New template for our Monthly emails to members

Dear TBC team, 

This week, my email address got blocked by Microsoft because I was seen as a "spammer" when I emailed all our members to ask them for a testimonial. 

The recommendation going forward, is that anytime we want to send a mass email to our members or partners, we should use Mailchimp like I am doing now. 

This means that we have to make sure our contact list is well updated in Mailchimp -  we can use tags to make sure we send to the right people (TBC team, SteerCo only, Members, etc..).

This email is a test to see what it will look like once getting to your inbox. I have simplified the design and the footer to make it look as normal as possible. 
Let me know if you receive it in a weird format. 

Christelle Donaldson
Director of Communications, Research & Evidence
+41 79 288 77 95
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