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We hope you enjoy this updated and modernized edition of the Jer-Z-Journal.  The Newsletter Committee felt it was time to shed the paper version and bring the newsletter into the 21st century.  We encourage any of you contact us with comments and suggestions for future newsletters – Robbin Dolan and Doreen Marino.

Volume 2JUNE 2016

A Word From Our President

Doreen Marino, PHR, SHRM-CP

Simple Definition of elevate

: to lift (something) up
: to increase the level of (something)
: to make (something) higher
: to raise (someone) to a higher rank or level

As many of you know by now, the format for the "fall conferences" is being altered again, but this time I think we got it right! The goal of the conference is to provide the best educational sessions in the most cost effective way, providing the best choices and the best .... READ MORE

ALA National Conference

The 2016 ALA National Conference was held May 22-25, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Elevate ALA: the 2016 National Conference

By Robbin Dolan, CLM

Eighteen NJ chapter members joined me in late May for the annual ALA national conference. It was held this year in Los Angeles, California and believe it or not, LA was colder than NJ! It was a good thing we were inside attending some awesome educational sessions and breakouts with business partners ... READ MORE

View Photos From the Conference Here     →

New Diversity & Inclusion Committee Initiatives

Membership Opportunity

The New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators is developing its first Diversity and Inclusion Committee. We are looking for membership talent to join this Committee. It is expected that this Committee will conduct majority of its initiatives through email and telephone communications. It is anticipated that no more than two meetings per year will be needed ... READ MORE

10 Tips for Deep Sleep

By Lance Breger, Executive Wellness Coach & Founder of Infinity Wellness Partners

Sleep is the single greatest and cheapest form of rest, repair and rejuvenation for the human body and mind, but often the very first thing sacrificed by today's high performing professionals. Our 24/7 access to work, light and carbohydrates has completely deteriorated the quality and quantity of sleep, leaving corporate America running on fumes ... READ MORE

Tip of the Wellness World

By Michelle Cohen

We all know we should drink more water, right? But we never seem to get past that first glass. We also know we should get up once every hour to let our mind recharge as the brain needs a break after 50-55 minutes straight of focusing. Not to mention eye strain, back strain, etc. from sitting for long periods of time ... READ MORE


By Rich Kukla

The day usually starts out like every other. Coffee is brewed. The kids are dropped off at school and there might even be some water cooler chatter about last night's "Game of Thrones." Little do you know that impending doom lurks around the corner. ... READ MORE

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