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MAY 2016

Sharing the road is a key theme this issue. In the USA, May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which aims to raise motorists’ awareness of motorcycle safety challenges and riding practices to increase safety for all road users. On the same theme but a different scale we turn to trucks and, with the help of an experienced Australian trucking advocate, offer advice on how other road users can share the road with trucks safely.

This month, road users are also being called upon to be ‘road safety heroes’ by Brake, the road safety charity, in advance of Road Safety Week New Zealand. The charity is highlighting the simple things everyone can do to help make the roads a safer place.

Also this month we bring you the outcome of the first ever safety rating to be issued by Euro NCAP that takes into account autonomous emergency braking (AEB), we question former Canada’s Worst Driver judge Scott Marshall on the worst thing he’s seen and we ask, ‘Can removing traffic signs and road markings make our roads safer?’

We hope you enjoy this edition. Safe driving!

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month
Drivers are encouraged to raise their awareness of motorcyclists during Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to help prevent crashes, deaths and injuries. Discover the top safety tips for drivers and two wheeler riders.
Can removing traffic signs and road markings make our roads safer?
We have seen the introduction of shared space schemes around the world, but are they working? Can the removal of road markings really slow drivers down?


A truckie’s top tips for sharing the road
Read a long-time trucker and road safety advocate’s top tips for sharing the road as well as his ‘Truckies on Road Code’.
Can you be a road safety hero during Road Safety Week NZ?
Road Safety Week New Zealand takes place in May. Can you help make the roads safer by being a road safety hero?
Euro NCAP issues first safety rating for vehicles fitted with AEB
The results for the first vehicle to be tested for autonomous emergency braking (AEB) have been released by Euro NCAP.


Being an on-air judge on Canada’s Worst Driver was awesome!
Scott Marshall is Director of Training for Young Drivers of Canada. He talks about the most helpful things parents can do to help younger drivers become safer drivers and gives his opinion on just how many drivers could be better drivers.
This month’s bad driving headlines include:

• Abbotsford 'learner' driver caught speeding… with her parents as passengers

• ANC bus crash drivers were swapping seats – police

• Chihuahua leads police on high-speed chase through San Francisco

Read more about these and other bad driving stories from around
the world in our Shocking Headlines section.

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