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Dear friends and colleagues,
We hope that you are all safe and healthy amidst this global crisis.  
Two weeks ago we shared with you our thinking about how we can do more to support solutions for the response, and our collective responsibility as the Sanitation Economy business community to activate broader and bolder business collaboration for prevention and resilience.  The Toilet Board Coalition Steering Committee has now approved a COVID-19 Action Plan that will enable a coordinated and collaborative effort to bring Sanitation Economy business support and solutions to the response while advancing the potential to transform sanitation systems for future resilience.
A robust Sanitation Economy will enable us to prevent and respond effectively to global crises such as COVID-19.
COVID-19 has exposed the critical importance of sanitation and hygiene for all - and the glaring concern that about half the world’s population does not have access in this critical time - because it has been unaffordable. 
As the world accelerates strategies to provide this access and protect the most vulnerable, business solutions already on the ground can be scaled up to meet the urgent need now, and create new sanitation systems that are affordable and provide net positive benefits into the future.
Scaling up robust Sanitation Economy business solutions provides a viable and profitable avenue for safe, sustainable and resilient sanitation while delivering new resources (water, energy, nutrients) and information (preventative health, hygiene, behaviour) to drive economic growth and development. 
We need a coordinated effort to bring business solutions and the essential services of the Sanitation Economy to governments and communities for immediate impact.  The Sanitation Economy needs to be accelerated in this critical time to protect global citizens against the current crisis of poorly managed hygiene and sanitation, and to build resiliency against future health threats.
We are experiencing dynamic change by the day.  The Toilet Board Coalition is in constant dialogue with our Sanitation Economy community of businesses, and global and local stakeholders to understand current realities, evolving needs, and capabilities for scale up to contribute to the response efforts while building sustainable and resilient solutions for the post COVID-19 world.  For the latest, please visit our TBC COVID Response Resource page.
The Toilet Board Coalition’s Steering Committee has approved a COVID-19 Action Plan with three core elements reinforcing our commitment to building a sustainable and resilient Sanitation Economy:

  1. Response: Facilitating Support for Sanitation Economy SMEs
  • Supporting Sanitation Economy SMEs, particularly those in our Accelerator cohorts, to survive and thrive, enabling them to continue to provide and scale essential sanitation and hygiene services.
    • Facilitating connections to financial, business, and technical assistance mechanisms
    • Collaborating with member businesses to amplify reach and to complement member business response efforts
  • Connecting Sanitation Economy SME’s and member businesses’ solutions and capabilities with global development and government response plans.
  • Launching an online Sanitation Economy Business Community for SMEs (hosted on Facebook Workplace) to connect entrepreneurs to resources and each other (join here).
  1. Responsibility: Corporate Leadership and Collaborative Action
  • Amplifying the business commitments to the response to inspire additional business leadership and facilitate collaborative actions bringing together business expertise for the response and future resilience. Read the latest here
  • Initiating a global campaign to underscore the role of a robust Sanitation Economy in a global response and future resilience, and to invite new business leaders to join the TBC to support the activation of sanitation and hygiene ecosystems for prevention and protection against future threats
  1. Resilience: Leap-frogging Access, Finance, Innovations
  • Accelerating the long-term vision of the TBC by facilitating collaborative actions to scale up access to essential sanitation and hygiene services via Sanitation Economy products and services
  • Connecting new financing mechanisms and resources to immediate and sustainable business solutions to strengthen and scale Sanitation Economy ecosystems
  • Advancing early-stage Sanitation Economy innovations, such as health monitoring, to support the crisis response and to demonstrate the role of the Sanitation Economy in the prevention and protection against future threats
Erin McCusker, TBC Chair and Head of SATO, part of LIXIL emphasised, “The Sanitation Economy – built from the toilet, circular sanitation, and smart sanitation elements – is a meaningful lens through which businesses can identify how to contribute to the immediate COVID response, and build resilient solutions for the future.  With stay-at-home orders globally, the impact of the lack of access to sanitation, hygiene, and broader toilet economy services is increasingly evident and underscores the risk that we can address to improve the health and wellbeing of every family worldwide by having an increasingly robust Sanitation Economy.”
Accelerating hygiene, sanitation and water solutions for low-income populations without access can be recession-proof and can be the next growth curve of responsible business engagement and solutions for the response, for our common future resilience.
Business leadership and collaborative actions are needed now to address the current crisis.  Business has a unique role to play in building sustainable and resilient systems for the future that go beyond the emergency response.
To find out how you can access support and be part of the business response, please contact 
Very kindly,

Cheryl Hicks
Executive Director & CEO
Toilet Board Coalition


The Toilet Board Coalition brings together experts from business, investment, and the global sanitation community through a platform to cross-fertilise experiences, innovate at all levels, and catalyse the growth of scalable sanitation economy businesses.

The Sanitation Economy Accelerator Programme is a 12 month multi-corporate accelerator programme dedicated to facilitating private sector engagement and mentorship to sanitation economy businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. We offer access to strategic partnerships and finance.

More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the Sanitation Economies - including:
  • innovative sanitary-ware infrastructure
  • products & service providers
  • toilet resource collection, treatment, and transformation (circular resource recovery and up-cycling to water, energy, nutrients)
  • operations, management and logistics
  • innovative menstrual health products and services
  • and digital applications for sanitation and preventative healthcare.

And this year we are excited to have evolved from our title as the "Toilet Accelerator Programme" to the "Sanitation Economy Accelerator Programme"!
Apply for the 2021 Sanitation Economy Accelerator!
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