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Nick's food forest in Repton

A warm Saturday for us in Repton began a little smokey, but eventually a welcome seabreeze lifted the atmosphere.
Nick started us off with an outline of his garden challenges and endeavours, describing how he manages water collection & dispersal. We saw two stainless steel water tanks and Nick uses a small tank as his first flush diversion. Water from this tank is then used for watering food crops. The garden has definite drier and wetter zones and little watering takes place apart from watering in new plants and utilisation of grey water. An old tank has been converted into a pond that overflows to provide water into the wetter part of the garden.
Having identified the various microclimates, he plants with quick growing top covers & successional understories. Nick starts his shade canopy with weedy plants such as wild tobacco bush and Senna. This is followed by quick growing natives such as bleeding heart and then by the plants from the food forest such as pigeon peas, macadamias and fruiting plants including the yellow jaboticaba which confused many a fruit loving seed saver.
Soil amelioration techniques were also discussed. The grass was smothered with sweet potato which kept the soil covered. Organic matter was then increased by adding chipped tree mulch, and chopping and dropping the plants mentioned previously mentioned. Nick is an avid composter and worm lover.
To finish off, we all trooped back up to the verandah for a well earned lunch.
Thanks to Nick and family for a lovely day

Diary Dates

Garden Visit to Leonie's garden in Repton

Friday December 20th, 12pm-3pm

Leonie would like to invite us to a social seedsavers xmas lunch, at her beautiful Repton home. She is a dynamic lady, living there between travels for many years. She'll try to tell you she has a modest productive garden, but I've discovered she's been holding out on us for too long! 

You will need to bring a chair if you would like something to sit on other than the ground!
Coming? RSVP to obtain the address and so we know who’s attending, even if you already know how to get there.
Organiser: Leela O'Callaghan or phone 0417 536 490

It has been a year

At the end of last year Fiona handed the newsletter editor job over to me. Hopefully the transition has been seamless for the readers of the newsletter and you haven't even noticed.

Apart from taking over as newsletter editor, I have also started attending gatherings this year. Both attending gatherings and editing the newsletter have been very enjoyable for me. I highly recommend that anyone who has been holding off from attending the gatherings because their garden isn't tidy enough or because they don't know anyone else who is going, to give it a try. The people at the gatherings are very welcoming and if you enjoy gardening, you'll have something in common with everyone else attending. It is great to see what others are doing.

Now the important bit. I think the transition of newsletter editors has been fairly seamless because of the people who have helped me a lot this year.
I would like to thank:
  • Fiona for a great handover, which on top of answering questions consisted of a set of fantastic tutorial videos. These are an asset for our group, which we can use whenever a new person takes over the newsletter.
  • The newsletter vetters. Jeff, John and Leela weed out the worst of my mistakes before the newsletter sees the light of day on your device.
  • Jeff for taking most of the photos you have seen in the newsletter.
  • Leela for organising the garden visits, prompting me that it is time to get the next edition out, suggestions on content and writing many of the blurbs.
  • Finally, the garden visit hosts. Without people generous enough to share their gardens the newsletter would struggle.

Seasons greetings to you and happy gardening for the years ahead.


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Thanks to Jeff and Leela for most of the photos, and Leela for the garden invitation text and backbone of the news report.
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