How do we support our Summerfair mission?

Summerfair's mission is to support our local artists, however, sometimes we forget the support we also give to the Fair artists. We have many that return each year and some are repeat award winners in their category. We just received this email from one such artist. They have always set up on Gourmet Arts, close to the Blue Lagoon intesection. They will be missed by many.
Happy Retirement!!

Hi Jayne,

Hope you are enjoying the end of your summer!

Well, I wanted to let you know some news.  We have finally arrived at the time to end doing shows at art fairs.  We have one final show scheduled for the end of October and then we are shifting our focus to selling our work online only, on our website.  It has been a bittersweet decision, but it is time for this change.  I wanted to let you know so that you are not totally surprised.

Thank you so much for all the great years at Summerfair.  Your show is the one we will miss the most... we have always felt like we were a part of the Green Shirt family and we will truly miss all of the love and support from you and everyone else there at Summerfair, as well as all of our fantastic customers.  Please pass along our heartfelt thanks to everyone, we will miss you!

Just wanted to let you know!  Good luck with all the great Summerfair+ endeavors.


Mary Watson (& Spence, of course)
Silver Stone Handcrafted
Art Jewelry~Wearable Sculpture~Sandblasted Stones

From The President 

The summer is winding down and Summerfair is gearing up for our upcoming year. We welcomed our new Board members, Kelly Reilman, Carolyn Green and Jeff Nicholas, at their first meeting this month. If you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to contact any of us on the Executive Board. Our goal this year is to get more volunteers. We were stretched pretty thin at set up for the Fair this year in addition to coverage at the Fair. If you know anyone who wants to join or get more information about Summerfair bring them to one of our meetings. 


From the VP of Administration


From The VP of Membership

Kelly R

From Our VP of Awards

The applications are in for the Award To Individual Artists (AIA) for this year and the files for the 10 applicants are ready for the judges to review.  We are in the process of securing those judges now.  Four winners will be awarded $5,000 each to further their career as an artist.  Any local artist who is 18 years of age, not a member of Summerfair, and whose permanent residence is within a 40 miles radius of Cincinnati, may apply, so keep that in mind for next year.  Judging will be in late September with the winners announced in early October.  At the October meeting, we will get to meet the winners and learn more about their work along with how they will use the award money.


From The VP of Operations


From Our VP of Finance



From Our Trustee 


Hello, fellow Green Shirts! 

Three months ago, Summerfair returned to Coney Island to the delight of both artists and patrons. We had record attendance on Friday and a successful weekend overall.

If you are like me, you've had a few thoughts since then about the many things that went well and a few things that might need improvement. Feel free to share those thoughts with me, and I'll pass them on to the board. It's better to hear your thoughts and ideas now than at the Chicken Walk-Through when it may be too late to act on them.

You can reach me by email at or phone at 513-907-9585. You can also text me to ask that I give you a call.


Take care,


From The Managing Director

Hello my friends! The pictures that are within this newsletters were taken at our 2021 Summerfair. They were sent to and appear in the October issue of the Sunshine Artist magazine. And yes that is where we were listed as 27th best Fine Arts & Design Shows for the 10 years from 2010-2020! Congratulations to us!

Donna is busy with the AIA awards. Dates are set and applications are being updated for Emerging Artists, Poster Competition, Summerfair Select, Zapplication's opening and Small Arts Organization judging and awards. Watch for sign-ups at upcoming membership meetings so you can get involved.

Our Media Buyer is already working with us to select billboard locations so we get the best possible locations. Radio stations will be contacted in December. Sounds far off right? Check out this ticker on the fair..............

8 months, 3 weeks and 6 days is all we have until Summerfair 2022.

Peace ~ Love ~ Art



Membership Meeting
6:30pm - 9:00pm
September 20, 2021

Hear what your new
Executive Board is up to 


Anderson Center
Lower Level Meeting Room
7850 5 Mile Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230



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