant other.  Perhaps they are of a religion that you do not like.
Perhaps they do not handle their money responsibly or wisely; you are the responsible one always scrambling or picking up the pieces for your partner’s lack of fiscal responsibility or planning.  Perhaps you do not see eye to eye on hygiene, neatness or housecleaning matters. 
Simply put, imagine if that job, business deal or person had all these great qualities except that one quality that was just simply a deal-breaker for you. But you wanted to engage in the job, deal or relationship so badly that you were willing to overlook the reality and tell yourself you would be able to put up with it; it would not bother you that much and you would be able to work through it. Many people make excuses as to why they stay in uncomfortable jobs or relationships and try to convince themselves why their very uncomfortable choice was perfectly acceptable for them.  Rather than feeling like they can walk away and say no, this is not for them, they stay involved in the job, deal or the relationship and tell themselves that what they want or believe in does not really matter and they will be able to cope with the deal-breaking behavior.  Perhaps your business partner, colleague, boss, spouse or partner themselves have even asked you to “work with them” and “understand” the deal-breaking behavior, minimizing its significance and impact on you. 

 Your Spirit and Body Remind You If You Are Not Being True to Yourself
As time goes on, and you stay engaged with the job, business or personal relationship, you feel less and less good about yourself because you can actually feel that you are not being true to yourself.

The spirit reminds you; the mind knows it, and the body feels it

Dealing with the constant strains and stress of the very real and present deal-breaking behavior takes a toll on the body, mind and spirit.  Perhaps you feel anger or frustration rising inside of you.  Perhaps you might find yourself becoming physically sick or begin to have bodily ailments from dealing with the stress and fatigue of the deal-breaking behavior that makes you feel so uncomfortable. 
You put on a good front for yourself, like you are pleased with your job, your business deal, or that you are in love with your partner and are devoted to them. 
However, emotionally and physically you are uneasy because the deal-breaking behavior leaves you on edge and stressed-out.  Perhaps the un-ease migrates to pain in your lower back.  Or translates to a clenched jaw, teeth grinding. Perhaps you have migraine headaches or intestinal problems. Perhaps you experience sleepless nights, or constant worry or perpetual states of exhaustion.  
Un-ease and dis-ease in our body show up in many ways: colds and flu, a crick in the neck or tension in the back.  Sore throats, indigestion; the body could just feel or be just plain out of whack.  Feelings of anger, sadness, being out of control.  Perhaps you try to push it down and forget about it, but the reality remains. When our spirit is not worry-free and we are not at ease and are stressed, this can all transfer into the physical body: high blood pressure, aches and pains, joint problems, bodily injuries.
You cannot separate your mind and body and spirit.  They are together because that is how you are put together. So, your spirit reminds the mind, the mind knows it, and the body feels and reacts, and voila, you simply feel uncomfortable.
 Being True Requires Defining What We Want For Ourselves
It is up to us to define what we want in our lives. 

Specifically, it is up to us to define how we want to live our lives, what activities we want to engage or not to engage in, and who we want and do not want in our personal space.  It is up to us to communicate this to ourselves firstly and then out to the world.  If we do not define and say what we want for ourselves in our lives then no one else will stick up for what we want or respect what we want.  We can advocate for ourselves in a loving and respectful way towards both ourselves and to others.
So, what are you supposed to do then?  Are you supposed to live in perpetual dis-ease, un-ease, ill-ness and feeling uncomfortable? Well, that is your choice.  Yes, let me repeat that: you have a choice.
One way to advocate for ourselves is to not engage with others who make us feel as if we are compromising our values.  If you yourself would not choose to live a certain way or engage in a certain activity then why would you choose to bring the activity or lifestyle close to your inner circle, your own life? If you do not drink alcohol excessively or use drugs then why would you engage with others who do so?  If you do not lie or cheat, then why you would engage with others who do so?  If you are fiscally responsible, then why would you engage with others who are fiscally irresponsible? If you want a certain course or direction in your life, then why would you engage with others who are going in an opposite direction and allow them to distract you from your path?
Another way to advocate for ourselves is to define what we want and then take actions or steps towards obtaining it. At this time the universe is supporting us to be true to ourselves, to let our truth shine through to the world.
Because we are susceptible to falling ill, it is so important that we take time for ourselves, to check in with ourselves, to be honest with ourselves, to see what is integrity with ourselves, to see what is meaningful for us in our lives, and what is important. It is acceptable for us to acknowledge what we want and feel comfortable with, to make choices that will comport with what we believe to be true and in integrity, rather than make choices that will compromise our integrity, morals, and peace of mind.
And identifying, defining and knowing what we value, believe to be true and in integrity requires getting silent and reflecting on how we live our lives. Once we identify our values, it is perfectly alright for us to let others know, from our business partners, our spouses, partners, friends, loved ones, or family members. Identifying, defining and knowing what we value, believe to be true and in integrity applies to all aspects of our lives; personal and business matters - jobs, family, our mates, potential mates, friends, or situations, anyone we come in contact with or situation that we encounter, organizations that we work with causes that we fight for and any matter that we put our attention to.

Being True Requires Owning Our Right To Our Feelings
We are entitled to our feelings. Feeling your feelings lets you grow and expands your soul. 

We are entitled to want what we want and to say what we want, as long as it is respectful and does not harm or attack other people.  We become bigger and better people for not shirking from our feelings. 
Once we can own that we have the right to our feelings and that we are entitled to define what we want for ourselves in our lives, then we will be on the path towards standing in our power, advocating for ourselves, and then being truly true to ourselves.
For those of you who would like to take some time to get quiet, reflect and just feel, I am offering the following Events:

4 part “Respite & Rejuvenate” Series
Designed to help you reconnect to your inner strength, and the beautiful and magical allies that we can call upon, even during the most challenging of times. 

Get away from the hustle and bustle of your harried everyday routine.  Step into a tranquil setting that invites you to relax, rest and let go.  Find a pathway that supports change, and a moment of peace and tranquillity. 
Tournesol Wellness 26 W. 36th Street between
Madison and Park Avenues, New York, NY 10016
April 6th, 2016. 6:30pm Ready Set: Calm Unwind
April 27th, 2016. 6:30pm It's just not so: You are not Alone
May 25th, 2016. 6:30pm Judgement and Self Depreciation 
June 15th, 2016. 6:30pm You have the Power: Power to Change

Attend 1 workshop, or attend all 4 to help you find your way back to a more empowered "you".
Click here for more information, and to book now.


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