Heavenly Peace?

when there's no rest for the weary

"Then Jesus said, 'Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.'"

I like this verse. Can I get an "amen" for the take-a-break verse? Let's go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile. Good. plan. Jesus. 

He'd been serving all day. He hadn't eaten. The people were non-stop. It was time for a pause. He got in a boat. He sailed away. Up to this point, I'm tracking with him. Yep, follow Jesus' example. When you get too tired of the people, go get some rest so you can have a fresh start! 

But then.

Then the people figured out his plan and ran ahead to meet him on the other side. I read the verse and my insides wailed for him. 

No, no, no, no, just give the man ONE SECOND, you needy, annoying people!!!

But that is not how Jesus responded. 

This chapter in Mark is famous. It's the one that describes how Jesus took one boy's lunch and fed 5000 families. But I think there's another miracle in this story - one that happened so swiftly and so subtly it's often overlooked:

"Jesus saw the huge crowd as he stepped from the boat, and he had compassion on them..."

-Mark 6:34

The needs were so constant he couldn't even get a meal in. They followed him everywhere on foot, so he arranged to travel by boat to get away from them. He wanted a quiet place and rest. He got a crowd of people asking for more. 

He stepped off the boat, recognized his plan was ruined, and in that moment of realization, his heart cared for them more than it cared for his break. 

The Greek translates it this way: "He was moved in the inward parts to feel compassion for them."

He moved toward them. And not just outwardly. 

I often do what is necessary externally, but pull away on the inside. I sigh and shake my head and move toward the needs before me, but with a frustrated and resentful heart. It was not so with him.

Jesus didn't plan to endlessly meet needs. He recognized that he needed rest. He chose to pause ministry and step away to recharge. But when that pause was interrupted - he was willing for it to be. When the boat ride was all the break he got, he took it and moved on, without a fit, without any harsh words. And with a gracious heart, he turned toward the people and the work before him, instead of back to the idea of the rest he had been hoping for.


Work this miracle in me. Give me wisdom to plan for rest, but grace to receive the work I'm given when it comes unexpectedly. Train my heart to accept the boat-ride breaks with thankfulness and to readily feel compassion for the people you place before me in those interruptions that make me want to retreat.

Help me to see that, in the same way, you are moved with compassion for me. 

After all, this time of year is all about remembering how glad I am that your heart decided to move toward my need.



Training: In addition to the ongoing maintenance projects, Cody starts flying this week and Beka starts flight-following! Cody will be practicing for the jungle airstrips he'll need to navigate on the field and adjusting to the Cessna 206's new glass cockpit.

We're also going through a conflict resolution study with one of the staff couples here to help us grow in our ability to work well with our team stateside and overseas.

Please pray for us to make progress in our training here and for the Lord to use this time to equip and prepare us to be good teammates. 

R44 project before paint

R44 project after paint

Sling-load Project: As part of their training, the guys were able to do a sling load job for one of the local ranchers here.

In preparation, the team took a day to learn the different regulations, hand signals and safety information. Then they went out and practiced with some barrels full of water for a few hours. A few days later, they traveled to the staging area where they weighed and separated all the materials into 15 different loads and secured them together. 

The next morning, Cody and one of the other trainees were dropped off on the ridge. Their job was to direct the helicopter in, unload the supplies, send old wire back out, and then hike to the next drop zone.

The end result was over 8,000 pounds of fencing materials delivered to six locations along a one-mile stretch of remote ridge line.

It was a great learning experience and will hopefully be a help as we use the helicopter for building projects overseas down the road. 

Travel: We're making a quick trip back to Florida to see family for Christmas. Please pray for the long hours in the car with a wiggly 9-month old who wants to be free!

Support: 2 new supporters joined our team this month! We are thrilled and we continue to look to the Lord with expectation. He is so able. Thank you so much for asking him to meet this need!

We are still praying for about 15 more people (about $1475/month) who would be willing to give monthly so we can serve full-time overseas. 

Abishai: Abi is now 9 months old! His first word was "Hi!" and he likes to show it off to everyone along with his wave. He loves unloading the dishwasher, playing peek-a-boo and chase, brushing his teeth (until mom and dad decide to help him), and chowing down on Thanksgiving food, or any food for that matter.

Please continue to pray for us to be wise, gracious, and faithful parents!


Thank you so much for keeping up with us, praying for us, and supporting us!

Merry Christmas!


Cody, Beka, + Abishai

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