Your Summerfair Vacation Is All But Over

The August Membership meeting is the 16th at the Anderson Center. Members have received an Evite invitation so we know how much food to order. (if you haven't already please respond asap) If you are interested in attending and becoming a member please respond to this email and we'll add a seat for you! Dinner starts at 6:00 and the meeting at 6:30. 

This will be our Annual Voting Meeting. There are four position we will be filling. If you want your name on the ballot please get in touch with anyone on the board or contact 

VP Administration [3 year term] 
The Vice President-Administration fulfills the dual roles of a corporate Vice-President/Secretary. This is a year-round position that focuses on Summerfair the organization and has only tangential responsibilities related to the Fair itself. The VP of Administration will work with the employees of SFC to maintain the corporate records, ensure SFC is compliant with regulatory requirements and oversee the administration of the Corporation including but not limited to recommending, maintaining and enforcing corporate policies regarding correspondence, documentation, document retention, and conflicts of interest. The VP of Administration performs the duties of the President when the President is unavailable.  

 VP Operations [2 year term] 

The VP of Operations holds a two year elected position. Per the SFC bylaws this position will be filled on every other “odd” year. The person/people will have one vote on the Executive Board. The VP of Ops will commit to attending all Executive Board meetings, Membership Meetings and other necessary meetings/gatherings to complete their duties. This includes a newsletter article each month but July. VP of Ops shall head the Organization, Communication and Execution of any large fund raising event that Summerfair Cincinnati holds.  

VP Membership [1 year term to finish off Gina Kirk term, her new job has not provided her the availability she once had]
The Vice President-Membership is responsible for directing all activities associated with Membership development and Member participation in programs and activities of the Corporation, for taking attendance at all meetings, and for maintaining the list of all Members. The Vice President-Membership presides at Membership Meetings. The Vice President-Membership is also responsible for preparing an annual written evaluation of the state of the Corporation's Membership and maintaining all records relating to the Membership. The Vice President-Membership must be a Member of the Corporation at the time of his/her election. 

Trustee [2 year term]
The Trustee is responsible for representing the Membership's interest to the Executive Board and is expected to actively participate in Committee work and perform leadership roles within the Corporation, represent the interests of the Membership to the Executive Board, and facilitate communication between the Executive Board and Membership. The Trustee shall keep the Membership regularly informed of the activities of the Executive Board and the Corporation generally. The Trustee must be a Member of the Corporation at the time of his/her election. h. All reports described in this section shall be submitted to the Executive Board before the Annual Meeting and retained by the Corporation pursuant to its document retention policy. 




Hope everyone is getting some post Fair rest and enjoying the summer. During one of our previous Small Arts Award selection meeting some questions arose regarding what makes a Small Arts organizations small and when do we feel an organization doesn’t really fit in that mold.

I am happy to announce the Board has approved a new award for larger arts organizations. We need some help with the qualifications, application process and timeline. I will be gathering names at our next Membership meeting of anyone who is interested in serving on the committee. 




The Executive Board has asked me to stay another year and I have graciously accepted. I love my job!!

Can you believe it's only 9 months until the 2022 Summerfair?

In the meantime we have some funds to give out. Donna is already getting applications for the AIA awards. These applications will be judged in September and the winners will attend the October meeting. Dates are being saved for our delayed Summerfair Select Exhibition and the artists are being notified. The Emerging Artists Exhibition dates will soon be announced.

See you all on August 16th at the Anderson Center for our Voting Membership Meeting!

Peace ~ Love ~ Art


Annual Voting / Membership Meeting
August 16, 2021

Dinner 6:00pm
Meeting 6:30pm

Anderson Center  
7850 5 Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230

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