Capital Raising Webinar Tomorrow

Metro Startup Launcher joins Wright Venture Services tomorrow (Wed. 3/20/19) at 11 a.m. for a FREE webinar.

We'll be talking about the easiest way for local startups to raise capital using a relatively unknown and unused (at least in our area of the country) SEC exemption.

We'll also be talking about how Metro Startup Launcher is working with local startup organizations and angel investor groups to utilize this SEC exemption to build a huge network of micro-angel investors.

So, if you're an entrepreneur or an angel investor, this is a great webinar to attend!
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How an Equity Crowdfunding Platform Raised $1 billion in Commitments
This equity crowdfunding platform has raised $1 billion for startups. It's an example of how other countries are beating the U.S. to the punch with successful equity crowdfunding processes and a great strategy for us to follow.
Is Amazon Getting Into Equity Crowdfunding?
In another example like the $1 billion in equity crowdfunding above, Amazon is getting into the act. Amazon is using it's reach and it's technology to crowdfund mid-stage startups that utilize Amazon's various platforms. These examples and many more show how important it is for our area to embrace equity crowdfunding and work together to build better mechanisms for getting capital to local startup companies.
Final Countdown to Invest
I've mentioned a few times recently that one type of capital raise, a Regulation D 506(c), seems to be a fantastic way to raise capital that is completely untapped in the Louisville area. This type of SEC filing allows a local startup to advertise as much as they want as long as they only accept investments from accredited investors.

We've used Blue222 as a test case, and the results have been fantastic. Blue222 is a Louisville area company that is "Uberizing" the business of real estate inspections - globally. Using the 506(c) exemption with a process that I'll discuss in Wednesday's seminar, Blue222 has raised a significant amount of capital from local investors and landed a $5 million investment from a Michigan private equity fund.

As we're finalizing the investment from the fund, we're completing one final $300,000 local capital raise under the 506(c) exemption. So, there's still time to invest ($5,000 minimum - accredited investors only). After the fund investment, no additional small investments will be accepted.
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