More Than Enough

on how to face another month of COVID-19
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The Walmart lady took my eggs.

This moment looks different for everyone. The moment that the pandemic goes from a situation I hear about on the news to an intruder that tears its way abruptly into my day. The moment COVID-19 gets personal.

The duck, duck, goose moment. Ducked this hit, ducked that hit, coping, coping, GOOSE!

Not coping.

For stronger souls, its might be something bigger that finally gets to them, but for me, it was the eggs...  

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Flight Training

Cody officially finished his flight orientation here in Arizona with just a few weeks to spare before operations shut down due to COVID-19. Thank you so much for praying for him as he worked to complete the training! He was also able to get some extra welding experience in the shop before our base went into quarantine.

Beka's class also wrapped up this week. We have a few more sessions of Conflict Resolution material to finish, and then we'll tackle the packing-up, moving-out process.

What's Next?

Well, like many of you, we actually don't know. The timing for our next steps will depend a lot on how the pandemic situation develops. If quarantines and stay-at-home orders are lifted by June, our hope is to move to Florida then. That will be our home base while we save up for our tickets, apply for our visas, and work to raise the final $1000/month we need to serve in Papua New Guinea full-time. If the Lord works out those details by January, that's when we hope to head overseas. If we need to delay, July 2021 is the next opening for us to go.

Please continue praying that the Lord would build a team of people to partner with us in this ministry, and that he would prepare the hearts of the people still waiting to hear the precious story of how he has rescued us.

 Abi is 13 months old!
 He's climbing up and down steps (and slides and wagons and picnic tables and lawn chairs...) and getting so confident on his feet.

He is as chubby and happy and friendly as ever. He's taken to finding a special rock and carrying it around with him for an hour or so and loves bursting into a room with an enthusiastic "Hiiiiii!" now that he's figured out how to open doors. 

The pediatric urologist opted to refer us to someone in Orlando and delay the surgery a few months due to the need to reserve ventilators for COVID-19 patients, so you can pray for us to be able to get that scheduled when the time comes

Thank you for how you pray for our family! Please continue to pray for us to do a good job pouring into Abi and training him, especially during all the transitions ahead of us.


Thank you so much for keeping up with us, praying for us, and supporting us!


Cody, Beka & Abishai

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