Last semester, missionary aviation entered our radar, we asked you to pray for clear direction, here's where we are now...

The Burns Journal

February 2016


"For you are my lamp, O Lord, The Lord shall enlighten my darkness."

(2 Samuel 22:29)

From Beka's journal:

     "Here we are, Lord, trembling, but making the decision.
      Cody was able to get a hold of Ken yesterday, who was really positive about us being a good fit for missionary aviation - as Cody was explaining to me how his conversation went, Tami burst into our apartment because Case was covered with hives and she wanted me to take a look. On her way out, she commented over her shoulder, "You really need to come to Papua New Guinea and do medical, by the way, because I'M going to need you there!" Did she have any idea we were just discussing that?
      It made me laugh but also reminded me of so many small things like this you have used to point us this way; of so many doors you've opened.
      We asked for clear direction and you have "enlightened our darkness," even pointing us to a ministry where we can serve you by doing what we love! Please lead us going forward, Lord, show us what to do and make our steps sure."

Thank you for keeping up with us and praying for us as we train for ministry overseas and choose which role to fill.

Cody and Beka

Answered Prayers,
Open Doors

1. Moody Aviation offered Cody a special situation to complete ground school via distance learning so He can begin flight training THIS July.


2. We asked God to confirm that He wanted us to trust Him for the high cost of flight training by giving us enough extra to get our attention this month. We got $1000 extra (THAT got our attention), and were able to set it aside for those upcoming costs.


3. The mission doctor in Papua New Guinea asked Beka to seriously consider working in the clinic on the mission base there, (the same base that operates the flight program we are training for!) and said that she could even help on Medivac flights out of the tribal locations. (yay!)

Thank you so much for praying for us!!

Current Classes

Animism and Folk Religions

Teamwork 2
(multi-cultural teams)

(intro to linguistics)

Coming Up Next:


After That:
(the hopeful plan)

1. Finish Missionary Training at NTM this May

2. Start Flight Training in July (Spokane)

3. Test with New Tribes Mission Aviation and complete 9 month internship

4. Move to Papua New Guinea to join the team, getting tribal church-planters in and out of the remote areas and meeting their needs as they serve there. 


Please Pray:

-For us to learn everything we can from this valuable training during these last few months.

-For God to provide financially for flight training (we'll need about $3000/month on top of what we already receive to finish without debt. Beka is planning to work to offset as much of this cost as she can).

-For a job in Spokane for Beka (preferably in the ER).

-For our relationship with each other as we walk through all these upcoming transitions!

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