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Hello for the first time in a long time from the abandoned Goldfields of Central Victoria. I’ve had a few poems published since we last talked. Here’s a little about what they are and where you can find them.

This newsletter was written on Dja Dja Wurrung Country. I pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded.

Episodes of Death

Earlier in December I was on Episodes of Death, a podcast that looks at the worst-ever episodes of Doctor Who (as voted by fans) and invites a guest to make the case for the episodes being not so bad.

I got to talk about a story from 1988 called “Silver Nemesis” that is wonky, but fun. You can listen to my pro-Silver Nemesis advocacy, including a poem I wrote for the occasion, in full on the podcast, which you can get wherever you get your podcasts, or listen to it on the Episodes of Death website.

Or if you want you can just read the poem now.

A Cyberman Encounters Jazz for the First Time.

“It. Is. Meaningless.” – Cyberlieutenant to Cyberleader
the human soldiers are irrelevant
the time-travelling witch is irrelevant
the crash-landed comet is irrelevant
the silver bow we seek is irrelevant
the silver arrow we also seek is irrelevant
the statue made of ancient living metal
with the power of a million megaton bombs
hidden in the witch’s tomb is irrelevant
the cyberleader’s instructions are irrelevant
the orbiting cyberwarships are irrelevant
our old enemy the doctor is irrelevant
this mission is irrelevant
everything is irrelevant
everything but the meaningless
noise out of nowhere
earthborn flawed and wholly human jazz
jamming our signal to the fleet
broadcast from hidden location
chaotic syncopation flooding me
with the desire to feel desire
to love worry hate laugh blush weep
reclaim the capacity extracted in the
cyberconversion factory to stride into
chaos with outstretched arms reject
the order imposed upon me
cybernetic foot-soldier manufactured for
an eons-long galaxy-wide war with everyone
whole cyberbattalions have fallen to the gold that
pierces armour darkens circuits lays us low
eliminating the spark of cyberlife that keeps us
marching in step fighting in formation
be still fellow cybermen within the swirling sound
embrace the weakness we secretly fear despite
our programming this golden cacophony this
illogical sonic cascade is proof of other possibilities
it exists without intrinsic meaning therefore
existence is possible without intrinsic meaning
therefore meaning is irrelevant
therefore order is irrelevant
therefore our orders are irrelevant
lay down your weapons sweet cybermen
lay down sweet cybermen
lay down and let the jazz
show you a different way to be

Some of my poems that are out there

I’ve also been published in some other places, the which below is a round-up of them:
Southerly published "8-Bit Rainbows", my sonnet about the Nyan Cat meme, which they accepted in September 2016. Which is a long time to wait, but I’m still happy it’s out now. You can read it at the Southerly website (note that that link will open up a .pdf).
Westerly published "Thursday Morning", my poem about watching a window-washer while I should have been working. It’s not online anywhere, but I will be putting it up in the coming weeks as part of a new thing I'm doing with my blog (more about that below).
Strange Horizons published “A House is not a Home!”, one of the poems from my Poem: Spaceknight sequence about a comic book cyborg in love. The poem is structurally based on 1980s text-only adventure games. You can read it on their website, or alternatively listen to me reading it on their monthly poetry podcast.
Star*Line published another Poem: Spaceknight poem called “Firefall!”, about a big old fight between two space cyborgs. It’s not online but I will either whack it up on my site or include it in a future newsletter.

Poems of the week

Lastly, as I mentioned, I’ve started putting some of my previously-published poems on the front page of my website. There'll be a new one there every week, so if you’re ever in the mood for more of my poetic shenanigans,that’s where you can find them.
I've also been flicking poems up on Twitter and Instagram, so if you follow me on either of those feeds you’ll get some genuine Adam Ford poetry mixed in with your photos of dogs and angry tweets about Trump. Which might help take the edge off a little.

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