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Better To Have A Burden

by Scott Hubbard

This month I was really encouraged by an article from and wanted to share it. I've included a couple of my favorite snippets below:

"As Charles Spurgeon once preached, “It is a good thing to be without a trouble; but it is a better thing to have a trouble, and know how to get grace enough to bear it.”

"Without grace, burdens break us. With grace, they bend us toward God."

"God, then, is willing to give burdens to his people — even burdens that slow our pace, trouble our peace, and seem to hinder our fruitfulness. We might conclude that God cares less about fruitfulness than we do; in fact, however, he cares far more. His idea of fruitfulness just goes deeper than ours."

"Too often, I fear, my own idea of fruitfulness is merely a baptized version of productivity. I can act as if effectiveness in the kingdom of God looks and feels like effectiveness in the kingdom of man: predictable plans, smooth execution, unhindered success. And such effectiveness, of course, has little room for limps, arrows, and thorns. But in fact, productivity forms only one part of true fruitfulness — and not the most important part."

"Some of the best parents walk with a limp. Some of the best leaders preach and serve from a besieged soul. Some of the best workers labor with a thorn. And some of the best Christians carry trouble with them wherever they go. What we so desperately need, and what others so desperately need from us, is not a life free from trouble, but a love for Jesus that lives and thrives in the midst of it."

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"Still Waters" - a song about storms and finding rest in the midst of them


Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our family!

We were pretty close to Hurricane Ian's path but had no major issues during the storm. There was one house on campus that had some minor flooding but no permanent damage. Cody and the crew have been working hard this week on hurricane clean-up. Thank you so much to those of you who prayed for our safety!

Benaiah did well at his 6 month check up. We're still a few months out from his next brain MRI and it's a wait and see stage of his treatment, but we're so excited with how he's doing!

A few things you can pray for: He prefers laying on one side of his head and has developed a flat spot - the neurologist has us going to a helmet clinic for an assessment this month. The pediatrician also referred us to a urologist because he noticed that Benaiah possibly has the same abnormality that Abi had surgery for.

These are relatively minor issues but we would love for you to pray that Benaiah won't need a helmet for his skull to form correctly and that he won't need hypospadias surgery.  We are seeing God's faithfulness in keeping us here a little longer than we had planned so that we would be positioned to address these unforeseen needs. 

Abishai is in a challenging phase for parenting and Benaiah has started waking up a lot at night with teething. Pray for sleep, for wisdom, for patience. We're headed to a missions conference this month and would also love prayer that we would be able to share humbly and genuinely what the Lord is doing in our lives and teaching us - especially in a season that doesn't look very impressive.

Most of all, pray for us to walk through whatever situations God entrusts to us with grace and confidence when we're tempted to feel weary and discouraged. After all this year has held, we are feeling pretty depleted and finding that we are easily worn out and affected by challenges that wouldn't have seemed like a very big deal before. Pray for us as we recover, as we run to the Word, as we allow our neediness to push us to Christ - who is sufficient for every single thing we face. 

Thank you for loving us, supporting us, praying for us, and walking beside us.

Cody, Beka, Abishai + Benaiah


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