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Reflections on Moving Forward and Embracing the New

                   Reflections: Moving Forward and Embracing the New 

 Now marks the time where many people vow to embrace the new and undertake new endeavors in their lives. 
         After the feasting and celebrations ringing in the New Year, comes the time when people follow the age-old tradition of making New Years Resolutions. Why is it that the human spirit is compelled repeatedly to resolve to change during this time?  Why cannot people stay as they are?  Perhaps the resolutions are in sync with the rhythms of the agriculture calendar; in the Northern Hemisphere January is a time for resting and planning.  The earth is cold, and no crops are growing. The harvest of the last year completed, January is the time for planning the next growing season, determining what seeds will be planted.
        During the time the ground is cold, and the earth is dark, humans seek out beacons of warmth, hope and faith.  In our last newsletter, we spoke about finding this comfort in the Light, noting how Light is a key point in many celebrations of the month of December.  In January, New Year’s resolutions give a renewed sense of hope and revitalization for us.  As daily life trudges on and on, we can get bogged down and our life vision screen can get blurred or even marred.  The time for our resolutions is a time where we give ourselves permission to take a step back, take stock of our lives, and assess what is working and not working.  If we do not take time to do this and repeatedly rush forward, there is no time for reflection, to define what we want and how we want to do things in our lives. Things can just blend in with one day after the next and then one day we just wake up and ask ourselves how we arrived in our current situation.
    Even if we resolve to try or do new things in our lives, perhaps we are still afraid and unsure to go forward to do things that will lead to what we want.  We find that we ask ourselves, “Can we really do it? Will we fail?” We can find ourselves pondering these questions for hours and may become immobilized with fear and hesitation.  The universe in its eagerness to help us in our course will willingly give us encouragement, signposts and roadmaps regarding our journey.  This can take many forms.  Perhaps it will manifest as words of encouragement from a friend or a teacher; songs playing on the radio or internet, or numbers, words or signs that have meaning or are special to us; a special home-cooked meal by a spouse or friend; affection or attention from a pet; perhaps even winning the lottery, even if just a small amount of money.  Perhaps it can be just for one moment or one 24-hour period things fall into place for us to ease the way and support us in our process.  These signs can happen on any calendar day, at any moment in time, 365 days a week, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
       If signs from the Universe just do not seem to exist, or we need a way to self-start and motivate, we can look to the calendar for a way to begin the process of change, making changes.  These changes can take many and different forms for people ranging from weight-loss goals, increased fitness, looking for a new job or home, starting a family, or creating new traditions and routines in your family.  The calendar months are just automatic markers for self-starting, providing hope and inspiration where there might not seem to be any other way to change.

                         There is no reflection if we rush forward.

We are being guided to create better and more meaningful lives for ourselves. 
        Besides the calendar marking the time, we innately have the ability to feel time.  As humans, our bodies are in tune with the earth cycles, including the harvest, and so because of this, we may be more naturally inclined to plan our lives during the beginning of the New Year.  As the farmer plans the harvest, we too can look forward in order to plan, looking backward only to help us use our experience, what we have learned, to plan, and then to move forward. 

The purpose of looking backwards is not to admonish ourselves or regret what we have done or not done.  Rather, it is to help us wisely assess and plan our lives using our experiences, things we have learned, to move forward to create a better life for ourselves. 

What if we feel that we are not able to this; how are we going to know? According to the Farmers Almanac, in the northern hemisphere, January is a great time to start planning what will be planted in the garden.  Farmers use past experience to know what to plant; the purpose of planning is to achieve favorable outcomes and planning requires thought, application of prior lessons learned and knowledge accumulated, and strategy.  unless we try?  You must ask yourself, “What feels better to you: To stay in the old way not fully satisfied or to choose to try to change?” Think of the first time that you ever did something, like attended the first day of school, your first job, the first friend you ever made, the time you got engaged or married, or when your first child was born.   Remember how each of these experiences felt so new to you, perhaps even a bit scary. Could you imagine now, reflecting on it, if you would have let fear stop you?  You would not have accomplished the things that you have done in your life.
Today, the reality is that we exist and live in the fifth dimension.  The universe has shifted into the fifth dimensional space, where we are being called to live in a higher consciousness and to listen to our intuition.  We are in a new paradigm as our global awakening is giving us all a chance to unfold, awaken, and release old behavior patterns.  We are being shown that clinging to the old way of the third dimension does not work or achieve desired outcomes.  It is vital for us to listen to our intuition and not shut it down.  Our intuition serves to be a guidepost, to light the way for us, where we are going, what we need to do next.  By listening, we can create better ways of living for ourselves, for more fulfilling and meaningful lives where we can be kinder to ourselves and to others.
               By listening and reflecting, we can create more meaningful and fulfilling lives.
What are you planning or have planned for yourself for the New Year?
Take some time to listen, to hear some of the plans that the Universe in store for you for a beautiful, fulfilling and peaceful life.
I wish you love, peace, health, joy, and the ability to listen during this brand New Year.
Blessings and Light,
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