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The Burns Journal

September 2017

"On My Knees"
A Video Version of Beka's Journal
We are well into Cody's third semester of flight school! He has passed all his flights this semester and even got to take me on a few of them! He's been flying in the mountains, landing on rugged airstrips (his favorite), and has completed the transition through 4 different planes.

So far, we have only had to take out about $8,000 in student loans, for over $60,000 worth of school! Thank you so much for your incredible giving! It is so encouraging to see that nothing is too hard for our God.

Thank you for praying for my (Beka's) seasonal allergies! I switched to a stronger allergy medicine and the bronchitis cleared up within a week!

This also helped my eye doctor catch an eye condition that had been developing because of my contacts but mimics allergies and was difficult to spot due to the inflammation. I have enjoyed the freedom of contacts for 14 years, but now I'm out of them permanently.

Here's the exciting part: my doctor persuaded me to go to a LASIK consult due to my high prescription, and I'm scheduled for surgery October 5th! It will be such a blessing to have good vision, especially overseas. Please pray the surgery goes well and for the finances to cover the extra costs!

We feel like we have made it past the difficult part of the transition and are really enjoying the community up here. Please continue to pray for our relationships with neighbors, co-workers, and our college group.

Over the last few months, our music pastor, my sister, Cody, and some of the girls I meet with up here have all been  instrumental in giving me the confidence to share what I'm learning and writing on a broader scale.

So, during some of my spare time, I compiled my journal entries from my time in Judges into a small book, complete with stick figure illustrations! It is undergoing final edits right now and the plan is to publish through Amazon in the next month or two. There will be a paperback and kindle version available. Please pray that it communicates clearly and that the Lord uses it to encourage people. We'll update you on the release date if you're interested.

Sneak peak of the cover:


Thanks for being our team!

We are so grateful for how you have cared for us.

Cody & Beka

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