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Let Me Teach You

called to more than grand gestures

"Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls."

-Matthew 11:29 

This has been a humbling year. I came back from the mission field. I stayed in the ICU. I cancelled our plans and cared for a sick baby. Slowly, I'm laying down my version of God's calling on my life for His. 

Cody has shifted into his role with grace and purpose. He's meeting a clear need and they're so thankful to have him. But my life is full of cycles...

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Thank you so much for continuing to pray for our family!

Benaiah is doing really well. He's still on medicine twice a day for the swelling in his brain, but his symptoms are under control, and that's a good sign. His genetic testing came back normal! Yay! He is our smiley, friendly baby and we are so, so thankful for him and for everyone who begged the Lord with us to intervene for him with so many scary things on his scans. His next MRI is in December. We continue to pray that he will start compensating on his own so that he will not need surgery. If his next set of scans look good, the neurologist thinks we may be able to start weaning his medication.

Cody has been loving the opportunity to step in and meet practical needs here at the Homes of Ethnos360. This unexpected ministry is so in line with his gifting and we're so thankful we can be a help here. Cody's been able to complete several projects for the maintenance team as well as make a few repairs and improvements on their equipment.  

Now that she's taking a beta blocker, Beka was able to pass her stress test and has even been tolerating sports! The cardiologist was able to diagnose her with wide-complex SVT, which mimics Ventricular Tachycardia, but does not require a defibrillator. Thank you, Lord! The doctor believes it is safe for her to return to ministry overseas.

Beka will be taking a few ladies through a Bible study on Hebrews starting this week. Pray for this to be a time of growth and encouragement for them. 

We also have a missions conference coming up next month at Calvary Community Church of Tampa. Please pray for us as we prepare to share and connect with our team there.

Abishai is doing a great job helping around the house and caring for his baby brother. He's been obsessed with finding treasure lately. He and his buddies spent all afternoon digging in the back yard a few days ago because they found "golden sand." They often troop over to our neighbors porch to check her metal turtle for quarters. He explodes with excitement when he finds one! And the tension is pretty thick when the boys make the discovery as a group and they're trying to decide who gets to take the quarter home. 

Pray for us as we work to direct his heart (and our own!) to the true treasure we have in Christ. May we be as thrilled by all we have been given and promised in our precious Savior as Abi is when he finds twenty-five cents. May we understand the privilege it is to hold out that treasure to a lost world. 

"Though I am the least deserving of all God’s people, he graciously gave me the privilege of telling the Gentiles about the endless treasures available to them in Christ."

-Ephesians 3:8
Cody, Beka, Abishai + Benaiah


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