How do we support our Summerfair mission?

Each year we give $3000 to the Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign at ArtWorks. Here is the Thank You letter we received from them. Just another great way we support the arts here in Greater Cincinnati with the monies you help generate at our yearly Fair.

August 22, 2017
Summerfair Cincinnati
7850 5 Mile Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45230

Dear Summerfair Cincinnati:

Thank you for supporting ArtWorks! Through your generous donation of $3,000 for the Adopt-an-Apprentice Campaign (received on 7/27/2017), you are making a lasting and meaningful difference throughout our region. By supporting ArtWorks, you give a teenager a first job, a sick child a superhero cape, and a creative entrepreneur a chance to live out their dream.

Since 1996, 

* ArtWorks has employed over 3,000 youth Apprentices and 2,000 professional artists through our award-winning Public Art Program, and our Murals have transformed more than 1 80,000 ft^ of wall space. 

*  ArtWorks ArtRx program has revolutionized the medical environment at Children's Hospital through more than 1,500 original works of art, while Hero Design Company's cape collaborations have changed the lives of almost 480 disadvantaged, critically ill children.

*  300 entrepreneurs have graduated from ArtWorks Creative Enterprise division, sparking the launch of more than 35 new businesses in the region.

None of this change would be possible without your generosity.

We greatly appreciate you joining us to moke our mission to transform people and places through investments in creativity a reality. Together we make our City vibrant and beautiful!

Thank you for your support! You Make Art Work.


Tamara Harkavy
CnO & Artistic Director

Dave Ziegler
Director of Development


Summerfair Turns 50 tile coming out of kiln

From The President 


The Beginning of a new year is always an exciting time.
Congratulations to the new members of the Executive Board.

Jill Conway - President
Luke Varley - VP of Finance
Tom Perdew - VP of Operations
Rhonda Dossenbach - VP of Membership
Donna Binzer - VP of Awards
Shelley Tobin - Trustee
Jeffrey Nicholas - returns as VP of Administration

If you would like to help any of us or learn more about these areas, please contact any board member. 

I would also like to give a pat on the back to our departing board members, Anne Poppe, Roger Harding and Mike McCullough. We appreciate all the time and effort you devoted to your roles.

There are still open spots for Summerfair Blink 2017. Don’t forget there are perks for signing up for 3 or more shifts. For 3 shifts you will receive a one day pass to ride the street car that weekend and $10 for food. For 6 shifts you will receive 2 one day passes to ride the street car and $20 for food. For 9 shifts you will receive 3 one day passes and $30 for food. More than 9 shifts and I will come up with something Spectacular! If you are signed up for more than 3 shifts I will contact you to find out which day you would like your street car pass (hopefully at our September 18th meeting). If you want to work all of your shifts on Saturday and come downtown on Friday or Sunday to enjoy the event, you can take a pass for Friday or Sunday if you want. I think this is going to be a fun event like nothing we’ve seen before. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone down there!


Summerfair Turns 50 tile coming out of kiln

From the VP Administration

The Future of SFC Round-table

As we are entering our next half century, Summerfair Cincinnati is looking to the future. With an almost entirely new Executive Board and most of the 50th Fair celebration events over (but don’t forget to sign up for the BLINK Festival!), the organization is coming to a series of crossroads, and we want YOUR feedback about how the organization changes and evolves to meet new challenges.

First a few assurances: we believe that SFC must remain an organization responsible to its membership, you the Greenshirts. We also foresee the annual Fair continuing to serve as a profitable (and primary) fundraiser for the foreseeable future. However, we do face several general challenges for which we want your input.

To that end we will be having a round-table discussion regarding the future of SFC at the September 18th membership meeting (format will depend on turnout). A few examples of topics to be

  1. What are the core areas of SFC’s mission and what can we do to better align our resources with those core areas?
  2. Our volunteer base is dedicated but becoming “exhausted.” What can/should we, as an organization, do differently to better align our resources to our needs?                                                                             a. This is more than the continuing issues of growing the membership base.                                                                                                           b. How can we better respect the time and energies of our volunteers?
  3. Also, how and what are the rolls of the organization’s employee(s) versus its volunteers?                                                                                             a. As our volunteer base becomes stretched thin, more of the organization’s requirements are handled by paid staff.                               b. Where and how do we assign responsibilities and if we were to hire additional staff, what would we want them to do?
  4. What suggestions do you have about how and what SFC can do better?   a. For the volunteers?                                                                                b. For the artists?                                                                                         c. For the mission?

These are not topics that will be answered in one night! Rather, the point of this round-table is to get feedback, suggestions, and to start a conversation. We would love to have as much membership participation as possible, you are critical to the origination.

I hope to see you at the September 18 th membership meeting.


From The VP of Operations

Thanks for allowing me to represent you as the VP of Operations.

I look forward to working with the new Executive Board to make Summerfair as exciting as it's been during the first 50 year.

Always know you ideas are welcome to me or any of the other Executive Board members. I will always be available for you and your ideas.


From The VP of Membership

Where did the summer go?!

I want to thank you all for your attendance at the August meeting. Congratulations to the other board members who were elected, I look forward working with everyone in the coming year!

I'm excited about what we can accomplish in growing our membership ranks. If anyone has thoughts or ideas about how we might do this, please feel free to contact me.

I hope to see you at the meeting on the 18th!


From Our VP of Awards

Even though I was just elected at the August meeting, my job has already begun.

We have received 20 applications for the Award To Individual Artists (AIA) which have been prepared for the jury, and I am in the process of securing the judges at this time. Four winners will be awarded $3,000 each to further their career as an artist.

We hope to have the winners present at our October meeting where they will
share information about their work and how they will use the award money.


From Our 2018 Fair Chair 

So, have you ever wanted to experience working a different area of the Fair? Have you ever done a shift as Exhibitor Relations? How about selling merchandise? If you want to try something new, sign up for a Blink shift and try them out. The standard Fair shifts, Youth Arts, VIP Concessions and Judge Escort, will be back in June; but now is the time to try something new, different, exciting.

I will also be in contact with previous Division Heads between now and the October meeting to see about filling these positions and gathering any ideas you may have. Look for me on a phone near you.

Kelly B
Summerfair Turns 50 tile coming out of kiln

From The Managing Director

Ahh the crisp smell of fall is in the air. The leaves have a slight twinge of color. Don't BLINK it's about that time. I just got off the phone with one of our Summerfair Blink 2017 artists and he said in closing, "see you in a couple of weeks"!  My heart sank!! Thank goodness he is wrong, we have 30 days!!

Thanks to all of you who have signed up for shifts at Blink. There are still a few good one's left so grab them while you can. The artists are signed up, paying for their booths and inviting all their locale customers. This fair is going to have the same feel of our June event but a more intimate size. Artists are arriving from CA, FL, AZ, CO, TN, GA, NY, KY, IN and many from OH. This is a not to be missed show. And Blink should be kinda fun too! HA

When the tents come down at Blink our 50th year will also come to a close. It's been a wild ride with so many extra events, exhibitions, merchandise and decisions. Thanks to everyone who was a part of all them. This wonderful celebration was a blast and got our name and mission out to many who had no clue who we are. 

Thanks to our new board for believing in me and my abilities at the helm, to keep me on as your Managing Director. As always my phone is on, door is open and the invite for help is always there. Yes there have been times when I found it hard to keep up with all of you who wanted to help but thanks to your persistence we made it and all turned out great.

Here's to a great new year! (our fiscal year starts October 1st)

Peace ~ Love ~ Art

Summerfair Turns 50 tile coming out of kiln

Member Meeting
September 18, 2017
6:30 p.m. 


Anderson Center
7850 5 Mile Road
Cincinnati, OH 45230



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