— How to earn money from a side project

Good Monday, <<First Name>>. Here's your weekly roundup of UX design case studies.

How to earn money from a side project →

[Case Study] [Product] Mateus shares what he did to double down on his side project, which led to a significant increase in revenue. As designers, we all have the skills needed to make something people want; if you can do it for others, you can do it for yourself. It's so inspiring to see how other designers pull it off.

Designing a Cybersecurity Platform →

[Case Study] [Product] Milan shares her process for redesigning software products to make them SOC2 compliant and improve their online security. An incredible in-depth case study with a good story (both visual and textual.)

The result from a 3-day hackathon project →

[Case Study] [Hackathon] Yang shares the results from a 3-day hackathon that she and her team attended (and won). Congrats! It covers their process all the way from research to their prototype. (The correct description for last week link mixup.)

Inspiration for personal portfolio website design →

[Portfolio] [Inspiration] I found this awesome resource just the other day, and it is an incredible source of inspiration. What stands out is that it lists the platform their portfolio websites are built on and has some cool filters such as "makers" and "beards" (lol).

UX Portfolio Workshop
Enrolment for the next UX Portfolio Workshop opens in just one week (14th of October).

The schedule starts on the 21st of October and has limited spots to make sure you get hands-on guidance, accountability, and support.

This is what S. Weigh has to say about it:
"Having your objective voice guide what is a messy, difficult process helped enormously in shaping it into something presentable to the world – something I’ve struggled to write for a long time."

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