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Leonie's garden in Repton

Thank you to Leonie for hosting our Christmas lunch for 2019 and to the 19 people who attended.

Leonie is lucky enough to live in a quiet, leafy dell. We got chatty and nibbly on her expansive deck, then set off on the tour of her 2 acre property.
Most of Leonie's fruit trees ring the upper corner of the block, sheltering netted veggie patches and the chook pen.
We then meandered down, past recent extensive landscaping / drainage works (to protect the house in wet years), to find a seasonal creek wilderness at the bottom of the garden.
Finally, we trekked back up to the kitchen and deck, the table topped up with contributions by some latecomers - thanks guys!

Thanks to Leonie for having us over - 'twas a lovely day.

Diary Dates

Garden Visit to Shunyam's garden in Bundagen

Monday January 27th, 10:30am-1:30pm

Shunyam has invited us to visit her well established production garden in Bundagen. A long time member and resident of the Bundagen rural co-operative, she has extensive knowledge on all manner of homegrown delights. She has even tried her hand at aquaponics and Leela is keen to see how her young coconut palm is doing after our last BSS visit in 2014.
Coming? RSVP to obtain the address and so we know who’s attending, even if you already know how to get there.
Organiser: Leela O'Callaghan or phone 0417 536 490

Seed & Plant Swaps

Are you looking for particular seeds or plants? Do you have an abundance of something to give away?
Email in to for your search or offer to be put in the newsletter in this section.

Can you help? Please contact the person directly.


Thanks to Leela for the garden visit and invitation blurbs, and photos for Shunyam's invitation and to Jeff for photos from Leonie's garden visit.


At some of our garden visits we have a door prize, randomly chosen. This is on top of the seeds, cuttings and plants that other members generously bring along to donate to others. Additionally there is food brought along to share, sparkling conversation and an opportunity to look at a beautiful and bountiful garden. If you been reluctant to attend our gatherings, please come along and join our group.

Congratulations Leela for winning the door prize at our Christmas gathering. She won a copy of the Seedsavers Handbook.
When donating or sharing seeds, please email in the seed information so we know what we have (click the link, the email has the questions ready to fill out)

Or fill in this PDF form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill this out digitally. Remember to save each seed info as a separately named file!
Or print it out and fill it in by hand. 
Check out the Bellingen Seed Savers blog for recipes, local growing information, Diary Dates and garden visit photos.
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