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I hope this mail finds you and your families safe and healthy during these challenging times and the “new(not)normal” operating environments we find ourselves in.  At the Toilet Board Coalition we have been thinking about how we can do more to support solutions for the response, but also our collective responsibility as the Sanitation Economy business community, to activate broader and bolder business collaboration towards growth engines for prevention and resilience.

On World Water Day March 20, 2020 the world is in the grip of a global health crisis with hygiene top of mind and top of the international agenda.

What are we prepared to do now that we weren’t prepared to do before to ensure universal access to hygiene, sanitation and water?  What is the role of business? What unique expertise can business bring to fight the current crisis and pave the way for resilience to future risks?  How can we ensure that the small enterprises with solutions can continue to operate when we need them most?

Response. Responsibility. Resilience.

Daily lives and entire industries are being disrupted.  Access to hygiene products, water, food, and digital connectivity are emerging as the essentials in our response to the current crisis - and war time demand is already exposing weak links in even the most equipped systems - let alone the systems and communities without access.  

How can responsible businesses think differently about the support and expertise they can uniquely apply to ensure access to hygiene, sanitation and water during the crisis? How can emergent innovations and new solutions in the pipeline be accelerated to aid the response and set the pace for systems change that will put us on a new path to resilience and prevention from future risks?  How can we leverage and amplify the impressive power of coalitions of businesses already committed to the transformation, and enable more businesses and innovators to engage in the response and invest in resilience with needed solutions?

At the Toilet Board Coalition business leaders, global experts, and innovators have been building a new Sanitation Economy.  They have been applying business expertise to the global water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) crisis, and pioneering new solutions for smart, sustainable hygiene, sanitation and water for all.  These solutions include: last mile sanitation, hygiene and health centres; preventative health and infectious disease monitoring via digitised sanitation systems; and circular toilet resource and wastewater to value systems to return needed nutrients to soil for food systems, create energy, power and reusable water.  

This World Water Day amongst a world in crisis, we are sharing a new report together with our partners at EY, to shine a spotlight on the new business solutions for sanitation and hygiene that could be accelerated to respond to the current crisis and build resilience for future sanitation and hygiene systems.  Please find a link to the report here.

Accelerating hygiene, sanitation and water solutions for low-income populations without access can be recession-proof and can be the next growth curve of responsible business engagement and solutions for the response, for our common future resilience.  

Please contact us to find out more!

Cheryl Hicks
Executive Director & CEO
Toilet Board Coalition



The Toilet Board Coalition brings together experts from business, investment, and the global sanitation community through a platform to cross-fertilise experiences, innovate at all levels, and catalyse the growth of scalable sanitation economy businesses.

The Sanitation Economy Accelerator Programme is a 12 month multi-corporate accelerator programme dedicated to facilitating private sector engagement and mentorship to sanitation economy businesses and entrepreneurs serving low-income markets. We offer access to strategic partnerships and finance.

More than toilets alone, we look for commercially viable businesses across the Sanitation Economies - including:
  • innovative sanitary-ware infrastructure
  • products & service providers
  • toilet resource collection, treatment, and transformation (circular resource recovery and up-cycling to water, energy, nutrients)
  • operations, management and logistics
  • innovative menstrual health products and services
  • and digital applications for sanitation and preventative healthcare.

And this year we are excited to have evolved from our title as the "Toilet Accelerator Programme" to the "Sanitation Economy Accelerator Programme"!
Apply for the 2021 Sanitation Economy Accelerator!
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