How do we support our Summerfair mission?


In June we sent our annual support to ArtWorks, Apprentice Program. Soon we will be able to share photos of students who were enriched by working this summer. Their growth and creations are always so rewarding. Below is a photo of the presentation of last year's mural opening.

Our Aid to Individual Awards (AIA) application is now available on our website. 
Please share with anyone you know who may be interested in applying. Deadline is August 24th at midnight.

From The VP of Administration

What a year 2020 is turning out to be! Time marches on and we are quickly approaching the 2020 Summerfair Board Elections. This year we have 3 positions that are open. Please review the following and let me know if you are interested:

     President- presides at all meetings of the Executive Board and performs all the duties usually performed by the chief operating officer of similar corporations, and such other duties as required by the Executive Board. In the absence of the Vice President-Membership, the President, or his/her designee, presides at Meetings of the Membership. The President is also responsible for preparing and submitting annual written evaluations and reviews of all employee(s) of the Corporation for the approval of the Executive Board, and drafting a written report detailing the state of the Corporation. The President must be a Member of the Corporation at the time of his/her election. This is a 3 year term starting in September 2020 thru August 2023.

     Vice President of Awards- works closely with the employee(s) of the Corporation, Officers of the Corporation, and Committees of the Corporation to oversee the Corporation's programs to promote and stimulate the growth of the arts in the Greater Cincinnati area by utilizing its proceeds to support the arts and individual artists. The Vice President- Awards is also responsible for preparing an annual written evaluation of the state of the Corporation's mission to support the arts and artists in the community. This is a 2 year team starting in September 2020 thru August 2022.

     Vice President of Membership- is responsible for directing all activities associated with Membership development and Member participation in programs and activities of the Corporation, for taking attendance at all meetings, and for maintaining the list of all Members. The Vice President-Membership presides at Membership Meetings. The Vice President-Membership is also responsible for preparing an annual written evaluation of the state of the Corporation's Membership and maintaining all records relating to the Membership. The Vice President-Membership must be a Member of the Corporation at the time of his/her election. This is also a 2 year team starting in September 2020 thru August 2022. 

Please let me know if you would like additional details or insight on any of these positions. Should you wish to run, I ask that you let me know by Monday, August 3rd so we will be able to provide a synopsis of each candidate in the August Newsletter.

Special Note about this year's election meeting. Due to Covid we will have to change up this meeting. Yes, we will be meeting at the Anderson Center Monday, August 17th at 6:30pm. No dinner will be provided this year. We are not sure if this meeting will be in the large meeting room or in the lower atrium; regardless we will be social distancing and require masks to be worn. We will proceed to vote new members in first, then the election and additional business afterwards. Should the state or local government set new/different standards for meetings of over 30 people, we will adjust our plans and let you know.


From The Managing Director

Even though we had all our artists in place for Summerfair 2020 and a record number of sponsorships on the books, canceling was the only thing we could do this past May. But did we rest after sending back all the booth fees to our artists? Not this crowd! On the days of our Summerfair weekend we had a very successful Drive Through Merchandise event. Pre-orders were above our expectations, turn out was greater than imagined and it was a total success. We had 23 members help in every way needed. Some of you picked up your free membership t-shirt and the rest of you on our list who couldn't make it can pick yours up at our August Voting Meeting. We are still getting online orders for our t-shirts, note cards, Rookwood tiles & mugs, and posters from every year. Thank you Cincinnati for supporting us in these trying times.

For Green Shirt Members: Please watch your emails for a special opportunity that could boost our year. We are looking to get your input before going public with any details. Look for your email sometime this weekend. For the rest of you we hope to bring you the news within the next month.

I hope you are having a relaxing summer. There sure is an awful lot of organization and cleaning being done at the office! Take advantage of this down time to take care of yourself. Try not to stress and we'll all be together again soon. 

10 months, 3 weeks and 5 days until Summerfair 2021.

Peace ~ Love ~ Art 



Voting Membership Meeting
August 17, 2020

6:30 PM

Sorry our dinner will be held at a later date


Anderson Center ~ Lower Atrium
7850 5 Mile Road, Cincinnati, OH 45230



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