Can Louisville be a Leader in the Sharing Economy?
The “Sharing Economy” has been an amazing driver of wealth and convenience for the world. Companies like Uber, Lyft, and, Airbnb have dramatically changed the way we get from one place to another, stay in one place or another, and get things done. They also have created HUGE company valuations and wealth for investors. Where does Louisville fit into this? Can we get a piece of the pie? Are we actually poised to be a leader in some areas of the sharing economy?
How to Get Investors for Your Startup?
How do you structure your company to legally raise capital? How do you create a cap table to decide how much of the company to give away to investors? Do you need to file with the SEC to raise capital from investors? What types of documents do you need to give to investors before they give you money? How do you decide whether or not to use crowdfunding? How do you land local investors?

These are the most common questions we've run into since founding Metro Startup Launcher. This casual, open discussion monthly meeting will help you learn the answers to all of these questions and help you get your startup started! We're holding it on the first Friday of each month, so we can all hit the First Friday Trolly Hop afterwards!

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