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May 2017

"The man who has done this shall die."

          David's lip curled with indignation as he growled the execution orders. He had listened, shocked, repulsed, as Nathan rushed in and explained the story.

         Such a senseless, needless crime. Doubtless, the villain was born into wealth; spoiled and selfish, he probably didn't even understand what it is to hold something as precious. Anything that broke or died or was lost could simple be replaced for him


   But it is not that way for some of us, David thought.

      David knew. He'd been in the fields, in the wilderness. He'd repaired sandal after sandal and worn torn tunics, and slept with the flock. He knew what it meant to number them carefully, to notice when even one was missing, to place his very life in the way of their harm, to know each sheep by name.

      What would it feel like to have only one to care for, and to watch as it is stolen away?

The very idea that this ruthless tyrant would ignore all the countless herds that were at his disposal, barge into the fold of a helpless man and butcher his only lamb without a second thought, just to supply one of his many lavish made David furious. 

       His neck muscles tightened, his face flushed and his eyes flashed. 
       How dare he? HOW DARE HE?! NOT while I am king! 
        David gripped the smooth, cold metal of his throne, almost as cold as his warrior determination to end this man; this preying upon the innocent; this nauseating self-importance. David would not rest until this man hung.

        He leaned forward and was trying to steady his ragged, angry breathing when
something in Nathan's eyes made him pause.

         A misting, a what? At justice?

       This was the needed response to put a stop to this predator! He is out there trampling on the lives of weaker people just to satisfy his own inflated cravings, David thought.

       So why the hesitation from the prophet? 

         Slowly, softly, Nathan's words came, piercing through the shell of David's rage and sucking out his very life until he felt he could not move, could not breathe, cemented to a shiny chair and buried by the heavy truth Nathan's hushed voice had unleashed.


 "My king, You are the man."

         Layers of denial and justification and careful reasoning David had constructed fell and settled on the ground around him like crumpled, black robes, leaving him exposed as his own accusations rushed in to consume him.

He saw it all:

The discontent.
The pacing.
The rooftop.
The girl.

The summons.
The night.
The result.

The husband.
The plan.
The reluctance.

The letter.
The order.
The battle.
The butchering.

Butchering that enraged him, this time, with himself.

David fell under Nathan's slow, soft words; staggered as they rose in volume; choked on wretched sobs at the voice of His Creator saying,

"You have despised Me."

When did I stop being enough for you, David? Wouldn't I have given you more if you had asked? When did you start to believe that you did not have what you needed?

When did you grow dissatisfied with Me? 


From Beka's Journal

Flight School

Cody just passed his check ride in the Cessna 206. He is now working on commercial maneuvers and plans to earn his tailwheel endorsement this semester.

He has now spent over 100 hours flying!

Off Orientation

Beka passed her protocol test and oral boards at Life Flight and is off orientation! This was a really steep learning curve, so she was thrilled to make it past this step! Thank you for praying!
Please continue to pray for her to be a testimony to her co-workers.


Because flight school is so dependent on good weather, Cody will only have 2 weeks off this summer. 
Beka was able to get time off during those same weeks! 

We are planning to use the time for family reunions on both sides, but we aren't able to make it back home to visit this time around. We are hoping to come this winter instead.



that our hearts would treasure the Lord and not be distracted from Him.
Weather to Fly
and skill to pass flights!
seasonal allergies = fighting bronchitis for over a month. Please pray for Beka's lungs!

       We are so thankful for you!

Cody & Beka

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