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The Burns Journal                  July 2016

PLI8 2 Burns 07 21 2016
Flight School: Cody's First Landing

"Ask me for something."

      It was night. Smoke lingered from a thousand burnt offerings. It still tickled his nose as he tried to wrap his mind around the suggestion. He had asked for things before, but never like this. Never had he trembled like this while he formed his request. The Almighty, Living God had just literally offered him whatever he wanted. Any wish in the world...    

       Solomon felt young. How young? It doesn't say. Young enough to recognize he didn't know what he was doing. Hence, the thousand sacrifices. His father, the legendary Giant-Slayer, was now gone. He had left Solomon with two final charges:

                 1. Know the God of your father.
                 2. Build Him a temple.

      David had spent years in the preparations and Solomon acutely felt the weight of how perfect this needed to be. If he didn't feel that, he felt the crushing responsibility of leading a kingdom, which had all-too-suddenly shifted onto his shoulders.

      One day, he had been a prince, one of many, many princes. The next, while his brother Adonijah tried to usurp the throne over in En Rogel, Solomon had been briskly interrupted, hurried over to Gihon on the king's mule, and ceremonially moistened with a horn-ful of oil. Somewhere amidst clearing the viscous substance from his face and startling at the horns and flutes and earth-splitting clamor, it dawned on Him: He was king, not Adonijah. 

      And He had no idea how to be king.

      But his father had told him to know God, to seek Him, and so, with all Israel, Solomon had approached the Almighty today hoping for some answers.
     Instead He got this question:  "What do you want? Ask me for something." 

     Many would have asked for enough money to feel secure for years to come. Some would have asked for guaranteed victories...that seemed to have helped his father...but at this moment, Solomon desperately wanted one thing more than anything else. He took a breath, raised his chin and spoke:

      "I am a little child; I do not know how to go out or come in...therefore, give your servant
an understanding heart..."


       I closed my Bible and sat back, dazed. What about me? Do I want wealth & success, or do I want to understand? Do I pray more often for a job and the money to make it here, or for wisdom? How many people would have asked to be rich? To finally have enough to feel secure? Would I have been among them? How many would have asked for help to be a good ruler?

From Beka's Journal:


  • We made the move from Florida to Spokane, Washington, found a house and settled in July 2nd.
  • Cody started flight school July 11th, He is loving it, studying hard, and doing well both in class and in the air.
  • Beka passed her licensing test for the State of Washington and is waiting to hear back from the local hospital about an opportunity to work in the ER.

Thank you!!

    Thank you for all the gifts, prayers and support. We couldn't be here without you!
     We're excited to see how the Lord will use this time to teach us who He is and prepare us for what's ahead.
10 Minutes from School
Thanks for praying!
All Moved In
Reviewing for One of Cody's Flights
A Glimpse of the Road Trip Here

1. Wisdom,
and that we would value it as Solomon did.

A Job for Beka
that's a good fit and provides experience for her role in the clinic overseas.

Training Costs:
Intimidating to us. Not too hard for Him. 


Cody & Beka
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